Flashback: 1991 Senior Prom

My Mom made my dress. Years later I used the velvet to make a throw pillow. That's called RECYCLING.

My Mom made my dress. Years later I used the velvet to make a throw pillow. That's called RECYCLING.

Please file this under: Why on earth did I ever think I was fat in high school?!

Now get ready to be jealous. Even though I would often drive the family mini van (so hip!) I had the great fortune of inheriting this sweet ride from my Mom:



Tomato and I spent many, many hours fogging up the windows in that beauty. 1966 Cherry Red Ford Mustang with bucket seats, baby! I had my first kiss in that car (not from Tomato, but that’s another story entirely).

When I was visiting Tomato in Los Angeles last month we talked about how to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary of friendship and both agreed we should take a trip somewhere together. We’ve also both been getting healthy and losing weight so we decided to make reaching our respective weight loss goals part of the celebration- fuel to the fire so to speak. What better way to celebrate 20 years of friendship and (bonus!) healthy bodies than to take ourselves somewhere tropical where we can lay about in swimsuits on sandy beaches working on our tans (effort in futility since I just freckle) and sipping cocktails?

If we reach our goals come July 2010 we are going to Hawaii. Neither of us have ever been if you can believe that. HAWAII! We better reach our goal goddamnit because I WANT TO GO. It’s the end all, be all of rewards.

Last week I made an expensive purchase as my reward for reaching my second weight loss goal of 30 pounds lost. I’ve always wanted boots. I’ve held this image of me wearing them with a dress looking hip and chic and somehow that means to me that I’m that much closer to being the me I feel like I am inside. Like my outsides are catching up to my insides which you might recall was on my initial list of goals. I am really, really hoping those boots fit my calf. (What is with boots having such a small circumference?)

Between the boots and Hawaii lay more goals and rewards though I’m just not sure which to apply to which. There are two things I really want but have been waiting until I achieved a pinnacle of weight loss success- 1) a new tattoo and 2) a pin up photo shoot. I have 50lbs to go to reach my final number and Hawaii. I’m thinking: 45lbs down I get the tat and 65lbs down I get the photos. What do you think?

Now if you excuse me, I have to go work out.


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  1. Those are awesome goals. I kinda think I need to write down some things that I want and attach them to weight loss goals of my own.

    Keep up the great work, kiddo.*

    *This comment would have been cleverer, but I’m still trying to stop drooling over the boots.

  2. I should totally give myself the gift of Hawaii for something. I should revisit my own list of personal goals and attach some totally sweet rewards to some of them.

    (and I am totally rooting for you for your goals. Go Sizz! Hawaii or bust, baby!)

  3. Oh the boots are lovely! My calves are too large to fit into boots like that so I know that buying boots will be on my list of rewards too.

    And Hawaii is the home of one of my favourite flowers in the entire world โ€“plumeria/frangipani. I can’t wait for you and Tomato to reach your goals and go on the trip of a lifetime already!

  4. I think it’s fantastic that you’re setting yourself goals and reward yourself when you meet them. That should make selfmotivation that much easier!

    P.S. I have the opposite problem with boots – they’re almost always too wide (which can be a real bummer, too!)

  5. 1. Those pictures are nothing short of AWESOME.
    2. I think most of people thought they were fat in high school (including moi).
    3. You can dooooooo ittttt!

  6. Those boots are fantastic and totally well deserved! I need to email you to figure out what you’ve been doing to lose all this weight. And Hawaii in a bathing suit…sounds like great motivation to meet your ultimate goal!

  7. Yeah, I look at pics of me in High School and think “I WISH I was that ‘fat'”. As they say. . . youth is wasted on the young.

    I am so in love (in a non-lesbian way) with you and the things you have been doing lately. I haven’t made any moves (yet), but it has gotten me thinking a lot and you are really inspiring me. THANK YOU.

  8. Do a few extra works out for me please. I have not been interested in working out lately. I blame the rain, a bad mood and the fact that the scale has shown only a pound shed in 3 months. I’m so happy for you that you reached your 2nd goal. I know you will reach the others in no time. Keep up the good work.

