I *Think* I Might Have a Problem

But I can’t decide which is the bigger issue.

1) The fact that I keep taking self-portraits in public restrooms.


2) The fact that I went from owning zero belts to owning six.

Exhibit A

Red Belt

Red Belt

Exhibit B

Silver & Gold Belt

Exhibit C

White Belt

White Belt

Okay so Exhibit B was taken in my own apartment bathroom. What is with me and the hand-on-hip pose? Also, I seem to want to wear heels or boots* all the time. WHO AM I?!

Hmm, I think I like her.

*I ordered new boots to replace the first ones that did not fit but they are on back order. Do I have bad boot karma or something?

If you’d like to read about my weekend adventure with Kaply, go visit her here.


66 thoughts on “I *Think* I Might Have a Problem

  1. The only issue here is that you are looking TOO hawt for your own good. 😉
    Wait, no such thing. Tee hee.

  2. You are looking absolutely fantastic. I think I need to try out the belted dress thing, so far I’ve steered clear of that one, but you may have just inspired me.

  3. Seriously, how cute are you? And it seems strange to see you without glasses. Did you end up ordering the boots from Avenue? I was worried about them too, for the same reason.

  4. Oh, you are just too adorbs for words. I want to be you. Look at you, snazzy dresser. And belter. LOVE. YOU.

    (I mean all of this WAY less creepy than it reads, I promise.)

  5. I think you’re adorable, and that white belt looks great on you. I’ve been trying to buy/wear more outter/accessory belts as well, but failing.

  6. Yeah I really don’t see a problem. Only maybe you need more belts? And shoes? And handbags? Never take me shopping.
    Oh and by the way, YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

  7. No problems as far as I can see!

    As for boots, how about a quick fix that’s cheap and fantastic? Target has some absolutely fantabulous boots right now that are cheap, cheap, cheap and, strangely, fit EVERYONE I know in the calves.

    If you’ve got an extra $25-35 I think you should add to your boot/heel collection and use it as a mild consolation prize until your expensive Goal Boots arrive.

  8. Can you please come back to LA and give me a fashion makeover? Maybe a whole body makeover actually? You are so dang cute and sassy and fashionable. I want to take pictures like you in public restrooms when I grow up!

  9. ok, thanks for clarifying bathroom location cuz i was gonna head for seattle and looke for the public restroom with a curling iron at the ready!

  10. I think they are….Belt-tacular! 😀 heh.
    I dunno, but I think the self portraits are a sign that you are actually liking the way that you are looking these days! Yay YOU!

  11. Lookin’ good, Sizz!

    Boots are tough. Best pair I ever wore belonged to a friend of mine. Black, square toe, with chunky & crazy ~4 inch heels. My bad boot karma is my inability to pull the photographic evidence from either of 2 people, for, uh, years.

    Good luck with your next pair whenever you get them!

  12. This is America, damn it! Our Founding Fathers intended for us to have the freedom to take photos of ourselves in public restrooms. That’s why they left Europe and England in the first place, you know.

  13. I see these two items as wonderful tidbits, not problems! Hello, you are charmed enough with yourself to take pics anywhere and everywhere! My daughter does this and I think it speaks of great self esteem! And two. … belts. Nice fun and functional! hehe

  14. I’ve been known to whip out the camera in the bathroom too. I don’t know why, but it seems like a place that doesn’t get photographed enough.

  15. You are looking stunning Sizzle … and I’m loving the belts!!! However, I do find your need to photograph yourself in bathroom mirrors rather freakish 😉

  16. I love how comfortable and normal you look taking your own photos in the mirror (and you look quite smashing!) I always manage to look like I’m focusing too hard on trying to take the photo…this does not bode well for self-portraits.

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