My reward boots arrived and. . . they did not fit my calves. I was dejected and over-personalizing it but then Kaply told me that the boots not fitting was not a value judgment and well, as we’ve clearly already established, Kaply is right about these sorts of things. So I backed off from my fashion woe ledge and started shopping around on line for other options. I have a few in mind but am going to wait until I get my money from the return before purchasing.

I’ve been having trouble in the mornings getting ready for work. My closet was overflowing with clothes but half the time I’d grab something and it wouldn’t fit right. Now instead of it being too small, it is too big. Big, roomy clothes do not make a person look slimmer. And so I spent Sunday afternoon dumping the entirety of my closet and dresser onto my floor and bed and trying every single thing on. There are now eight bags of clothes in my car waiting to be donated. And my closet? IS SO ORGANIZED. That kind of thing shouldn’t titillate me, should it? Because it so totally does.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get dressed. My excuse for being late to work is no longer valid.

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  1. I need to clean my closet. Remove stuff I’m not wearing, pack summer clothes and put out the winter clothes. It’s just so much work! Hopefully the weather will get warm again?

    Don’t worry about the boots. Those are the types of shoes that are really hard to find for anyone because apparently ass fashion designers like to make them in one size: bony small.

  2. So awesome. Clean sweep indeed. 😀

    Still, is there anything left to wear? I’m pretty sure if I go through my closet, I’m going to find that I need to get rid of practically EVERYTHING, too. Leaving me with underwear, socks, and shoes. Might make interviewing for jobs difficult.

  3. I was just lamenting with a coworker this morning about how hard it is to find a pair of boots that fit my calves.

    Eight bags of giveaway goodies? That is so awesome! I think we need to see a pic of your new improved closet…in fact let me go on flickr and see if you’ve already provided that!

  4. Um, so I thought we agreed we were going to limit this whole telling Kaply she’s right all the time thing? Because she’s going to be impossible to deal with pretty soon at this rate.

  5. Moving and weight-loss are motivators for cleaning a closet. I am a total nerd but I could just sit in my closet and look at all the options now that it is clean.

    Congrats on the big clothes. HUGE accomplishment. I need to jump on that bandwagon yesterday.

  6. Most people don’t fit on tall boots! They can be very very tiny so just know you are doing awesome! I love when you can try on everything and get rid of stuff for being TOO BIG. It is the best thing in the World.

    Nice way to start a Monday Sizz!

  7. Eddie Bauer carries the tall boots in wide calf options, just FYI.
    And yes to Kaply–no value judgement. Seriously, I have more friends who CAN’T wear the boots than can. And really, I only can because I inherited my mom’s chicken legs.
    Finally, if I paid for the plane ticket would you come organize my closet, dresser and shoes???

  8. I’ve had some luck getting the calves stretched on a couple of pairs of boots. You can always check with a cobbler in your neighborhood.

  9. I love an organized closet. That is the best feeling. And YAY to getting rid of clothes that are too big!

    The tall boot. I have a love/hate relationship. I so want a pair. Once I find a pair, I am certain they will look hideous on me. Funny that you wrote about this, I was just looking for a pair before I stopped by.

  10. Congrats on the organization! And I understand about the boots.

    Organized closets turn me on too. And I am in need of going through clothes, but because of the other direction. Blast it. It makes getting dressed incredibly challenging.

  11. Do you have a Shoe Carnival there in Seattle? I’ve managed to find some good luck with them and their boots. Because boots never fit me either.

  12. dude, those tall boots NEVER fit my calves! and i’m maybe 5-8 pounds overweight. i tell myself it’s because i’m a runner and admire my fab ankles. 😉

  13. I so need to do this, too. I’m at that awkward in-between sizes stage and I have some clothes that nearly fit and quite a few that don’t really at all.

  14. I love it that Kaply helped you not spend any more time than necessary on the boots. Can you please send her down here? I’m struggling.

    Also, did Angela above me just say “I’m maybe 5 – 8 pounds overweight”? Because that’s just asking for it in my opinion.

