A Rare Recap*

My weekend was a blur of activity and not enough sleep.

Friday night I managed to escape work by 5pm and meet friends/coworkers for happy hour which turned into an all night drinking fest. Impromptu drunk is always better than planned drunk in my opinion. It was JUST what I needed after a frustrating day.

It hurt to wake up on Saturday but of course my body does not understand “sleeping in”. Or maybe it is my cats who don’t? Either way, I found myself awake before 7am readying myself to help a friend with some heavy lifting and moral support. I managed to muster a second wind for my 6th date with Bachelor #4. He’s the one that often causes me lack of sleep due to late night making out. And again, I was awake far past my bedtime. (I can now confirm that 2:30am does indeed exist.) He has not gotten this far on his dimple and impossibly long, dark lashes alone. He’s a smart ass charmer. He says stuff like, “If ass was quantified by math, I would have negative ass. Perhaps on a quantum level.” That shit is funny. You know how I get all swoony over a guy who makes me laugh.

Sunday gave me a couple hours in my pjs on the couch before hanging out with sister then meeting up with Bachelor #5. Here’s some perspective: on my first date with Bachelor #4 four hours whizzed by before I realized we’d been sitting in the restaurant so long. . . and then we went somewhere else after that culminating in a six hour date. I arrived for Sunday’s date at a little before six and was home before nine. This just goes to show that people can appear well suited for each other on paper but it does not mean they will be in person nor does it guarantee chemistry. So I came home and went to be early.

Monday was my last paid day off until May. CRUEL WORLD! I met a friend for breakfast then we went to her new house. Her husband came home and we all ended up having a discussion about relationships. Okay, really, they were giving me advice about letting a nice guy like me and not being hung up on my “type” which according to all my smart and sharp friends, is not a very good type to have. It’s not about looks but about the quality and integrity of the guy. I keep finding myself hung up on men who talk a lot of talk but do not do anything to show they actually mean what they say. I settle for this bullshit all the time but (and this is a big but) BUT NOT ANY MORE. I mean it. I am going to fight every impulse I have and change this negative pattern around. Quite possibly, if I will let him, Bachelor #4 might help me with this. (He is not at all like my “type”.)

I digress.

I managed to drag myself to yoga despite wanting to forcibly remove my own uterus due to intense cramps. And guess what the class focused on? Strengthening and opening the hips. Uh, awesome? More like, owie. I was not in good form and I totally blame the hormones. I could not keep my balance at all which was frustrating me. And you know how when you’re already all hormonal and crabby that every little thing makes you even more irritated? Hard to find the Zen in that but I tried and tried and tried and breathed deeply A LOT.

I met Bachelor #4** for a quick dinner after class. Let it be known that every single time he’s seen me prior I have been wearing a dress or a skirt and this time I allowed him to see me in my yoga clothes. Vanity does not become me, does it? I was wearing my “reading is sexy” shirt so at least there was that. I think he still is interested in me since we ended the night fogging up the windows in my car like we were sixteen.


I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

*I don’t normally subject you to recaps like this but my mind can’t seem to focus on one topic.

**I am working on a nickname for Bachelor #4.


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  1. Sounds like a great time. Yes, If a man can make you laugh and have long teenage make out sessions – oooh la la.

  2. Let it be known that I didn’t shower and wore tatty old cargo pants and a t-shirt on my first date with Sweets. You know the end to that story. Point being, any guy who can see beyond the clothes on your back just might be worth keeping around for a while. Or at least coming up with a more becoming nickname. =)

  3. Making out = makes out for a fab weekend I say.
    Yoga kicked my ass. But I’m going back for more! (And cramps just make everything horrible.)

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I puked on my bf’s leg when we first met… and he STILL moved in with me! If the dude’s cool with yoga clothes, that’s definitely a step in the right direction! Loved the recap. Wish you all the best with Mr. Foggy Windows.

  5. Foggy windows?? COME ON! Best weekend ever!

    Impromptu drunk is better than planned drunk, but it seems I drink so much there never really is an impromptu drunk for me. Maybe it’s a sign… πŸ™‚

  6. i think it’s so great you’re dating multiple guys at once. i like the idea of getting to know several, before getting up too seriously with just one (although i rarely followed my own advice).

    i will try to drag my butt to yoga today too though i’m all coldy! i imagine i’ll only feel better and not worse.

  7. Sizzle, you are doing this the right way. Be open to guys who aren’t necessarily your “type.” Hell, seek them out! If you want to have a different outcome, you need to do things differently. And I think it’s great that you are still trying to be open to other guys as well, and not getting too focused on #4 too fast. Like you, I had a dominant type that I always wound up in relationships with, and I always would get focused on them pretty quickly and get sucked in. Last year, I decided once and for all to do things differently. I signed up for match, dated a ton of people, and refused to allow myself to just focus on one of them. So I wound up finding three guys I was most interested in, and dating them all simultaneously for a month. It was chaotic indeed, but I was totally transparent with all of them about it. And instead of falling into my usual trap of picking my favorite guy and then focusing on “does he like me? does he?” instead I wound up focusing on how I liked them– beyond that first blush of chemistry. It took me a few weeks to realize that one of them made me feel happiest of all, and I am sure I wouldn’t have had this realization about him if I had done things otherwise. He is so not my “type,” he is not at all what I would have expected or sought out. And you know what? We’ve been dating for 8 months now, and I have never felt safer and stronger and more loved and in love in my entire life. Hang in there. I know this stuff can be exhausting but there is so much possibility awaiting you.

  8. A good sense of humor is in my top three requirements. It sounds like this not going for your type might be working out for you! Or at least getting you some hot and heavy make out sessions. πŸ˜‰

  9. Well, look at you, all busy and having a LIFE. πŸ™‚ Foggy windows are good, as long as they’re book-ended by kindness and integrity and all that stuff your smart friends mentioned. It sounds like you’re onto a good thing!

  10. Awwwe I want to fog up windows like I was 16!!! So Bachelor #4 isn’t your type, but is he “nice” (is he the one we discussed over email?) Clearly you’re capable of liking someone who isn’t your type if you’re fogging up windows with him. πŸ™‚

    I think someone needs to invent PMS yoga. Seriously – like where everyone gets to mutter cuss words and wince in pain while they stretch. And then maybe at the end, they douse you in vodka so you can reach zen more quickly.

  11. This guy sounds like a winner! It sounds like you are enjoying your time with him and right now, that is all that is important.
    My husband was not my “type” either. No accent, no long hair and he dances like a goof. But hello? Together almost 14 years! Type-schmype!

  12. I enjoyed reading your recap! And I’m thrilled for you and the prospects unfolding with all these new Bachelors! My fellow was not my ‘type’ either…there’s a lot to be said about looking past the norm. I wish you all things amazing!! πŸ™‚

  13. I am so happy for you and bachelor #4. Yes. A nickname is needed.

    how about… Studly? Mr. Bojangles? Mr. NotMyTypeButWOW!?

    Do a poll daddy widget.

    Hugs girl.

    Keep fogging up those windows. πŸ™‚

  14. Dear sweet mother of God, why was there a first date with Bachelor #5 when you have so much chemistry with #4 that it makes the internet explode???

    For someone that isn’t your type you sure seem smitten. Perhaps you should do yourself a favor and re-read every word you’ve written about him.

  15. Ooo. Can’t wait to hear bach #4’s nickname!

    What a crazy busy weekend. I always seem to wake up super early even when I accidentally stay up too late too!

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