Super Sleuth

The Music Man insists that someone has been going into the vacant apartment above him in the middle of the night. This has been going on for weeks- his rambling messages that detail when he heard the sound, the voices, the foot steps. I really wish I could post an audio of these voicemails because I can’t capture his special brand of woo hoo in the written word. They are a zig zag of thought with very little cohesion. Often they involve passive aggressive jabs towards me depending on his mental state. One day I am the nicest manager on the planet, the next I am lying to him and calling him a liar.

For the record, I have never called him a liar. I do believe that he believes he is hearing someone above him. Does this make it true? I have no proof.

Once I checked on the empty apartment and found the door ajar. The repairmen had been in there earlier installing new cabinets so I assumed they were the culprit, locked the door behind me and carried on. But The Music Man keeps calling insisting that someone is up there in the middle of the night. The landlords do not change the locks on the apartments when someone moves out. This is a secure building and we all use a key to get in the main entrances and then have individual apartment keys. I collected both sets of keys when these tenants moved out but who is to say if they illegally copied a set?

I called the landlords to ask if I can get the apartment rekeyed to nip this situation in the bud. I’m growing tired of the calls and the underhanded accusations that I am allowing someone to squat in a vacant apartment or am lying about it. You know how I feel about lying. I don’t have time for such bullshit. But the landlords don’t want me to rekey it just yet but instead boobie-trap the door with tape so that if someone does try to get in I will see. Now I am no detective and barely a MacGyver but I set up the trap and am keeping an eye on it. Honestly, if it was any other tenant without a history of hysterics and paranoia I bet the landlords would have gone ahead and changed the lock but with this one we have to tread lightly.

My guess? It’s a ghost.


26 thoughts on “Super Sleuth

  1. The landlords want you to booby-trap the door? For serious? That is… well, it doesn’t sound incredibly professional. I’m sure this guy is hearing someone nearby but not directly above. But good luck!

  2. If it is a ghost, are you obligated to tell new tenants before they sign the lease?

    Maybe you can buy a cheap motion detector, attached to a cheap radio with the volume turn to max. that way the whole complex will know when someone goes in to the apt.

  3. Maybe it’s 3 ghosts – you know the one from Christmases Past, Present, and Future? Tell the Music Man that and maybe he’ll stop being such a crazy scrooge.

  4. I say, in your most serious tone, tell the Music Man that you’ve spent countless hours investigating the noise and you’ve come up with one solution. The only solution. It is in fact a ghost. But, assure him it’s a friendly ghost who likes a little night cap here and there. And consider the matter closed.

    He just might believe you.

  5. I feel like Music Man used to live beneath me. One weekend I was out of town and only Gelsey (THE CAT) was home. My landlord called me on Sunday evening to ask if I had people over that weekend because there was loud stomping and laughter heard from my unit.

    Um…now, my cat is fat, but I’m pretty sure she can’t stomp and I sure as hell know she can’t laugh.

  6. I too have been accused of creating mysterious noises by a crazy downstairs neighbor. He was all “Someone was walking around and singing at 4am.” RIGHT. Exhibit: the drunk person no doubt stumbling home right outside his window, and mine.

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