Joy to the World


My family volunteered at the Wonderland Carousel the day after Thanksgiving. One of the jobs was selling tickets. Finn stood on a box in the little ticket shack and would hand folks their tickets saying, “Have fun!” When he got bored with that he wanted to ride the merry-go-round and subsequently roped each of us into taking a spin with him. Though Grandma went twice because she’s a sucker like that. Five times this kid rode the carousel! But it’s almost impossible to say no to him. He also got mini donuts hot from the stand downtown and got to stay up past his bed time. He’d probably tell you it was a really good time.

Tomorrow I get to have some coveted Finn time. We’re going to bake Christmas cookies (with lots of sprinkles- his specialty) and have a pillow fight (his request- he always wants to pillow fight and jump on the bed). There might be singing and dancing. It’s always a party when we hang out. I will bet you $5 he will ask to watch Meerkat Manor. Good thing I saved that show on my dvr.

Speaking of amazing kids. Check this kid out. Holy crap! So what if he doesn’t really know the words. He’s totally emulating Jason Mraz.


18 thoughts on “Joy to the World

  1. If I had known of this child prodigy, I would’ve brought him in to do live music at my wedding. Seriously. It’s like a modern-day version of Musak! Love it. Have fun with Finn this weekend!

  2. I wish you had been my aunt when I was a kid. You’re so fun.

    (Wait… that came out weird. I am not saying I wish you were old or think you’re old! Just, that I wish I had a fun aunt šŸ˜‰ )

  3. We were able to pass the donut stand but got talked into one of those terrible light up swords people were peddling. Would have preferred the donuts!

    I am guessing this will be your best date yet ; )

  4. Too bad that the guys you meet (or date) don’t show you a good time like Finn does.

    I mean…what girl doesn’t love carousel rides with a cutie.


    p.s. that video was freaking adorable.

  5. That kid is a talent. I think he does a wonderful job covering this song and any other Mraz song for that matter. I bet he could cover any song song by Sting too.

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