  9. Sounds pretty darn awesome to me! What a fantastic idea… makes me think maybe I should put something elaborate and definitely worthy in the diary. Something to make the goal a bit more tangible. Love love love the pics by the way! Don’t you wish you could just jump into a time machine and shake that girl?! x Tam

  10. I LOVE the reward idea. It’s such a cool way to stay motivated (boots? HAWAII?) How could you not stay motivated!?
    You’ve done so much in terms of weight loss already, so it’s awesome that you’re already reaching some of your goals (and getting some of your prizes) ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I know a photographer who really wants to do some pin-up shoots for when you reach your goal!

    On that same note, I had some shoots done a couple years ago, and I hated it because I felt so fat. Now, I look back on those pictures and wonder what the hell was wrong with my head.

    I think your reward goals are fabulous. I’d love to be able to give myself a Hawaii vacation! Alas, I cannot, but I think I will steal your idea and try and figure out some fantastic rewards to motivate myself on my own weight loss goals.

  12. I think rewarding yourself once you meet any life goals, including weight loss, is really important. I remember treating myself to a European vacation after I completed my goal of doing a triathlon and marathon before I turned 30. In my own weight-loss journey, I have clothes on the brain for each of my weight goals. I’m *this* close to my next goal. Fingers crossed for my weigh-in this week!!!

  13. Do you still have the car? Cause that’s super sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
    Hawaii will be all sorts of awesome, especially going with such a special friend. I’m so proud of you for not only sticking with the plan, but feeling good about yourself in the process. The Sizzle rocks!!

  14. Awesome! I love that you are rewarding yourself and being good to yourself.

    I have issues with boots always being too tight in the calf. Luckily I finally found a pair that fit. Hopefully yours will too.

    I think I have said before that I am so incredibly jealous of the photo shoot. How fun!

  15. Yay, Sizz!!
    I would love to pretend I’m not green with jealousy over your dedication to getting healthy as well as your success so far, but the fact is I’m Kermit over here! Congrats!!! You are so inspiring. Keep up the amazing work. I am sure you’ll be standing in Hawaii before you know it.

  16. Fantastic! What a great thing to do to reward yourself… and with someone who is sharing the same goals and is such a long-standing friend. I just know I’ll be wishing I were there!

  17. I love your idea of doing a pin-up shot! You will look great!

    And Hawaii will be AWESOME!!!

    I hate that boots are like that. I have muscular calves so they never fit me. Although, I do have ONE pair that I manage to pull over my legs. Haven’t worn them in a year though!

  18. Wow!! Great goals, great rewards. And also, celebrating 20 years of friendship? So awesome.
    Um, I swear I am the only person I know with little chicken legs that can fit into those boots without issue. But I am an apple, people. I’ve got a roly poly belly sitting on two stick legs!

  19. I love these goals with rewards. I mean, really, I need to stop just getting crap when I want it (not that your rewards are crap, but the stuff I get can often be) and make things something I really want based on something I really accomplished. Uhh, duh. (Again, ME, not you.) I guess I just needed to read it.

    Also, HAWAII!

    And, do you know the tattoo you want yet?!

  20. You’re right. Jealous. Have always loved old Mustangs.

    Congrats on reaching your latest goal! I should take some discipline points from you since I had to face going up a jean size, today.

  21. Oh yes. The Mustang is HOT. I can imagine that the boys remember their kisses in that Mustang too. You weren’t happening to be playing “More than Words” by Extreme, when those kisses occurred?

    Congratulations on the weight loss and the goals! What are goals with out fabulous rewards? GREAT IDEA!!! I think I need to make some myself. Thank you!

  22. Congrats on hitting the -30 mark! Sadly, I think we all thought we were fat in high school. Sipping cocktails on the beach with an old friend sounds like the perfect reward. PS. I saw those boots on J. Crew and wondered if they were as nice in person. You’ll have to let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Your rewards are SERIOUSLY amazing! I love them!!!

    I haven’t been to Hawaii, either. Hmm… maybe I need to think of a goal for which I can make that trip a reward!!!

  24. I love how JeniAngel clarifies that it’s a non-lesbian love.

    You are inspiring. And I wanted to mention that I went to Hawaii with my bestfriend last year and we had a HELL of a time! It was soooo fun. We’ve done a lot of things together, but that was about the best. And there’s a really great gay bar on Oahu – Hula’s – that he took me to. Highly recommend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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