Sign me up for that, please.

Who wouldn’t want to get an email that said this?

“You are an incredibly smart and strong woman. You are making amazing strides in putting yourself first…and more and more remembering and KNOWING that you are worthy of a man who will communicate WELL, make you laugh, is smart as shit and mostly ADORE you for who you are, quirks and all…even when you make mistakes. And the right ONE will NOT make you feel SMALL…but because of how they love you, will make you feel like you are POWERFUL in your perfect imperfection. And they will always, even when they fuck up, come back to what matters most…you and he and aΒ  loving trusting partnership full of integrity.”

It’s easy to settle for less when you feel like less. So I keep on working at feeling like more.

Thanks Jenny Two Times for the reminder.



21 thoughts on “Sign me up for that, please.

  1. I just want to say that I never believed any of that, until Mark. I know it’s true now. I KNOW it’s true.

    It will happen to you. I KNOW that, too.

    (I think you just inspired a post)

  2. um, i hope you don’t mind, but i’m going to go ahead and replace zeghsy with sizzle in all appropriate places of that email. i need that kick in the pants too.

  3. This was an awesome email and whoever sent it to u deserves an applause coz that’s exactly what every womaN should always have in
    mind. No. Actually, in the bathroom mirror so everytime she sees herself she can read that out loud.

  4. I’ve gotten a few of those emails recently myself. They’re great. And I’m constantly being reminded that awesome people attract awesome. So yay to that. πŸ™‚ (psssst–you are awesome!)

  5. *smooches both you and Jenny TwoTimes for that*

    Yes. YES. That, right there.

    It is one of the few things that lasts. When you really and truly feel what that is like, it’s a sort of milk crate to stand on, to better see the world. The sex can change, the attractiveness, the jobs(or houses or cars), the obstacles can pop up and be severe– but the sensation of really being safe and surrounded by someone is a constant. You want the one real constant in life to be Love. (Of course, having the great friends you do, you already know what that feels like, right?)

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