A Smattering

I’ve been inspired by my BlogHer roomies (and good pals!) to share my happy. And to make it into bullets thanks to another friend. Here goes nothing everything:

What about you?


28 thoughts on “A Smattering

  1. I love your list! Here is mine…
    1. Pumpkin flavored sweets and drinks
    2. Wool coats made in tall
    3. Fleet Foxes
    4. 10 days until I get married to my best friend
    5. Nice new clients who love my work

  2. Your nephew in any capacity makes me happy too.
    I want to plan something really awesome for NYE. I feel like that is going to be the hardest holiday for me emotionally, and I need to find a way to avoid drinking wine and going to bed at 8. Can I come to Oregon with you? Ha! 😉

  3. i love blind pilot!! OOOOH and they’re coming back to dc in november! ok i’m ready for my bullet list now:

    *blind pilot @ black cat on 11/11

  4. Love your list!!
    And am happy to say a lot of the things on your list are on mine, too. I may have to follow in your footsteps and post my own list later. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Bullet Points — the best way to express oh-so-much.
    The good stuff is wonderful. Pictures of Halloween bat suit, we must see. ‘Nuff said.

    Here’s a few things that made me smile this week:
    1. a handful of cards in the mail, I haven’t even opened yet. That they sit there is enough right now.
    2. My work going eerily smooth.
    3. Blake twittering that an old man stopped to ask him where he got his hair. He replied, “LA.” He said it made his day, and honestly, interaction with people like this makes mine too.:-)
    4. All of a sudden I started thinking about the Holidays. They seem piled up like the stock of Halloween candy we have there, for school.
    5. Hearing you talk about plans, and looking and sounding so good? It makes me feel great for you. (People’s comments have been epic, no?)
    Keep smiling!

  6. Nice! It is like your own little Thanksgiving list! I hope you had a chance to see the awesome Gossip show on Friday!

    -Leaves changing color
    -Being nice and warm under the blankets at night, with a cool bedroom.
    -Apple season (cheese season is year round)
    -Having a book that I want to get home to stat!
    -the ladies on my bowling team
    -The way it smells today

  7. OOOOH! I had to post my own. However, I would like to agree with Meghan re Honeycrisp Apples (and also nap time). It’s like taking a bite out of a magic unicorn. Heaven.

  8. I’m with papers&packages on the pumpkin flavored stuff (I had pumpkin frozen yogurt yesterday, which seems to sum up fall in L.A.).

    P.S. I love your glamorous belts! And that pose hand-on-hip pose is what all the celebs do on the red carpet, so you are clearly destined for stardom.

  9. My 4 month old nephew in his skeleton costume and my 2 year old niece in her *last minute trip to Target* pink poodle costume. (They live in Hawaii and her princess costume got ruined by all the red dirt). Oh my god, SO CUTE.

  10. I love this. I might have to do this as well. Though not today since I don’t feel oh-so-happy right about now..I just want to sleep – LOL

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