Overheard In a Meeting

Sometimes in our department meetings we get sidetracked. While discussing upcoming time off requests the following occurred:

She #1: I’m going to Kentucky for a wedding in April.

She #2: Is that when the Derby is?

She #3: No, it’s May 5th.

She #1: I would love to go to the Derby.

She #4: Such great hats!

She #5: When I went to Louisville, there was a KKK rally.

She #4: Ohhhh, that’s significantly less fun. . . though there are still hats involved.


Apparently yesterday was delurking day. Can I make today MY delurking day? Say hi and let me know you’re here!


65 thoughts on “Overheard In a Meeting

  1. HA HA HA HA. Love the hats are still involved. Departmental meetings should all include some kind of conversation like that.

    Delurking today with love in my heart for your blog.

  2. I don’t lurk but I’m saying hi anyway. I love how we all have ADD and go off onto such crazy tangents in meetings. Makes the days more interesting!

  3. Sort of a lurker.. have commented once or twice. Love the blog, you are on my daily list. I went to Santa Cruz too – such a wonderful place to go to school.

  4. Hi! I’m here. I mean, I’m actually in my apartment, but on your blog. Does anyone else find prepositions to be unusually difficult? Deciding between on or in or under or of is sometimes very tricky for me. I’m off now to see about some preposition help.

  5. ::delurk delurk waves:: Believe it or not, my office meetings are often even more rambling and weird. And wind up in scarier places than the one you posted. Fortunately, they have ME! The smalltalk wrangler! I have ZERO patience for that, so I am the wench/ beyotch that shuts them down, forevermore labeled the “party pooper” or whatever. But 20 minutes of rambling in a 60-minute meeting? Shoot me now!

  6. Not really a lurker but I’ll still say Hi and seriously? That is TOTALLY a conversation I would have with my friends–it wanders just that fast and unfollowable (to anybody but us)!

  7. Okay, okay!
    I’m delurkifying.
    Love your blog.
    Yours and several others I regularly read have inspired me to start my own.
    Sizzle rocks xo.

  8. I have been reading your blog for over a year now. You crack me up. I also emphasize with your online dating experiences, as I am doing the same thing now. Just started a blog about it, figuring that others may find some humor in my pathetic life :~)

  9. The movie “Elizabethtown” makes this area look like lots of fun. I think it is pretty accurate, if you take the whole wedding-parties-in-hotels out. (Oh, and also Legolas. He is not here. He only visits, Ky Derby weekend! LOL.)

    I think Louisville is your typical city. It has the sports stadium, the amusement park to draw visitors, and the conference center for the State Fair and such. The rest is highway, and traffic and, stuff. Destination fare, get in, get out!

    Smalltown is more accurate of the state itself. It’s more “Walmart Baby” than Pussycat Dolls.

    Hi Sizzle. *waves*
    Could you do a post about being a part of a social dynamic at work? It strikes me that you have a great portion of this talent, and that it is a part and parcel of where you are.

  10. Delurking right now. 🙂

    My commenting (though not my reading) has slacked off lately, since I’ve been on the job hunt. Hopefully that will change now that I’ve secured an income. 😉

    Yay for the strange conversations at work or with friends! They make life interesting.

  11. I am late on the delurking, but wanted to confess that I’ve been reading for gosh, nearly a year. I wish I was 1/4 as interesting as you are. interesting and courageous.

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