No Rest For The Weary

I’m feeling a little wrecked, you guys.

I am tired despite sleeping 8 hours. I feel uninspired to make plans and when I get home, overwhelmed with too much to do having come from a job where I feel that way all day. I have three blemishes on my face. And wrinkles. And bags under my eyes.

This month launches my busy season at work with fundraisers in November, December and then once I return from holiday break, go-go-go time for my March fundraiser. Add to that two open apartments and very few takers, things breaking and needing repair constantly around the building and some pretty nasty run ins with The Music Man- oh and this morning my upstairs neighbor found a leak above his bed- I am wiped the fuck out.

I agreed to sell my wares at a holiday craft fair alongside my sister. At the time I thought I could pull it off though I was hesitant knowing how my life can go from la dee dah to holyfuckingshit in the matter of minutes. I’ve managed to eek out seven (only 7!) felt bird pins to sell and the show is December 5th. I am thinking I will be lucky if I have 20 to sell. This is not good. But when do I have time to craft?! I haven’t even done my laundry in two weeks and now the laundry room is closed for repairs until Saturday. (Commando!)

My life is a bit out of balance at the moment. (Hello! Understatement!) It’s no wonder that working out is taking a back burner. I’m trying to not beat myself up about it. I’m trying to not feel guilty that I don’t have time to spend with everyone I love. I’m trying not to scream I AM DOING MY BEST! Apologies if I am delayed in responding to emails, texts or calls. It is definitely not personal. I wish I had a clone of myself. I’d give the clone all the mundane, annoying crap and I’d run around hugging everyone.

There is not enough hugging in my life. Or kissing. . . but let’s not go there.


34 thoughts on “No Rest For The Weary

  1. There is something about this time of year that leaves me feeling much in the same way as you do. It’s fun. It’s the holidays. It’s about family and togetherness, but what you said is true… in my industry, this is an insane time of year, so it’s this mad dash to the finish line.

  2. There is never enough hugging or kissing.

    I agree with Liz, it’s the time of year. Once we start to close in on Thanksgiving it’s just one long sprint through New Years. And then in January we can collectively catch our breaths. Stores don’t help the situation by trying to force the holidays down our throats earlier and earlier every year. Retail. Ptooie!

  3. I cannot even read that without feeling stressed! Why do you do that to yourself? I mean, I know that the apartment set-up is saving you money, but???? Yowza. I would throw in the towel. Not that I am encouraging that! You are a stronger woman than I am.

  4. . So with you on this. I wish I had answers. I was wondering this morning what I could do to imeove my outlook at work and the way I deal with people and I came up with nuttin.

  5. You’re worrying me, honey! I think you need to make a mental or physical list of your priorities. And focus only on those things that you can mentally take. Don’t worry about the craft fair (just consider it some good quality time with your sis!). Don’t worry about your friends (they’ll still love you). And stop responding to blog emails (ahem!). Cut out the unnecessary stuff. Stay focused. Get sleep. And you’ll get through this time. Just don’t put pressure on yourself to do more than is humanly possible. xoxo.

  6. i can’t imagine how you WOULDN’T be stressed and overloaded with all that on your plate! i’m with nilsa: simply everything you possibly can. screw the craft fair – you’ve got 7 pins already; sounds good enough to me 😉

  7. word.

    i had a fundraiser on october 28th (dinner for 450+), one this past sunday (fun run/walk for 200) and another walk/run this coming sunday in another province. i am fried.

    i’ll have some calm over the holidays … but then have a hail-mary pass fundraiser (aimed to make up for the shortfall of other events) in march, and a huge new event in may.

    when you find that cloning machine, ship it over to nova scotia for me, please! 🙂

  8. Ooh, I often wish for a clone to tackle my undesirable stuff!

    You do right to be kind to yourself. You can only do as much as you can do.

  9. Sizzle, I’m seriously getting worried about you. Perhaps it’s time to stop taking things on (even though I know you have one of the biggest and most wonderful hearts and want to help) just for your own sanity.

    Is there anyone that you can have help you with the apartment stuff? That’s just too much for you to take on with your other job hon. Is there anything any of us can do to help you out with the crafts fair? I’m willing to try and make something and send it to you. Let us know. Always here to help.

  10. There are never enough hugs, ever. And it’s rough when you need one.

    Good luck today and this week. Yes, you’ve taken on a lot, but you will get through it.

  11. I think you can only do so much—when I feel overwhelmed, I make a list of the most important and the must-do’s and then I let the rest go. I also force myself to spend a day on the couch, gathering my thoughts and resting and usually eating too many bowls of Lucky Charms. But it helps to take a breather. Sending you a big hug! xo

  12. It’s times like these when you need to stop and do something for yourself. Immediately. Seriously. Nothing huge, just a few moments to center yourself. Take a walk, stretch, at-home pedicure, zone out for a half hour with TV and a blanket. Just do it. Do it! And if you don’t, I will come hug you until you listen. And trust me, that’s not as nice as it sounds. I am mean. Grrr! DO IT!

  13. Ugh I know and loathe this feeling. Work is exploding in my face right now and while I’m glad I don’t have to worry that I’ll be let go for lack of things to do, it is SO. EXHAUSTING.

  14. Oh girl…you’ve got yourself tied up through March already! I know it’s hard with a job that forces you to plan far in advance, but maybe try taking things one week at a time? And I bet if the craft thing is causing you more stress than joy, you could beg off. I swear, once I finally (because I started getting sick from exhaustion) allowed myself to say no or even to back out of things at the last minute (as long as it wasn’t something I was really needed or being paid for), I found a much better balance in my life. You’re going to make it through, I just know it!!! Thinking of you!

  15. Honey, everyone feels this way sometimes. No pressure, you’ll make as many birds as you can. I think you can only do what you can. However, you have one less table to worry about in March, I’m all yours. If you need something before, you know I always love to hang with your rockin’ self.

  16. You still miraculously manage to keep this blog running at a pretty good clip. Personally I’ve been swamped this year and unfortunately it means I’ve had to put blogging and exercise aside. It’s not ideal because these two things combined make me much more mellow.

    Good luck with your fundraisers and I hope you’re doing work with my company again this holiday season.

  17. Please take care of you!

    The craft fair sounds like so much fun but if it is stressing you out could you just feel fine with whatever you end up having and not worry about it? (Says me and I would totally be in the same place you are in with all you have going on). But be good to yourself as much as you can please!

  18. I”m feeling the same way as of late. I just really want a day where I can just stay in bed the whole entire day. And, be waited on.

  19. I totally hear ya. I keep wondering how it became the week before Thanksgiving. Somehow I think hours have been cut down to like 42 minutes…there aren’t enough of them.

    I hope you find some R&R time at some point. And I want to see the felt bird pins! Cute!

  20. Oh my. Quit opening my eyes to faults that exist! I mean in me, not you! Some days I need blissful ignorance! haha


    sort of!

    great post, very astute. Probably bang on for most of us! Welcome to being human! gah!

  21. Tee hee–the day you wrote this I sent you a kinda lengthy wah wah email and then read this and felt bad. NO PRESSURE TO RESPOND!
    I hope your fundraisers are a big success!!
    More hugs. Yes indeed. I have more huggy male friends than female friends, isn’t that funny?

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