High Low

Low: I’ve been working too much and am exhausted.

High: We exceeded all our fundraising goals for the event I’ve been slaving away on. HALLELUJAH!


Low: I still have only made a handful of felt pins.

High: The sale isn’t until Dec. 5th and I have Wed-Sun off this week so I should be able to craft enough of them in time.


Low: I still have two open apartments available.

High: I have four messages to return about setting up viewings.


Low: I still am not working out as much as I should.

High: My eating has not falling off the wagon. I’ve let the wagon go, apparently.


Low: I have been emailing with a few guys I’ve met on line but haven’t made any concrete plans.*

High: Dating is not on the top of my priority list and I am totally okay with that.*

*Should these both be highs or both lows?


Low: Our laundry room is being upgraded. When they put the washing machines back they didn’t hook them up right. No one has really been able to do laundry for a week. There could be a dirty underwear mutiny on my hands.

High: The repair guys have been called.


Low: I stayed up too late.

High: It was worth it. The Swell Season show at the Paramount was FANTASTIC.


Low: I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and have realized I don’t have enough plates to serve the 8-10 people coming over.

High: Reason to buy new dishware- score! Plus, I love being the hostess with the mostest.


What are your highs and lows today?


26 thoughts on “High Low

  1. Low: not spending Thanksgiving with my family or my boyfriend.

    Congrats on passing your fundraising goal!!!

  2. at this moment—
    Low: burned my fingers sticking them in the toaster to retreive english muffin.
    High: the nooks and crannies were totally worth it.

  3. Saw Swell Season a couple of years ago in Baltimore at the Lyric Opera House, which is one of my favorite venues. So good. I need to do that again!

    Low…Low estimate from VW dealer for 40k service plus engine diagnostic? $530.

    High…Good coffee. That’s all I got so far.

  4. We are hosting Christmas this year and we have enough dishes but not enough chairs. Still trying to figure out how we’re going to address this.

    Congrats on your fundraiser!

  5. I think dating not being at the top of your priority list is totally a high! It shows how fiercely independent and comfortable you are being alone right now, which is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Congrats on your fund-raising! You’re awesome!
    Oh, and for the plates… unless you already have a set in mind, I picked up some mismatched dinner and salad plates at Goodwill to fill in, and I ended up liking that idea so much that I want more!

    Anyway, just an idea! Sorry about all the ‘!’ I have issues.

  7. Low: I disappointed someone this weekend, by not giving them what they wanted.
    High: I made the choice to stay true to myself instead.

    Low: The number on the scale was not ideal this morning.
    High: I have chosen to recognize that November is always a bit “weighty,” what with my birthday and Thanksgiving.

    Low: My house is a fucking mess.
    High: Two days off this week will allow me to organize my booty off.

    Low: Very few dollars in my bank account.
    High: December is going to be very financially healthy, and I’m going to get to replace/repair a few necessary items!

    YOU ROCK with the fundraising goals!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

  8. low: i spilled a cup of water on my Macbook yesterday

    high: 1) i get to use my boyfriend’s much faster computer till mine dries out, 2) i’ll re-appreciate putting pen to paper, and 3) i have no excuse to get out the house and go to the gym!

  9. Lows- too many to list, but I am frustrated that I am not making progress as fast as I’d like on a bunch of things.

    Highs: new business is coming along- and showing so much promise.

  10. Low: telling my friends in Virginia I’m moving back to Washington permanently in less than a month.

    High: I’m not the last one trickling away from this podunk college town. THAT was my biggest fear. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And perhaps my “high” should be a “low,” since it reveals a kind of selfishness I should want to hide. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Low: I stayed up too late.

    High: It was worth it. The Swell Season show at the Paramount was FANTASTIC.

    What? somebody said that already?

  12. Low: You live in fucking Seattle!

    High: Every time I think of you, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside xoxo

  13. Awesome job with the fundraising!!! THIS is why you have the job you have.
    High: I’m done with my work week
    Low: My paycheck is going to BLOW
    High: Almost the whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving
    Low: 25 people are coming over and I have seating for 10, dishes for 5 (thanks to bad movers), utensils for 12.

  14. The holidays had sort of forced dating to the backburner, but I have a lead on someone and he’s in a show in early December, and, well dang, I think I just have to meet him.

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