Last Minute Whim

So I was going to dress up as an owl but time got the best of me and I wasn’t able to make my costume. Then at work some of us decided WEDNESDAY (two days notice, mind you) that we should all come to work as female singers from the 1980’s.

Guess who I picked?

Your only hint: Think short hair.

halloween 003


The Real Pat Benatar

The Real Thing

I probably didn’t need to practice her dance moves. But of course I did.

Pictures forthcoming.

Here you go! We’ve got a Debbie Gibson, a Madonna, a Cyndi Lauper* and an Olivia Newton-John.

*Cyndia Lauper totally called in sick. That beyotch.


40 thoughts on “Last Minute Whim

  1. You rocked the 80’s makeup. Did you already have that fabulous shirt in the closet? And are you wearing leggings?

  2. Just so y’all know it took me 50 tries to get that photo of me because it felt so unnatural to not smile. AND if you worked in my office you would be subjected to my Love is a Battlefield dance repeatedly.

  3. I read this in Google Reader. And before I scrolled down to see the ral person, I guessed Pat Benetar. You channel her well. Could you include some video of those dance moves, please?!?

  4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Why Don’t You Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Fire Away!

    Ahem. Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.

  5. This is like, wayyyyy more awesome than the owl. πŸ™‚
    I miss dressing up for work. 😦 One of the little perks of non-profit!

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