My Clothes Are NOT Edible

In the past week my cat Dot has eaten holes in:

  • a brand new pair of wool argyle socks that I had worn ONCE
  • a totally CUTE thrift store sweater that I’ve only worn three times
  • a hand-made blanket
  • a tank top
  • the hem of a dress

I thought I was hiding my clothes but apparently if you leave your weekend overnight bag unpacked and with the zipper partly open, a cat will climb in there and have a snack. If you toss your tank top on a chair overnight, you will wake up with a huge hole in it.

This cat is murder on my wardrobe.

I’m seriously concerned that she’s got yards of fabric stitched up in her belly.


25 thoughts on “My Clothes Are NOT Edible

  1. marti once ate a third of a beautiful pashmina i once had. it was the strings that enticed him. (it was just cotton, not real wool. but still really pretty.)

  2. My cats aren’t allowed in my bedroom. Even so, I’ve never seen them try to eat my clothes. They usually just lay on them. I don’t know how you haven’t lost your mind. If my cats snag a sweater, I flip out.

  3. i’m not sure which is worse:

    dot’s eating problem


    eli’s obsessive need to go in and out in the middle of the night, waking me from a deep sleep everytime


  4. As unruly as my white cat is, he has never made feast upon my clothes. Run around the house with my panties in his mouth? Yes. Had cotton textiles for breakfast? Not so much. Maybe kitty is deficient in some kind of vitamin or something? PS: They’re her clothes; you’re obviously just borrowing them. πŸ˜‰

  5. my parents have a dog in their house and guess what? she’s obssesed with underwear. she eats the crotch part… and have destroyed about 10 pairs of my brother’s underwears. lol
    crazy animals… πŸ™‚

  6. Glad you clarified right away you were talking about the cat. Just from the headline I was sure you were talking about the new boyfriend and something that could easily be considered over sharing.


    Have a great weekend. But be sure you don’t mention this to your new beau. His mind might well be in the gutter just like mine.


  7. Wow, I didn’t even know that cats ate clothing! Bummer.

    I have lost innumerable pairs of socks and panties to my now-8-year-old golden retriever over the years. He starts out licking and progresses to nibbling if no one is around to stop him.

    He used to buy my old roommate new panties every Christmas to make up for the ones he’d eat during the year. πŸ˜‰

  8. My cat has only gone after one pair of gloves, but she doesn’t really chew on them. They were fuzzy gloves that she has since licked most of the fuzz off of and now carries them around like they are her babies (and keeps them in her food dish when she does not feel the need to snuggle with them elsewhere). But then, my cat has not ever been what one would consider a “normal” cat.

    Perhaps your cat has kitty cat pica? (or however you spell it)

  9. Yeah, I would think about taking her to the vet & seeing if she does have string or cloth in her belly. That can actually be dangerous. (I had a dog who did the same thing. She ate an extremely expensive & totally cute bathing suit, all of my jeans, shoes and chairs. I ended up locking her out of everything! And there were some cute shoes that went by the by, too.)

  10. Dottie!!!
    My kitties are still obsessed with plastic bags and magazine articles. Thankfully the purchase of a Kindle has cut down some on book munching.
    What, from an evolutionary standpoint, could possibly make eating such blatantly NON-food items a positive trait?

  11. I can’t believe the commenter who said her cats aren’t allowed in her bedroom! I have no idea how that works. My cat is allowed anywhere he wants to go.

    Dot is a little crazy. (But soooo cute.) And I’m sorry about your stuff :/

  12. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a different kind of post. This is not nearly as exciting as what I thought it would be about!

    Anyway, my dog just puked up a bunch of stuffing and a few scraps of yarn. I think I might need to keep a better eye on her because I bet that could have made her really sick. Hopefully your cat is smarter than my dog.

  13. My cat chews paper (a lot–mostly when I’m gone)–and the plastic bag that the bread comes in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home to find the bread wrapper chewed in several places and the crusts to some of the slices gone. I have two pages in my scrapbook dedicated to Things Izzy has Destroyed.

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