Put Out Positivity, Please

**My friend Brandy needs your ear. It’s really important. Please read.**

My name is brandy. And I have a blog.

And a plea.

I use my blog to showcase the crazy I meet everyday, share the stories of the kids I teach and document my love for tequila, dairy products and the abdominal muscles of Ryan Reynolds. Rarely do I talk about personal issues on my blog- as personal as the dude that I adore (who I actually met through my blog- single ladies, let that be a very good reason to blog, the possibility of meeting someone as wonderful as my man), but I need your help. And it involves my dude.

He’s a guy who made math comics for my class, so they would love learning about addition. He’s the kinda guy who sends my friends gift cards when they are having hard times, who remembers every story I ever told him, who was the first person I celebrated with when I got a teaching job. He’s the guy who sent flowers to me at school- dozens of my favourite pink roses just because he loves me. He’s a guy who has spent a year patiently explaining (and re-explaining) everything there is to know about football during the important games when silence is preferred. He’s made me word puzzles and comics and stayed up late playing Scrabble with me (even though I beat him almost every time). He’s listened to me cry about school and family and jobs. He is everything I never knew I needed and everything I always knew I wanted.

The holidays have hit us hard. He’s recently been told he may have something called multiple myeloma- an incurable cancer, that gives a person an average of five years of continued life. Though this news has came as a shock, he continues to be exactly who has always been- spending his time worrying about me, rather than worrying about himself. He’s the most selfless individual I know- (he stayed late on Christmas Eve to work, so his co-workers could leave early) and a post like this would never be something that he would promote or encourage but when I’m overwhelmed and feeling helpless, the blogging community has always given me tremendous support and comfort, two things I desperately need at this time.

As I write this, the future is uncertain and we aren’t sure what’s happening. He’ll need to see an oncologist soon, to verify what’s going on in his body. My hope is that everyone who reads this think positive thoughts and if you are a person who prays, could you add him to your list? (You can refer to him as ‘brandy’s hot awesome dude’). If you don’t pray, please keep him in your heart.This cancer is only a possibility and I believe that the prayers and positive thoughts of people can make sure it never becomes a reality.

I want to give a big thank you to the blog owner who scraped their original blog plans and graciously put this up. My goal is to get as many people as possible to see and read this post. If you are reading this and want to help, copy and paste my plea into your blog or send a link through twitter, so more people can keep him in their thoughts. I would be so very grateful (even more grateful than I am to my friend who first showed me the picture of Ryan Reynolds on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. If you haven’t seen it, google it. You. Are. Welcome).

I realize this all sounds dramatic, a Lifetime movie in the making- but this is life. Right now. And I’m throwing away any hint of ego and am humbly asking for you to pray or think kind thoughts. If you are able to pass this on, thank you and if you know anything regarding MM- please email me (my email is on my blog). This isn’t a call for sympathy or a plea for pity. It’s just one girl hoping you can think positive thoughts for the person she adores. If my current heartache provides you with anything, let it be with the reminder that life is short, love is unbending and no one knows what could happen next. Maybe it is silly, but I really do believe that positive thoughts can make a huge difference. Thank you for reading this and if you haven’t already? Please tell someone you love them today.

I did.


13 thoughts on “Put Out Positivity, Please

  1. Heading off to copy and paste on my own blog momentarily. Even if it only puts your story and that of your hot awesome dude in front of a handful of additional people, I firmly believe that EVERY SINGLE positive thought and prayer will help. Also, I don’t know where you are but a good friend has an incredible oncologist in Seattle.

    And later today I’m googling that Ryan Reynolds Entertainment Weekly cover.

  2. The output of positive thought and prayers can only *help*.

    They say, that the power of prayer, sent like tiny telegrams, is called “Storming the Gates of Heaven”. I believe God smiles on this goodwill. 🙂

    On a personal note, the grace may be something you are needing too, even tho the illness is not your own. Don’t be afraid to hold your hand out and ask for it, as you are today. Your special guy, he does indeed sound special.

    Some people respond in a bad way to even the threat of a life threatening illness. The mortality issue is a sticky wicket. My own Spouse went into a bit of a depression that completely tuned me out. Only 2 years later, is he finally coming around some.(and that was only to a health scare! What happens to us, if cancer comes calling for real?) Your guy, he has made the decision to Love, and to give and be present no matter what. You are blest.

  3. I know…well not really know Brandy, but am a huge fan…and my heart aches, but I too believe in the power of positive thoughts and the grace that love and tenderness brings. This “friend” will pray to the universe and to my table of saints for Brandy’s Hot Awesome Dude friend….

  4. I know Brandy…well not really “know” but am a fan and my heart aches, I too believe in the power of positive thoughts and prayers that are cried. I pray to the universe and to my table of saints that Brandy’s Hot Awesome Dude gets good news and that Brandy and he continue to share the grace and tenderness that brings people through hard times…

  5. This made me cry. I hate, hate, hate when amazing people have tough times. I’m not a prayer, but I am sending all my positive thoughts to Brandy and Awesome Dude. May the *possibility* of this be the worst news you ever have to receive.

  6. I pray a prayer of intention. I see Brandy’s Awesome Man (now known as BAM in my personal thoughts) going to the doctor and hearing that he is going to be ok. And as he walks out of the doctor’s office he buys Brandy a dozen pink roses and wraps his arms around her and they never forget the moment when they felt God’s presence as close and visceral as their own breath.

    Amen –

  7. My mom has had multiple myeloma since June 2005. Chemo, remission, stem cell transplant, dialysis (now permanent) and back in chemo again. However, she feels pretty good and the chemo seems to work. She had three really good years until she had to start up the chemo again. It seems more like a maintenance thing that she might have to do every few years to keep those cancer cells at bay. MM is not a death sentence. It’s not even a 5-year sentence. Plenty of people can live with it much longer than that.

    From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry and I know what you’re going through.

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