Dance In My Step

Things that are putting a little dance in my step:

One: Blind Pilot is one of my all time favorite bands. Jeni Angel and I are going to see them (and Laura Veirs) tonight. I can (and have) listened to their album on constant rotation since discovering it. I double dog dare you not to like them.

Two: I have a date on Friday night.

Three: Yesterday while in a meeting something just clicked inside me and I feel all fired up about my job in a really good way. I am so lucky I have a job where I can do good in the world. I like this feeling. It can stay.

“I have to say there was a mile or two/I had the itch to fly and I flew/now at best we would make our dreams/with something used/with something used/and from the minute that the line got drawn/I couldn’t see straight to you for nothing. . . “ -One Red Thread, Blind Pilot

20 thoughts on “Dance In My Step

  1. The lead singer has a lovely voice. Likely not something I’d listen to while working out (one of the few times I actually listen to music), but I do like that song a lot.

    Can’t wait to hear more about Friday. And I’m super thrilled that something clicked for you at work. It makes the chaos way more bearable when you’re loving what you’re doing!

  2. it’s nice to hear happy plans. I have been doing house cleaning and helping get the place ready for the Holidays– and tidying and sorting thru closets is a Bummer.

    Check out my page if you haven’t, I did a HelloQuizzy test thing that gave some really interesting information. I think it’s pretty pertinent for people like us. It might really help in your personal growth work.

    Keep smiling– and have a great time this weekend!

  3. hooray, enjoy!! the show they did in dc 2-ish weeks ago was phenomenal as always, and they had a new (to me) opening band: low anthem. they were OUTSTANDING. have fun! also on your DATE, WOOHOO! 🙂

  4. I need the “click” feeling at my job. Mind passing a bit on?
    I hope the date goes awesomely well! If not, I’m going to kick his ass.
    Have fun at the show!

  5. I love when I get that feeling you mentioned in #3! Mine is more like “Our clients deserve NICE space and I’m going to make sure they get it.”

    And #2… hope we get to here more!!!

  6. Hey, I never thanked you for burning that CD for me. I love it! I listened to it half-way to Portland before I switched over to the Glee soundtrack.

    I’ll have to get the scoop about the date on Saturday. 🙂

  7. I am literally ecstatic about the show tonight. I have not loved a band this much in years. And you know how much I LOVE concerts.

    I will expect a full report on Friday . . .

  8. Hey that video is from our local radio station: KINK!
    Also, I, too am going to see that show…of course here in PDX.


  9. Yay!
    You and I are on some weird similar schedule in this whole dating stuff. Saturday night I am going to a show that a fella I’ve been flirting with is in. We shall see what comes of THAT…

  10. “I am so lucky I have a job where I can do good in the world.”

    That is EXACTLY what I want to be able to say once I get settled into my future career.

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