Reason to Swoon #17

Yesterday I was the envy of my office.

A beautiful bouquet of tulips and lilies arrived late in the afternoon. It caused quite a stir amongst my girlfriends at work. They all gathered around to watch me open the box and ohh and awww over them.

Dating Mr. Darcy is totally spoiling me. It’s like every single day with him is Valentine’s Day.

There is so much more I want to tell you about him but that’s for its own post (or thirty- there is a lot to say!).


34 thoughts on “Reason to Swoon #17

  1. Oh Sizzle, this is fantastic. I haven’t visited in ages and all this good news … I got little happy bumps (goosebumps) all over for you! I like ‘Mr Darcy’.

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy

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