Birthday Wish For You

Dear Friend,

Today is your birthday.

If I could give you anything in the entire Universe it would be self-love. Not money. Not a trip to anywhere your heart desires. Not anything materialistic and fleeting. Just love. Just the love you seek outside of yourself that, if you looked, you’d realize is right inside your very own heart.

You are a good person. A warm, generous, loving, forgiving, funny, smart, creative, and sensitive soul. You deserve to be happy. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary or be anything but yourself to deserve it. I see you settle for less over and over again. I see you take the blame, beating yourself up, feeling like a failure. You wallow in that bad place. You try to be everything to everyone but you never feel like enough. I want to tell you: You don’t have to live there, in the darkness and in pain. Where is the light? It is in you. It is yours to shine, my friend. First we have to learn to be enough for ourselves and then we can give from that place to others. If we don’t know how to fill ourselves up, we’ll always feel depleted, running on empty. I wish for you fullness and happiness from a bottomless well inside you.

Look inside.

I wish for you, on your birthday, courage. To love yourself best and to know intrinsically that you are worthy of it. I promise you, it will make all the difference.

Be brave and know you are loved,



20 thoughts on “Birthday Wish For You

  1. Supporting your friend in love like this, it is a positive for ALL of us. You see, the suck-y thing about being on a self-help journey, is that you think you are doing so good, and then something happens and then you realize? You have been doing something all wrong. You have said or done things in mistake, and you have gone down a wrong road of belief… and it can’t be undone. Being on a Journey means, you are traveling somewhere, and you can’t undo things– but you can learn to make better choices in the Future. *sigh* That’s why unconditional love like this is a positive for us ALL– and I for one, appreciate hearing it. It’s the nicest gift of all–Understanding and Acceptance.:-)

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