Laundry List

Me: Mr. Darcy only wears his clothes once and then puts them in the laundry. Isn’t that odd?

My Mom: No. I do that. You don’t do that?

Me: What?! You RAISED me. How did this “happpen”?

My Mom: {Using my full name which shall not be disclosed here} The clothes are dirty. Of course they should be washed.

Me: If the article of clothing isn’t soiled, why wash it? It’s not like I am profusely sweating in it or wearing it with mustard stains. He doesn’t believe men wear pajamas either. I beg to differ.

My Mom: Do you wash your pajamas after you wear them once?

Me: No. But I don’t sleep in them.

My Mom: Then you better wash your sheets more often.

What is she suggesting? That I am UNCLEAN?


So tell me, do you wear your clothes more than once before laundering them?


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  1. Unless I spill pie on my clothing, I wear them more than once – if I’ve taken them off and hung them up properly. Even though I am very old, I still adhere to the “play clothes” concept – meaning I come home from work and put on my “play clothes” and if there are no pie accidents, I wear my “play clothes” M-F evenings. It’s the green thing to do.

  2. I hate to sound like a lawyer, but it depends. It depends on the article of clothing, how long I wore it, and what I was doing when I was wearing it.

    By and large, I am more likely to put clothes in the laundry after one wearing than not.

  3. I wash t-shirts after wearing them once, for the most part, because they stretch. I wear my jeans ad nauseum before washing. If something is spilled upon, it needs to be washed.

    Wow, I am suddenly realizing the extent of my “what is dirty?” rules.

  4. It all depends. Shirts, underwear, socks, etc. are all wear once and then wash. Some pants and jeans and rugby shorts go a bit longer.

    I’ll take it one further – do you use your bath towel multiple times or is it use once and into the laundry?

  5. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually have a semi-complex system for this. Obviously the unmentionables are a wear once. Shirts are usually twice–I check for smell, stretched-outed-ness and any sort of wonkiness after wearing. Pants I will wear forever and ever because jeans after the dryer are traumatic for my self-esteem. Uhhh, sheets and towels are once per week, but also with bleach because I am Crazy.

    I’m sure this is fascinating.

  6. I basically wear everything a few times-until it’s spilled on, stretched out or stinky. Except underwear. Underwear is a wear once sort of thing.

    P.S. I like how you casually threw in that boyfriend’s new blog name was Mr. Darcy. 🙂 Love it!

  7. Most clothes hit the laundry basket after one wear. The exception would be jeans which usually get two wears. Certain dresses. And my black cardigan.

    And pajamas totally don’t count. You can wear those for a week before you have to wash them.

  8. i wanted to answer with the pie answer. but i was good and answered with my correct answer.

    dance stuff, i try to wash after every wear, but most of the time i don’t have a chance to. so it gets worn multiple times/week or class. what? it’s my sweat and everyone else there is equally sweaty.

    i have a work clothes (or school) and play clothes. play clothes come out after work (or school), on fridays (JEANS!), and on weekends. i’ll wear pants/jeans multiple times before washing. shirts i might do two or three times. underwear, once and only once. socks too, unless they’re the good black dress socks that my pants don’t stick to.

    but monkey wears a lot of clothes too, so i can do the laundry at least once a week. whew.

  9. I wear my clothes two or three times before washing them. I have a TON of panties, so I don’t run out. I also use my towel for a week–it’s not like I’m coming out of the shower DIRTY. I do laundry once a week, sometimes every other week. I don’t know where I learned that, because as a kid, we wore things once and they went into the laundry, including towels. I just don’t have the energy to wash a load of laundry every day like my mom did. This was true when I was co-habitating with my ex, as well. Except for his kid; I washed those clothes after one use, because he was a toddler/preschooler, and they get dirty just by looking at dirt.

  10. I went to get a facial the other day after I had gone to the gym. My aesthetician and her instructor were asking me some questions. They wanted to know if I sweat at the gym? Yes. Are you planning to shower? Yes. Will it be a long shower? No. You sure? Yes, because it will be tomorrow morning as I’m rushing to get ready for work. Silence.

    I won’t tell you how little or how often I shower. Or launder my clothes. I will tell you Sweets still loves me. And I’m pretty sure we haven’t scared of any friends. Yet.

  11. I got seriously scolded by my French host family for putting my clothes in the laundry after wearing them once. They told me I was raising their water bill. It was a real shock to me.

  12. Jeans, pants, and sweaters I’ll wear a few times if I mananged not to drop my lunch on them. Shirts seem to wrinkle and stretch out more to where it’s unattractive (to me) so I’ll almost always wash them every time, but that’s only if I’ve worn them all day. And things like pajamas and sweats that I wear around the house, it just depends. If it’s a snow day like today and I’m in them for 24 hours (oh, did I just admit that?) then I’ll wash them. I have no idea what this says about me. I change/wash sheets once a week, and towels every couple days, but that’s just because I watched a show about skin particles and mites living in them. Nice, eh?

  13. My mother-in-law totally washes her towels with every use, zerodoll!

    I wash most things after one wear except jeans, nylons, pajamas, and bras. Shirts, underwear, socks, and camisoles only get one wear. So the poll question was too hard for me to answer. So I opted to not answer.

  14. While I totally wanted to select pie as my answer, I chose honestly. 98% of my clothes are wash-after-one-wear. The exceptions being jeans (2 uses), pajamas, and sweaters/jackets. Dear bf, on the other hand, is the complete opposite and will wear pretty much anything at least twice. I don’t even want to think about it. I can force him into wardrobe submission by putting his dirty clothes (usually strewn about the floor) into the laundry basket.

