Meow Mix

Dash: Let me lick you. I missed you.

Dot: Noooooo! {Hiss!} I don’t want to be touched.

Dash: What’s your problem? Why are you so crabby?

Dot: I have PTSD from the vet stay. Besides, you smell. Did you pee yourself?

Dash: Hey! I went through a lot, for nothing I might add, since you were the one who ate the petal. DO NOT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! WE BOTH KNOW IT WAS YOU! Why do you have to eat everything? Jeez! Stick to socks, will ya?

Dot: I have a disorder. It’s not nice of you to make fun of me, brother. Besides, I’ve seen you attack paper. So who is the weird one here?

Dash: Oh but it’s okay for you to make fun of me peeing in the crate on the way home? They pushed all those fluids through us for two days- what did you expect?!

Dot: The worst was the charcoal. I do not like throwing up.

Dash: And yet you do it all the time. Are you bulimic?

Dot: Oh no. I hear her coming. Does that mean it is medicine time? I HATE MEDICINE.*

Dash: Just endure it, sister. Afterward she gives us treats. Eyes on the prize.

Dot: I’m outta here! {Hides under the middle of the bed.}

Now insured by Pets Best because these little rascals are expensive troublemakers.

Why yes, I just blogged an imaginary conversation between my cats. Thank goodness I have a boyfriend. That makes this okay, right?

*The medicine is half a horse pill put in a syringe with warm water to make what is called a “slurry.” Every time I make it I sing “slurry with a fringe on top” because a) I am a dork and b) I have watched When Harry Met Sally too many times. And yes, I am well aware that it is surry not slurry but that is WHY IT IS FUNNY.

34 thoughts on “Meow Mix

  1. You’re Right! I would Worry about your Sanity excepting you are in a relationship,you’re gainfully employed,and a Hoot on Twitter so the Crazy Cat Lady tag wouldn’t fit! 🙂 However, if you are actually hearing that conversation in your head. . . differen’t story entirely! Love ‘Ya!

  2. my three have a dog to terrorize. now that makes for funny conversations. and yes, i have chats with the fish at work. i’m glad your babies are better.

  3. I would sing that song as well and I’ve only seen WHMS once a long time ago. My reason for singing it would be because I was actually in a performance of Oklahoma! and I loved it. Does this make me more dorky? I’m guessing that yes, yes it does.

    I make my pet talk all the time. I’m convinced I know exactly what he says.

  4. “Why yes, I just blogged an imaginary conversation between my cats. Thank goodness I have a boyfriend. That makes this okay, right?”

    You might not have a boyfriend after he sees a blogged imaginary kitty conversation.


    Love ya!

  5. I wanted a 3rd cat, but I waited until Michael moved in, because having 3 cats is only OK if you have a boyfriend/husband. Otherwise, crazy cat lady. Which, I am anyway. And besides, I am certain the cats DID have that conversation.

  6. I remember my kitties coming back from a stay at the vet and being shunned by their siblings because they didn’t smell the same. Kinda sad to watch actually. That was all back in my former life when I had cats though of course.

  7. Well of course they had that conversation. And as Jeni Angel said, the reason why I only have two cats is because at the vet’s office they told me that was the most I could have as long as I’m single.

  8. Hey, I’ve made my pets argue on Twitter. I at least your conversation isn’t in the twitterverse. This reminds me I need to get mine insured. I need insurance for everything now. Ridic!

  9. Patch: Look at the happy kitties!
    Morgan: We’ll helped pay for their treatment. High five!
    Patch: I don’t understand the part where Sizzle says this conversation might not be OK.
    Morgan: Me either. But look at the kitty on the right! It looks so much like me. A very handsome/pretty kitty indeed.
    Patch: Puuurrrrrrrr

  10. I’m so glad they’re both okay and they look so fluffy and well 🙂

    Imaginary conversations between your cats are totally fine in my books. My dog talks to me and I answer her back. It’s all normal 😉

  11. Remember, crazy cat lady always has +1 of the number of cats you have. 😉
    I thought this was adorable. Glad the little rascals are okay.

  12. Well… I had something to say but then while I was reading this I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and there in the dark, was a random cat outside our french doors. Bizarre! Glad the kitties are doing well enough to blog. ;o)

  13. I have a freaking disorder. Bwahahaha!

    Also? Those pics of your cats? Only confirms that I have to put mine on a strict diet of low-fat kibble and pilates. They look gargantuan compared to your weelines!

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