Dear Self,

You have lost your focus.

We said we weren’t going to start dating until we had reached our goal weight but then we hit the 30lbs loss marker and our confidence was boosted. So instead of keeping our eyes on the prize, we set up a distraction and put up an ad and started dating. And then instead of focusing on us, we started to get lost in the external validation of other people.

There’s a fine line between internal and external validation and, let’s face it, ours got blurry.

We haven’t really worked out in a month. A MONTH! It’s been a lame attempt when we have- one water aerobics class a week sometimes due to our crazy work load (excuse!) or a half-assed session of sit ups and push ups. We haven’t fallen off our changed eating habits- those are now a way of life- but we would not spit out a french fry if it just so happened to fall into our mouth (it’s raining fries! hallelujah!). Not to mention the alcohol consumption. In all this fun we’ve been having, we’ve been drinking a lot more than we should to see any sort of weight loss. Plus, it makes us look tired around the eyes.

We’re at the same weight the last time we reported in which is fine– it’s just not progress. And we want progress. When we’re not working out we feel more tired, less inspired, and not as confident. Don’t you want to be our best self!? I do!Β  You should too! Stop sabotaging us and keeping us from our own happiness. Let’s love ourself better than we ever have before. Let’s do this without excuses. Let’s be happy. Finally.




24 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. You are right, of course, about external validation. That goal can come at any point, and it can fall by the wayside at any point too, if we don’t watch it. Good for you for watching it.

    But also? We do things for reason we don’t always understand immediately, so just because something didn’t come “in order” it’s okay. Give yourself permission to go with the flow, with the now. You won’t get lost– you’re more capable than you think.

  2. The thing is… you can do this. You can talk to yourself and KNOW what you’re doing. That’s step one. Most people can’t stop and figure out what they’re doing until it’s too late. You’ll be fine. You’re a survivor. Happiness, TRUE happiness, is just around the corner for you.

  3. Our weight loss stories are so similar. I’ve been losing focus lately because of the increased confidence. In a way, I feel like I can slowly slip back into my old habits because I’ve already lost weight, but I know that’s just going to ruin all of my progress and put me right back where I started. I think it’s all part of the journey, though. We’re making lifelong lifestyle changes and that’s not easy. We’re going to fall once in a while. The important part is that we’re putting ourselves back on the horse and continuing.

  4. I know this was totally for you (as it should be!), but I needed to hear it too (substituting your internal voice for mine), so thank you. Also: sign me up for raining fries! I mean, wait. Dammit.

    Fine, raining baby carrots it is!

  5. you hit the 30 lbs marker! that’s something to be really proud of and i say, it’s okay to celebrate that and be a tad less strict for a few weeks. now you’re aware, and you can get back on track.

  6. You’re doing fantastic! I’ve always heard that knowing that you are sabatoging yourself is a big part of correcting the habits…. Keep up the good work!! I’m going through a similar battle. Mind if I borrow some of your most wise words of wisdom?

  7. You were actually very pleasant to You. I wish I could be so pleasant to Me.

    Oh and also? The “raining fries, Hallelujah!” made me laugh out loud, in a snorty kind of way! πŸ™‚ Excellent.

  8. you are doing it. You are keeping things going and so what if you spun plates for a month. Go girl go! Let’s dedicate a workout Tuesday to each other? Seriously? GO! xoxo

  9. we started to get lost in the external validation of other people

    writing it down helps change the behavior



  10. I’m proud of you and the steps you are taking to reach your goals. You will reach them.

    I needed this post for for a reminder of where I want myself to be too. different goals but still goals I want to accomplish. Focus has been a moving target lately.

  11. The queen of tough love strikes again. πŸ˜› It’s hard to reel it in when you’re having so much fun! If only the booze had as few calories as the boys.

  12. It is hard not to get caught up in how you look… when really you should be thinking about how you feel and be amazed by how your body can adapt and chance! Good luck on re-finding focus πŸ™‚

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