  15. Cupcakes, not pie.

    I went with the first but only because I am somewhere between the first and the second. Depends on the article of clothing and what I am doing. Cleaning the house, I wear dirty clothes. Bras go through a several use cycle also, though if I was actually exercising, I would change my sports bras more frequently.

    When I met my husband he changed his towel after every shower. I put a stop to that. We don’t have room to store that many towels, nor do I wish to wash that many.

  16. Just so you guys know that as much as I am glad that (so far) 62% of you are in the boat as me with laundry. . . my boyfriend keeps saying “you and your dirty readers”. Is this helping or hindering my case? 😉

  17. I used to wash my clothes after every wear, until I read a post from Kasmira at What I Wore Today. I can’t find the post, but she said that NOT washing them after each use is better for the clothes. I’ve employed that methodology and found that it’s fine. Mind you – this does not include gym wear. But for almost everything else, that’s worked for me.

  18. I have a theory that some items of clothing are self-cleaning. For example, jeans. You wear them, they feel dirty, you hang them on the back of your door and a couple of days later they are like new. This theory applies to some sweaters/sweatshirts and slacks as well. It does not apply, however, to underwear.

    As an aside, I hate the word panties. I also hate the words moist and coitus. If someone said, “coitus makes my panties moist” I would throw myself off a building. Glad I got that off my chest. Peace.

  19. Sizzle – your readers are HILARIOUS! I love reading thru their comments.

    I, too, wear stuff (except gym clothes and undies) more than once before washing, unless my toddler happens to smear me with her grubby hands.

  20. I’m with Mr. Darcy here. I wash everything. Even my jeans after just one wear. But I do live with a male toddler. Watch out: there could be random urine or feces anywhere.

  21. my hubby gets his clothes changed everyday for the type of work he does, and when i work i wear it once and then wash them….

  22. If we’re talking underwear, then NO I don’t wear it twice. If it’s a sweater that I wear to work I’ll usually wear it twice before washing it. It’s not like it’s getting dirty while I’m sitting in an office.

  23. i wear my jeans multiple times and sometimes shirts depending on how long i wear them for, same with pajamas. i just don’t feel like everything needs to be washed all the time as soon as its been worn for like ten minutes. so i’m right there with you on this one.

  24. I may or may not still sometimes do the “sniff test” on my clothes. But I still have to use a laundry room instead of doing my own wash, so I call it a money saving venture, not what it really is: pure unadulterated laziness.

  25. You know this is something I have been thinking about lately. I am a one wear and then into the washer kind of girl. BUT I have 6 people in my family. I have been trying to figure out how to make less laundry for us but I have a hard time bringing myself to think about rewearing clothes before washing. I mean jeans I wear a few times before I wash them but I won’t wear them days in a row. I guess I got into the habit of washing everything after one wearing when I had babies. I always felt so full of “gunk” from their spit up or drool or whatever that washing the clothes after one wear just made me feel clean and that somehow gave me some inner peace. I guess I never really got out of the habit after my kids were older. But I don’t think it is gross to wear clothes more than once before washing in theory, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  26. I have been trying to prove to my coworkers (2) that they’re insane for washing their clothes every day and they think I’m crazy. I love the quiz, proof that I’m right and that they are the weird ones!! Ha!

  27. If it’s not stained and still smells ok, it’s back in the closet. I live with a man who throws everything into the laundry bin after one wash, regardless of the stain/smell factor though. If I was also like that, when, for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, would I EVER get caught up on laundry? BTW the poll choices made me laugh out loud as I sat at my work station at work, pretending to be, you know, working. ;). Thanks for the giggle, just the same ;).

  28. Yes I wear clothes more than once before washing them. I wear the same jammies all week long AND I sleep in them. I’m not dirty so why toss ’em? I even wear the same workout clothes all week long. Hey, drying racks and febreeze are my friend. 😀

    Also men should not wear pajamas unless by pajamas you mean “boxers” or “commando”. Otherwise they sort of look silly like they just stepped out of a Donna Reed show. That said, flannel pants and stuff for hanging out before bed is fine. But for actual sleeping? Men need to get back to their primal roots and go with nuttin’. I would follow suite but in the winter it’s too cold for me to go primal.

  29. I want to wash my sheets more often because the combo of me, boyfriend and two dogs at the end of the day does equal dirty, but it’s just such a pain in the ass to wash sheets and fully remake the bed.

  30. I believe laundry habits change when you are the one who is doing laundry and if you have a washer/dryer or if you have to go to the laundromat, if you have kids…you get the idea.

  31. Underwear, socks and t-shirts go in the hamper after one wash. I will re-wear jeans, lounge pants, bras, sweaters/shirts, other tops fancier than t-shirts. But this all changes when summer gets here. It’s hot and muggy in northern VA, so any of those things probably don’t get worn more than twice, and the second time happens only if I don’t get too sweaty the first time.

    I think it’s perfectly fine to wear pjs multiple times! My mom always had us do that.

  32. Shirts I usually wear once, but sweaters can get worn twice. Any top only gets worn once if I spill something on myself, which is often. Pants usually twice, jeans until they stink or have visible dirt. Socks and other undergarments only once, towels get washed when they stink or I realize how long it’s been since they were last washed, whichever comes first. And pajamas usually just get thrown in when I do laundry, assuming I’m not wearing them at the time. Of course this is all in the winter. When summer comes and it’s 110 outside, no way can anything be worn more than once.

  33. I don’t have a washer and dryer anymore and I’m poor. I wear my bras several days in a row then I switch them… socks sometimes the same thing… they are warm and it’s cold and snowing on the prairie.. and my feet don’t smell. Shirts I usually just wear once cuz I spill. A lot. But pants… twice at least before they go in the basket….underwear NEVER a 2nd day! And jammies…. hell I can go a week without washing them. I live alone. Who sees me?

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