Hello Sizzle Reader…

She calls me one of her best friends and I don’t take it as a vanity title. It is a title I covet with pride. It is a title that has been quilted together from years of memories and experiences. Laughter and heartache. Support and strength and always a helping hand. This afternoon as I was finally catching up on my blog reading, I caught her post this week about her cats. Hopefully I am not blowing her next blog post, but the cats came home safely late last night. They also brought with them a hefty price tag of $2,500.

Sizzle doesn’t know I am doing this. Although, in order for you to read this, she will have had to have swallowed her pride and pressed the approve button. If she does this, it will be another example of her growth that we have all faithfully read and followed right here on this blog for the last few years. She earns a living raising money for other people and she is the first to offer a hand when someone else needs it. So today, I am writing this post to let everyone know that you can send your latte money to Sizzle and make a HUGE difference in her life. I know the kind of numbers she gets here on this blog (let’s just say I would kill to have those kind of numbers on my own site ). By my estimate, she only needs 2500 people to donate a dollar and put this whole thing behind her. Or 500 people to donate $5. If 250 people donated $10… well, let’s just say Mr. Darcy would probably be getting lucky tonight (and sleep with a lot less guilt) by putting this whole thing (as well as the Sizz) to bed.

It’s easy. If you have a paypal account, just click on Send Money. It will ask for an email address, sizzlesays at gmail dot com.

Give what you can. And if you don’t or can’t give anything, do NOT feel bad. After 20 years of friendship, I can tell you, just your positive thoughts will mean a lot to her. It’s just that $5 will mean $5 more to her! πŸ™‚

Bob AKA The Tomato

P.S. Apparently if you donate her true identity is revealed. I know you’ve been dying to know her real name.

36 thoughts on “Hello Sizzle Reader…

  1. Anything for my sweet friend and my favorite kitties (other than my kitty, of course, who graciously puked on the carpet today).

  2. I love kittehs. I love having somebody to be traumatized with at Etta James concerts. I love fellow bloggers who like to meet up when I’m in town. I love people who get me addicted to Kate cupcakes. I love being able to help my friends.

    I loves Ms. Sizzle.


  3. You, Bob, are quite awesome.

    As someone who has directly benefited from Sizz’s generosity in the past, I’m thrilled to be able to return the favor. To friendship!

  4. Last week, after Sweets and I found a lost dog and eventually located its owner, we talked about what we would want someone else to do if SoMi got away from us. It was heart-wrenching. I cried thinking about it. We’d want people to be kind to a stranger. Well, if we were kind to someone else’s dog, how could we not be kind to Sizzle’s cats. I may not be a cat lady, but I’ve met and adore the Sizz.

    And Sizz, you have quite the caring friend in Bob the Tomato … lucky you!

  5. im continuing to think positive thoughts over this way!
    i know how it can feel to get slammed with a bill you weren’t prepared for. i also know how it feels to know your pets are well taken care of. i will do what i can to help, for sure!

  6. I hope the cats are both doing well and that my little bit helps. I am astonished at the bill though, who knew cat meds were so expensive?

  7. Can you email me and let me know another way I may be able to donate from Canada other than
    paypal? Thank you!!!

  8. Money sent…. Good things come to good people and you are a GREAT person Sizzle. I hope the kitties are recovering well!!

  9. I hope everything turns out ok! I put in my $.02. (Ok, a little bit more than that, but whatev.) And now Sizzle will know MY real name as well. Tit for tat, and all that good stuff. πŸ˜‰

  10. I do not have a paypal account but I would be more than happy to donate my latte purchase for the next couple of weeks to dear Sizzle. Send an address to my email and it shall be done!
    Hugz for Sizzle and the kittehz!

  11. I was planning to remain silent, but I think it is powerful to know that every little bit helps. If you’ve been touched by what Sizzle has to say – now is the time to help her out when she can use a little cash. I’d rather Sizz rave about her wonderful readers than the stress of losing all the ground she’s gained by working two jobs.

    Here’s to a great night with Mr. Darcy.

  12. I’m so sorry about your kitties Sizzle (and Tomato, somewhere between reading her blog and yours I found out her actual first name). But then, sizzle just fits her so well. Sending cyber hugs and best wishes in lieu of actual cash. Rand to $ is just not possible right now.

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