Best Date I’ve Had In Ages


Him: “Peeeee You!”

Me: “What?”

Him: “What’s that?”

Me: “It’s peppermint.”

Him: “It stinks.”


“Let’s watch Meerkats!” (said within 5 minutes of being at my apartment- TOLD YOU SO)


“I want you to cuddle with me.” (said while he was sitting alone on the couch- heart? MELT)


“Is she the mailman?” (said about a new tenant who stopped by to drop off some paperwork)


Looking at my guitar: “Does it have a pickle?”

Me: “Do you mean a pick?”

Him: “Yeah a pickEL.”


At the end of the video is where he throws himself onto of me in a tackle. Ooof!


29 thoughts on “Best Date I’ve Had In Ages

  1. That is ADORABLE!! And it sounds like a pretty fabulous date if you ask me. I haven’t had one that good in a while. A guy who wants to cuddle? Yes, please!

    So cute!

  2. Three year-olds annoy me in two main ways: first off, they’re always better at speaking foreign languages (don’t believe me? Go try to have a conversation with a Parisian tot in the airport and see if you don’t feel like you wasted three years of your life taking French that apparently has done you no good at all!) Second, they have a bottomless capacity to be amused by little things. I wish that I, too, could throw paper snowballs for an hour instead of thinking that writing papers is a better idea. Seriously – are we high? Or does Finn know more about life?

  3. I still say you should get together with Finn’s mommy and bottle up the cuteness, then sell it on the open market.

    It’ll be a win for everyone (just don’t forget the little people).

  4. Augh! So cute!! He is getting so big, too.
    I love the “whoosh” sound associated with throwing the snowballs. Hee hee.
    I would gladly trade my date Thursday for a Finn of my own. šŸ™‚

  5. Oh My Gosh. I think I am actually jealous! *sniffle*

    You are a wonderful auntie to him. I’m glad too, that you enjoy these little moments. They go so quickly! yeah.

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