  15. I need to organize my closet soon because like you, the feeling I get after that is incredible.

    Boots almost never fit over my calf, so I think maybe awesome people just have bigger calves. (I am totally kidding, but I don’t think it has anything to do with anything other than genetics. Some people have smaller calves and some bigger I don’t think it matters what size you are for either).

  16. Just in case you haven’t pondered this yet: you should take a few things you love (that are too big) and have them tailored. Same fab clothes, but they’ll look even more amazing!

  17. It’s possible the boots not fitting is a great thing: Maybe they didn’t fit because your workouts have increased the muscle mass in your calves. Toned, muscular calves are nothing to be ashamed of. I have athletic, super thin, friends who cannot find a pair of sexy boots to fit their calves. I look at what you’re going through as an accomplishment! One that is echoed by the bags of clothes waiting for donation. You’re doing great, Sizz. Just keep it up.

    And remember the bigger reward: Hawaii here you come!!

  18. As we’ve discussed, I’ve give up on the tall boots. I’ve just started telling myself that my gigantic calves will just help me kick the ass of any tall-boots-wearing mean girl who makes fun of me!

  19. I can never find boots that fit. I have huge calf muscles from years of ballet (the tight abs and cute butt are long gone but the calf muscles linger. Bitches.)

  20. I spent half my day off today doing the same thing!

    I wish I could say it’s because my clothes are too big, but that’s a big fat lie. Really, I just have some old and horrible stuff that needed to go. (Here’s a tip: when your clothes get shiny, time to toss.)

  21. Just get some guy who is fucking horny out of his fucking gonads and so hard up that he will fuck those boots until they are soft and supple. Eventually yielding to your beautiful calves as you gracefully slide then up towards the sky like a civil and demure taunt to the once emaciated boots.
    Take that ass giraffe!

  22. I love this. I try on clothes and try to make new outfits all the time. I wish you had a video montage of yourself I could watch – it would be like What Not to Wear. And even though I don’t know what your new organized closet looks like, I’m jealous. 🙂

  23. I LOVE that “my closet is organized!” feeling! I am having it right now too!

    Stupid boots! Can’t wait to see their replacement! Sucks to be you, boots who don’t fit on sizzle’s sexy legs! You’re just not ready for a real woman!

  24. I have massive calves from a lot of cycling in my teens and boots never fit on this end either. I can’t see the back of those but sometimes you can get them to put in an extender panel and the back to they’ll fit your calf.

  25. Eight bags? That is awesome! And you didn’t even have to have someone over to force you to part with things? Because that is my biggest issue. Good for you!

    Also, boots never fit me the same as they do “most” people. It’s a pain in the ass… err, calves. Heh.

  26. Donating clothes puts a big, juicy cherry on top of the clean closet sundae, which in this case sits in a waffle-cone bowl of awesome.


  27. Once upon a time my closet was organized. it is depressing how much that has changed since sharing it with my honey & the degree to which it impacts my energy level & overall feeling that I’m able to function in life. I aspire to someday at least have separate closets!

  28. Good job on your closet! As for boots…I prefer the stretchy pull-on ones. My ankles are small, so when I find a pair to fit my calves, they’re really bulky over my ankles. The stretchy ones allow for some fit over the ankles and stretch over the calves.

  29. I’m so proud of you! I need to do that in the worst way… most of my things I’ve gotten to BIG for, tho’, and I have to admit I’m never getting back down there, so may as well get rid of it. 😦 You’re doing great!!

  30. The calves of boots never fit me either, but I’ve learned that for roughly $15 you can have them stretched at a cobbler and save the additional $30 that an ‘extended calf’ boot would cost.

    I’ve been slowly cleaning the closet. I’ve got such a mix of pre-kid, postpartum, maternity and now clothes in there I never know what will fit.

  31. I’ve got a bizarre mixture of sizes in my closet, too. I don’t know why I hold onto things that will likely never fit again, no matter how much weight I lose. I too have been weeding things out over the past few months and it’s very liberating. I highly recommend buying nice hangers. That has helped tremendously. Regardless, you are doing so well! I bet you’ll find even better boots.

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