Utter Crazy

I’m ridiculous.

This is not a news flash but it bears repeating.

I am one of the few people who could manage to feel MORE stressed out while on vacation. Yes, I did get granted two full weeks off of work (hallelujah!) but since I have more than one job what inevitably ends up happening is that I get overwhelmed by a mountainous to do list for the building. Rest? What’s that?!

Today is my official first day of “vacation” but my cats did not let me sleep in, then one of the cats decided the litter box was not clean enough for her standards (I am looking at you YOU, Dottie!) and so she left some turds on the bath mat. In my sleepy state I decided right then was the perfect moment to clean the litter box. I went to dump out all the old litter into the garbage and it sprayed everywhere but in the can. That’s when I started swearing and the cats ran under the bed to hide. I refilled the litter, swept up the bathroom and went to change the garbage bag out. When I lifted the bag full of soiled litter a hole at the bottom started leaking the contents out all over the newly swept floor. That’s when I really started swearing.

On top of all this, I realized my underwear is too big. Not that anyone was here to notice but still. . . insult to injury. Also, sorry for the visual.

In other related news of things that make me bitchy: A) my PMS and B) the Music Man. Let’s skip A as it is pretty self-explanatory and move right on to B. The landlords have had it with MM and wrote him a very strongly worded letter including the word “harassment” which is used repeatedly throughout basically saying that he is not allowed to contact the on site manager (me!) unless it is an emergency (defined as fire or flood) and that any concerns or complaints have to be addressed in writing to the landlords. To say he is not going to like this is an understatement of epic proportions.

As much as it is the right thing for the landlords to do and is totally out of my hands, I have to live here in the same building with him and have had to endure his unpredictable, volatile, passive aggressive, emotionally unhinged outbursts which makes me a bit on edge. I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. Friends keep talking me off the proverbial ledge reminding me that I am in charge, that you can’t reason with crazy, that I have gone out of my way to be nice to him. And I have! That’s why this pisses me off so much- I have gone out of my way to accomodate him and now I just feel jerked around and used. He even left me a gift on Saturday- cat toys, coffee and some fruit which was very kind but I can just see him saying something to me about it, almost like he’d want it back. That’s how he is. He’s worst than the worst boyfriend I ever had.

It’s gotten to the point where I get heart palpitations when I check the landline for messages and hear that familiar beeping meaning there is a message. Do I have PTSD from this stupid fucking situation? Sheesh. And there’s a bunch of stuff I need to do in the maintenance room which is located directly across from his apartment. I know it’s silly but I’m hoping to get in there and lock myself in so he can’t come out and accost me or to go down there before the mail arrives. This is how freaked out I am.I am changing my plans to avoid him. I worry about rude messages or him banging at my door. I do not want to have another confrontation with someone as unstable as him. The unpredictability of it is making me mental.

Like I said, I’m totally ridiculous.


20 thoughts on “Utter Crazy

  1. See, but really HE’S ridiculous and you’re tired of dealing with nonsense. The amount you’ve had to deal with from this man is beyond all normal boundaries, and I would be surprised if anyone was able to walk in your shoes and not feel edgy.

    Hang in there babe and here’s to hoping your vacation starts to get more and more relaxing every day.

  2. I can see why the MM situation would be buggin you out. But I’m glad the LL are getting involved. Deep breathes. If he comes to you, just repeat what the letter said and get away! RUN RUN RUN!

    Now do me a favor, go buy a bottle of wine. Light some candles. Put on oh, Christmas cartoons or something. Now put on your jim jams and fuzzy slippers. Deep breath, pour wine in glass, drink wine, pet cats, watch TV, RELAX. REPEAT as needed. It’s VACATION. Take some time off FOR YOU.

  3. No, it’s not ridiculous! 1, KerrBear is right – he is the ridiculous one. 2, trust your gut, chicklet, and don’t let your head minimize anything or dismiss it. Be on the lookout and avoid the arsehole. And if you see him, square your shoulders and look him in the eye because he is NOT in control.

