Time Out

While everyone seems to be signing up for the write-every-single-day NaBloPoMo, I have decided to do the opposite. And I never was much of a rebel.

I’ve found myself far too angsty, angry, pent up, depressed, irritable and sad as of late and when I come here, I can’t seem to give voice to it. I feel a pressure to post for everyone BUT me. I feel like I can’t talk about the things that are weighing on me in a public forum. Why yes, I do have boundaries and halloween09 015sometimes I actually do keep my mouth shut.

See? Even that sounded bitchy. I can’t seem to escape it.

I blame an emotional growth spurt. At least, I hope to hell that’s what’s going on with me and not that I’ve turned into an asshole. I’m going to get my head on straight and I’m not going to write until I have something of consequence to say. Not until the feeling like I am drowning subsides. Not until I stop wanting to punch the world in the face.