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The awesomeness that is EmCityChris and I decided to throw a blogger party for local peoples. We started out with grand ideas but time and busy schedules got the better of us and we ended up sending out an evite and bringing nametags. Let it be known that that is all it really takes to throw a party. When bloggers are involved, you don’t have to go overboard. Just say the magic word.


A lot of awesome folks attended and it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. Check it:

Pocket-sized Sarah Who? & my BFF, the internet spectacle herself, Kaply

Hot Daddy Blogger Contingent

Party People Posing for a Picture


My Ladies (why yes I take ownership of them cuz I lurve them)

Mr. Darcy braved a blogger meet up. In turn, I claimed him as mine. Classy, I know.

Dave & his love, The Kate cupcake.

If you missed the shindig, don’t fret PNWers, we’ll have another. Get on the guest list by emailing me.


20 thoughts on “Recapsulation

  1. See this is why I love you with a passion that should make Mr Darcy jealous if you ever grow a penis. A real recap with pictures and everything…

    BTW – nothing classier than a “property of” sticker on your boyfriend’s junk!

    You rawk baby and I’ll host a party with you any time!

  2. This looks so fun! There is going to be a Denver book club made up mostly of bloggers, and this post makes me even more excited for that. Yay!

  3. This is making me wish I lived in the PNW (although I confess that the sunshine coming through my window in SoCal is not). For me, the magic word is “cupcake.”

  4. Yes! Thanks for inviting me! I had not yet been called pocket-sized, but I think many of my friends would agree with you on that.

    I did not get to meet everyone at the tables, because I was being shy. to be remedied at the next blogtastic boozefest.

  5. Last one, I promise 🙂 I just had to catch up.

    These photos are so fun, and although I was (very) bummed to miss this one, I am so glad to live close and be able to attend these! I remember living in NY and being so frustrated that I couldn’t bond with my PNW peeps. Thanks for being the planning type and gathering folks together. Next time, I’m there.

  6. I’m ashamed that I missed this. On Sunday morning I had the sudden realization…”Oh crap, I missed the blog meet up last night.”

    I suck.

    Please don’t let this be a reason to kick me off the guest list. Please

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