    I know THIS all probably sounds ridiculous, but I watch and read a lot of crime documentaries. *hanging head in shame*

  4. No no no! NOt stupid! This perfect storm of bullcrapishness would have anyone at the end of her rope. I recommend a midday cocktail and some indulgent tv. We’ll toast to tomorrow being litter free. 🙂

  5. Oh this sucks. Still, I’m glad the landlords are on your side with this one. And honestly if he leaves you a message? Now you have recourse because he’s been warned.

  6. I’m glad your underwear is too big. I was just noticing mine is a bit snug. I love having to buy smaller underwear.

    I am really sorry about things with the freaky freak. Just reading that made me think again how far it’s gone. If he isn’t allowed to contact you outside of emergencies, I think you need to stick to that and count anything else as violations that you report to the landlords. Really. He’ll probably get kicked out on his ass, but that’s not your problem. To be honest, reading it sounds like a description of living with an alcoholic. Which is scary.

    Hang in there, babe. I hope the vacation starts getting vacation-y.

  7. I think it’s time to curl up with a good book. I can understand why MM is totally freaking you out, but you’re not being ridiculous. HE IS. Just keep your head up and stare at him incredulously if he tries to start some shit.

  8. I think the landlords should just evict Music Man. Seriously. Not that you want to get stuck finding another tenant, but he’s a creep.

    I hate waking up to naughty cats. I think you should take the rest of the day to go shopping (and buy yourself some pretty new underwear that fit :).

  9. A couple things come to mind on this one, Sizz. First, you are going through this whole process of learning to be better to you because you deserve better. Well, I hate to point out the obvious, but you don’t deserve to deal with the shit Music Man throws at you. Do not feel bad for him. Instead, direct him to the nearest therapist (do not pass go!).

    And secondly, think of yourself as a politician. Politicians cannot do right by every single individual in their constituency. It’s just not possible. So, ideally, they try to do what’s best for the population as a whole. You need to take on the same mentality with your building … sure, there will be one-on-one issues here and there, but your job is to maintain the whole building, not just the happiness of one or two residents.

    Now that you’ve gotten this off your shoulders, go out and enjoy your vacation!!!

  10. The underwear thing really *is* a good thing, you know. That means the diet thing is working visibly! Yay You!!

    (Here, have some christmas cookies, and fatten up again.)

  11. Hmmm…no no you are definitely not ridiculous. But he’s crazy. This guy seems like he lives on another universe altogether. I don’t blame you for switching your schedule around so as to avoid him. I would do the exact same. I really wish they could kick him out. Sounds harsh, but what he’s been doing – harassing you – is horrid.

  12. Just FYI for others proposing evitiction…It is very hard to evict someone under WA state tenant laws unless they are doing something illegal or not paying rent. It is still hard to do then, so evicting they guy for bringing the crazy isn’t a possibility at this point, I am guessing. And then poor Sizzle would have to find someone else to fill the spot anyway…

    I would suggest a thank you note for the gifts, if it hasn’t happened already. I know he is teh krazy, but at least you would have the moral high ground and it might, just might soften the blow of the letter. Other than that, just be polite when you see him and hopefully you can avoid him. Not that you should coddle him, but hell anything you can do to make it less about you and more about “the landlords” the better since they do not have to deal with him on a daily basis.

    Good luck! Here is hoping for a cat turd free bath mat and smaller underwear and less of MM’s krazy in your week. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

  13. You are not being ridiculous. I think your instincts are trying to tell you something and perhaps you should listen. It sounds like your body goes into fight or flight mode at the thought of this guy, which tells me that on some level you perceive danger. Not to sound like nervous nellie, but please be alert and aware. I would even go so far as suggest that you don’t be alone with him. Your employers need to provide you with a safe work environment (esp. since it’s your living environment as well) and they must do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

    I don’t mean to come on all preachy but the situation worries me from personal experience. So maybe I’m just projecting. I hope so.

  14. I am late chiming in but I don’t think that’s ridiculous at all. I would not only dread being in contact with him, but I’d be afraid. I am glad your landlords dealt with it, and I hope if there’s even a hint of further harassment, they evict him. That is not cool and you, nor no one else in the building, should have to live like that.
    I’m not trying to be mom-like, but you need to be afraid of this guy and I worry that he has access to you at all. Yes, you’re in charge but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to deal with it on your own. I’d be on the phone with the landlords and the police if he were contacting me at odd hours, especially if he were at my door.

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