Not How I Planned To Spend Tuesday

I was going to write a really thoughtful, introspective post today but apparently I ate something bad last night and so instead I am doubled over in agony and hanging out in the bathroom. Hey, Universe? When I said I wanted a day off yesterday I meant to do CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, not stay home with stomach cramps and the inability to eat anything without feeling sick. Maybe I should have been more specific.

This has always been one of my worst fears. Up there with falling from great heights, busting my face open from said fall or losing my teeth is getting sick from spoiled food. I don’t even drink my milk past the expiration date. But last night it was late and I was hungry and there was a chicken breast that had been defrosted in the fridge for a couple days but past its cook-by date. I should have known! I even thought about it for a millisecond as I cut it up. I smelled it and it seemed okay-ish. I remember thinking to myself, “I sure hope this isn’t going to make me sick.”

I blame the chicken.

If you need me I will be in the bathroom.

Maybe just leave a message and I will get back to you later.

Yeah, that seems most sanitary.


14 thoughts on “Not How I Planned To Spend Tuesday

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  2. Food poisoning sucks. I’ve had it twice! The last time I had it, I swear to god, green grapes saved my life. I’d make one grape last, like, six (really really slow and teeny tiny) bites but it helped calm my tummy down (and gave it something to gnaw on besides itself). [/assvice] 🙂

    Feel better!

  3. Oh dear. Not good. Try to keep some fluids down (mainly water) if at all possible and saltines. Food poisoning is gawd awful. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I live your worst fear. No kidding. I’ve been sick so many times in so many inopportune places. I once missed a plane because I was in the airport bathroom. I once drove 80 miles an hour home from the grocery store because I was about to be sick. I have had to lie on the floor (a filthy one I might add) in public bathrooms because I have been that sick.

    Guess I’m over that fear now. But, speaking from experience, it’s sure no fun.

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