No One Looks Good In a Jumpsuit

Guess who got a sizable bonus from her landlords yesterday?

Why yes! ME.

I promptly deposited it then turned around and schemed ways to spend it. I bought some on sale clothes and plan to get a massage tomorrow. Oh yeah. I may know how to work hard but I also know how to pamper. For example, I took Kaply to get mani/pedis on Sunday for her Christmas present. We were seated in front of a large flat screen tv which made it impossible not to get sucked into the program playing. From what we could surmise, seeing as how it was not in English, the people on the show were part of a rescue crew. They were forced to wear unfortunate jumpsuits. Some girl broke up with some guy and another guy turned in his resignation after getting a talking to by the boss. Very dramatic.

We both decided we needed those massage chairs at our apartments. They are awesome. Except for the setting where you can get your butt massaged. That? Uh. . . it felt like someone was trying to fist me in the butt. I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with that and promptly switched the setting.

When Kap and I got home we discovered our toenails had not been as dry as we thought and we both fucked up our pedicures. Then I went and scrubbed a new tenant’s oven and promptly screwed up my manicure. It was not a total waste though. I mean, I got to hang with Kap plus the massaging chair. I am not referring to the butt setting. I AM NOT. Don’t look at me like that.


20 thoughts on “No One Looks Good In a Jumpsuit

  1. Yay for the bonus! You deserve it 🙂

    I got a manicure ONCE and she did such a bad job, I peeled it off in the car! (It’s bad if you can peedl it off!)

  2. I too went for the butt massage at my last pedicure, but yeah, it’s totally awkward, which only makes me start laughing and then my technician always starts laughing at me.

    (There’s also a setting one of the back massages that kneads me so hard that I feel like I’m about to go flying out of the chair, and over my technician. It’s like Extreme Pedicures! Haaa.)

    (Hurrah! for bonuses. And for pampering!)

  3. my husband bought a massage chair a few months ago and I was fucking livid until I sat in it and, hey! massaging chair! it is my new best friend. sadly, there is no butt setting.

  4. I don’t bother with manicures anymore. I always eff them up within ten minutes, and also they make fingernails less useful because they’re all thick and blunt.

    Congrats on the bonus! You deserve it.

  5. You’re the second person I’ve heard got a bonus this week. That’s awesome. Our bonuses don’t come out until February. But, since I’ve been at that job for a decade, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. =)

  6. Hahaha you’re a crack up. I love going to Brookstone in the mall and camping out in the massaging chairs. The calf massage might be my favorite. Glad you treated yourself after the last post!

  7. I might be the only person in the world who feels this way but I hate the entire massaging chair. I am fine when it is off, but I hate how it shakes me around when it is on.

    Glad you had such a fun day…except for messing up the manicure and pedicure of course.

  8. Your post title reminds me of a quote from Spaced:

    “…looks bad, like a cunt in a jumpsuit.”
    “TIM! Don’t say that word! Ever! It’s a word that hates women!”
    “What, cunt?”
    “No, jumpsuit!”

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