The Things We Did

We got soaked in a downpour after I broke the umbrella upon opening it. We literally walked four blocks to the bank and were all dripping wet. I took one look at them, miserable, and gave up the idea of walking to the bar. Instead, the always chivalrous Mr. Darcy drove, paying $12.50 for parking.

We drank.

We stayed up late talking.

We went on a chocolate tour. I ate too much (meaning: any) chocolate and felt crabbtastic and run down. EVIL SUGAR. But Finn sure looks cute in a hair net.

His favorite is the milk chocolate.

We had a two hour lunch with the family wherein I was required by my nephew to feed him french fries as he laid down in our booth. Such service!

We got lost looking for an antique store and almost ran out of gas.

Jackpot, Baby

We played Cranium with friends. It’s hard to draw with your eyes closed! Stupid sensosketch.

Draw something resembling anything.

We drank some more.

We stayed up very late.

We slept in. (Woo hoo! 9am!)

We had brunch with the family. Two words: French. Toast.

We walked around Lincoln Park.

Awww, Rooooomance.

There were many squirrels, some of whom would run right up to you. This one I thought might jump on my face. Sincerely.


Exhausted from our non-stop party lifestyle, we crashed on my Mom’s couches watching the Olympics until it was time to go to the airport.

Excuse our tired eyes. We need more sleep.

I miss them.


24 thoughts on “The Things We Did

  1. Hmmmmmm … is that a pic of you and The Mystery Man In Your Life?

    Did you just try to sneak that one in?

    After reading you for at least 3 years, did you think we’d miss that pic?

  2. sounds like a great weekend for sure! we played cranium this weekend too! i remember the old (unless it was a newer one? im not sure which we were using) version of the game used to have a “pupeteer” category which was hysterical. this one didn’t have it and i was dissapointed. i rocked sensosketch though!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your nephew is so adorable, which must be a lot of work. Must be rough! I can see how he would need to lay in a booth and be fed french fries. Was the chocolate tour Theo chocolates?

  4. That sounds like a fabulous weekend!

    I’ve become leery of squirrels over the years. I’ve heard many a horror story. They are not to be trusted.

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