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I spent Saturday with my nephew at the Zoo. I don’t, as a general rule, like the Zoo mostly because I don’t like to see animals out of the natural habitats or confined in small spaces. But, for my nephew, I will do anything. This fact has been proven time and time again.


Spending time with Finn is one of the greatest joys in my life. With him, I am impossibly silly and happy. We were rambling through the zoo on a quest to find monkeys when he looked at me and said smiling, “I just tooted.” So I was all, “Quick! Let’s out run it!” And so we did. We ran. Because 3.5 year olds love to run. (Note to self: up your work outs.)

Two Monkeys

We were near the bears when he said, “I have to go potty.” Uh oh. This zoo is like a maze- how the eff am I going to find a bathroom?! I checked the map and asked a Zoo person and we picked up the pace each time he said, “I can’t hold it.” By the end we were sprinting towards the restroom. He made it just in time. Phew! I was worried. Later, on the way out, I bought him a giraffe toy and some french fries and he fell asleep in the car two blocks from home.

I love that kid in ways I cannot even articulate. Every time I hang out with Finn I have renewed appreciation for parents. How you cart around all those toys and change of clothes and snacks while ensuring the kid’s safety and happiness and running after them- them with their childlike exuberance and you with not enough sleep or coffee. How do you make it through your day without needing uppers or naps?! I’m so impressed and in awe. Mostly though, how you are in charge of this little person, and how they can break your heart 1,000 ways- with their smile, smarts, or tears. Being a parent is the most important job on earth. I bet even the gorillas would tell you that.

I hope someday I get to be one.

{There. I admitted it.}


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  1. I have a hard time imagining a greater love than that I have for my nieces and nephew. It’s amazing.

    But my husband and I decided it is getting to be time we explored a greater love…So maybe a baby, sooner than later.

    So very weird to actually put that in writing.

  2. I feel the same way about my niece. She makes me do things I would normally be so self-conscious about. I love her for that.

    And I know that even if I never get to be a mom, I will be the best damn auntie ever.

  3. You, Sizz, would be a great mom.

    You have the one thing that matters most. You care.

    After that, everything else is easier.


  4. What a great day!

    This makes me miss the days (or, four years) I had with my ex’s kid–as a family and one-on-one. He was one when my ex and I met and five and a half when we split. Best times of my life were with that kid, and I still miss him.

    I’m super excited to be a parent (as you know) and had actually wondering whether you were interested in having kiddos…I learn something new (about Sizzle) every day!

  5. You will be the most fun mom ever.

    I am looking forward to my niece being old enough to go on adventures right with me. Right now our only adventures include crappy diapers and quite frankly I get to deal with those all day long, I am ready for the fun stuff!

    We were at the Zoo on Thursday and Charlie ‘had to go’, you should have seen us run for the bathroom. In the end the change of clothes I happened to have came in very handy, you and Finn obviously run faster than C and I : )

  6. You will be awesome with this. And, you know, one thing we’re looking at (likely for a second child, but we’ll see) is the U.S. foster system. So many local kids of all ages need homes, temporary or permanent, and you would be awesome at that. Something to consider!

  7. So long as you keep an open mind to how you become a parent, then I’m quite confident you’ll not only get to be one someday, but that you’ll be an amazing parent, too!

  8. Awww! First, as I’ve always said, Finn is nothing short of adorable. And second you would make a wonderful mom because your heart is full of so much love!

  9. I don’t have kids but I bet there are parents out there that will remind you of this:

    -cleaning up the accidents
    -poopie diapers
    -sleepless nights when they are sick
    -having to tell them no.
    -seeing them get hurt physically and mentally.
    -letting them make mistakes (but pulling your hair out)
    -letting them go off into the world

    Yep. Finn’s going to be a heartbreaker. You’re a great tee-tee and will be a great mom when the time comes.

  10. Well, you know I’m on the same page here. 🙂 And I’m also in awe of how parents do it. But when they do it well, man, it’s an amazing thing.

  11. Momhood jsut comes… and sometimes you have to play the big bad adult… that sucks. But othertimes you get to hop and draw on the sidwewalk, you get velcro hugs and great big smiles….

    I’m pretty sure you’d make a great parent.

  12. You will ADORE being a mom someday, Sizzle. And your little ones will ADORE you!

    If it’s not obvious by my blog posts, I love being a parent. Sometimes I totally “get” the Duggars.

  13. I’ve often thought the same thing about kids. They’re our Breath, Life, and Futures. Not a day goes by when I think about how my life would be different without them.

    Even at the early Teen ages, I still find them utterly entertaining and inspiring. They make my heart soar when I thought it would never leave the ground.

    Anywho, I’m glad I had them at an early age so I could ‘grow up’ with them. Now I can enjoy my adulthood while also seeing theirs take place.

  14. Caffeine, lots and lots of caffeine. I liked reading this because it’s great to read the appreciation you have for us parents. The part where you can’t articulate how much you love Finn, so perfect. As a parent it really is amazing how they can make you so happy (and frustrated). I enjoyed this post very much. Thanks.

  15. You really would/will/are going to be a fantastic(ly hip) mom. And I’m going to be the fantastic(ly hip) friend who spoils your child when you’re not looking.

    (And yeah, zoos totally make me sad.)

  16. Good lord, that first picture. He is too cute. I’m so glad you guys had a great time! Zoos make me sad, too, but I do think there’s something to taking good care of animals that were born in captivity and could never be released in the wild. It’s the shows where animals have to “perform” that really make me upset.

    And I agree that you have the mom gene 🙂

  17. There is nothing like the zoo with little kids. I haven’t been in ages. I hope you get to be a mom someday too, but if not you’ll always be a fun aunt!

  18. I think it is an amazing gift you give to him when you share his day and just completely adore him and are so present in the moment. I love your relationship with him, and he is incredibly lucky to have you in his life. Someday you will make an amazing mom! Being a mom is the most exhausting stressful job I have ever done but the rewards are pretty incredible too. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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