Every time I am just about to get my hair cut people stop me and ask, “Did you do something different to your hair?’” Maybe it is because I start strategically styling it so that my gray hairs are camoflauged? Maybe it is because my hair has lightened in the eight weeks since I last colored it. Or maybe people are trying to tell me I should not cut my hair.

Regardless, I’m getting my hair cut & colored tomorrow. And you know how that fills me with glee. Glee! I tell you!

I’m sure no one will notice.


You guys really like Bachelor #4. It’s almost as if you like LIKE him. Hey, that’s my department! At one point yesterday he emailed me to say, “94%? Just remember that next time I say something stupid.” He hardly ever says anything stupid. It’s like he wrote the book on “How To Make a Girl Swoon.” Wait until you hear the latest.

I’m saving that for its own blog post.

Teased ya!


If anyone has seen my exercise mojo will you PLEASE send it back to me. I think I misplaced it. Or maybe I ran over it with my car.


Reason #428 why I am friends with Kaply:

She says things like, “It’s because she is a cunt. You can’t help being judgy with cunts. It’s the nature of cuntdom.”

She recently noted that I had not included her in my characters page. I just assumed everyone knew who she was because, hello!, she is Kaply. Apparently not. And so, she is now listed. (You’re welcome!)


I have not had enough sleep which is indicated by the bags under my eyes and my over-use of exclamation points in this post.


File this under: Do me a solid.

It’s Weblog Awards time and a friend of mine is up for a Bloggie. Please vote for Valerie Atherton’s Playground and Intellectual Department for Best Entertainment Blog. And if you’re not reading her, get on that shit! Voting ends Sunday so pop on over now.

Seriously. Go! It’s not like you’re doing anything but reading blogs and avoiding work.


14 thoughts on “Randomization

  1. Dude, I just got my haircut yesterday. It’s dramatically different. And a lot of people are like, love the new color! It’s been this color since I started working here. WTF

  2. Dude the bags under your eyes are there because you’re staying up late all the time MAKING OUT. I’m sure the bags at least have a smitten glow about them.

  3. The effing bastard that is my exercise mojo must be dry humping in some seedy hotel with your mojo because it sure as HELL isn’t here right now.

  4. I love you and Bachelor #4 and your hair and sweet, sweet Kaply. I wish you could videotape yourself. I’d love a Sizzle reality show. (You would have creative control, natch.) Also? Will vote!

  5. I really liked Bachelor #4’s answers but forgot to leave a comment. I am quite interested to learn the new nickname!

    I am at this horrible in between stage with my hair. If it grows another inch or so it will be the perfect length. If I cut it about an inch or so, it will be easier to manage and also look cute. But the length it is right now bugs me. Too bad I do not have the money for a haircut or the patience to wait for it to grow!

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