Reason to Swoon #5*


Someday we should go here.

They even just sent me a 15% off coupon. They are trying to lure me with discounts and promises of whirlpool jet tubs for two in the room. Bastards.

Bachelor #4:

That looks great. We could totally order room service there. 😉


And eat it in the tub!



It would only be $200 for this Sat and Sun. Just sayin’. 😉


I already had that thought.

Why do you think I sent it?



I will make a reservation my dear.

And just like that I’m being whisked away for a romantic getaway by a man who not  only takes a hint but runs with it. By a man who refuses to let me pay. By a man who wants to spoil me. By a man who has literally and figuratively charmed the pants off me.

Total. Keeper.

If he’s not careful, his new nickname is going to be Swoonman.

*I have no doubt this will be an on-going series.


43 thoughts on “Reason to Swoon #5*

  1. …hmm, yes men can take hints! …and yes men can surprise! …he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and i am so excited for you ….enjoy this much deserved weekend Siz

  2. Are fuzzy handcuffs involved? What? Reading that post reminded me of shopping for a friend’s bachelorette party … where I might have purchased her a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. Never did ask what happened to them. heheheh.

    Have a great time, Sizz!

  3. Congratulations!!! He sounds awesome and you sound very happy. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit jealous. 🙂

  4. Haha Nilsa’s comment cracked me up. I’m liking the Swoonman name (especially because you can sing Soundgarden’s Spoon Man song but change the lyrics). I was going to suggest Mr. Wonderful 2, but Swoonman’s way better. Have a great time!!

  5. MaDAMN!!!

    Sizz, have a wonderfulwonderfulwonderful weekend full of lovin’, room service, jet tubs for two, and all the other things that make you smile that large lovely smile you surely have plastered all over that face of yours.

    Oh, and also: AIR HIGH FIVE!!

  6. I’ve always wanted to go there since it’s not far from Portland. Can’t wait to hear how you like it! So to add to the story about me falling in love with my now-husband via email, he also took me on a romantic coast getaway shortly after we started dating. Things are looking good for you! 🙂

  7. How fun. Will you give us a Salish Lodge review? We were looking around there the last time we went to Snoqualmie Falls thinking it would be a great romantic weekend getaway. Have a great time. Swoonman is definitely looking like a keeper.

  8. I live about 20 minutes from the Salish lodge… so maybe I will come snoop around and see what is going on. He he. Just kidding. Have a wonderful time! Also, Costco has a package deal for Salish lodge.

  9. Here’s to a man that takes hints and a woman that knows enough to make those hints obvious. 🙂 I know you’re having a wonderful time!

  10. I have no idea how to leave hints. I try but it somehow ends up going like this: I’m pointing to something on the computer screen, “I want that.” “Okay, babe.”

    At least he pretends that it’s cute.

    Have so much fun!!

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