“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.”

I have good news and . . . more good news.

Good news #1

Guess who gave me notice?

The Smell Lady!

I can hardly believe two of my wildest dreams came true on the same day. (I raised more money than I ever have in any fundraiser I’ve planned AND one of the banes of my existence decided to vacate.)  I am, however, left wondering how in the hell I am going to rent her apartment when it is packed to the gills with stuff. No one is going to be able to see the potential of it looking like that- the door doesn’t even open all the way there is so much stuff in the hallway! So now I am stuck with two apartments that are in such a sad state that showing them would actually drive people away. But! She gave notice! Let’s focus on the good here.

Good news #2

I have the day off. And three more in the next two weeks. Because I worked an insane amount of hours and deserve them. Yes! I DESERVE THEM.

Good news #3

My boss actually complimented me. This hardly ever happens. Like never. Except yesterday. HALLELUJAH!

Good news #4

I get to see Mr. Darcy tonight! This might seem like run of the mill news to you but to us it is worthy of jumping up and down. I have not seen him since Sunday and have not had alone time with him since last Thursday. And even that was an hour before he raced to pick up his sister at the airport. I miss him. I predict we will be permanently physically attached to one another all weekend. (Portland friends, you are warned at forthcoming PDA.)

Good news #5

I met Mr. Darcy’s sister and suddenly so much made sense. When we first started dating he told me (paraphrasing), “I grew up with women like you- strong, independent, opinionated, over-thinkers- so I ‘get’ you.” I didn’t 100% believe him then but I do now. His sister and I are A LOT alike. So of course I thought she was fantastic and adorable. Ahem. But seriously, she was wonderful and apparently I was given the sister seal of approval. Phew!

Good news #6

I am treating myself to a massage today. And lots of time in my pjs on the couch catching up on TV.

Good news #7

Despite having two units open, I am throwing caution to the wind and heading to Portland with my love for a quick overnight getaway. Because I need to be somewhere where I am not required to do any work. Because I want alone time with my boyfriend. Because I miss my Portland friends. Because Portland is one of my favorite cities with some of the best food on the planet. Because! Because! Because!

33 thoughts on ““I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.”

  1. Nothing like a post filled with nothing but good news from one of my favorite people to start off my weekend! Have a glorious time!

  2. There is nothing better than downtime after you’ve worked your butt off. For me, it makes it ok to lay all day in my pajamas and do nothing.

  3. All very good news! Thank the Heavens you are taking time for yourself – You DO deserve it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. This weekend – that alone time with Mr. Darcy and the trip to Portland? So fucking well deserved. Don’t even think twice about those open units – you will be more focused when you return!

  5. GOOD FOR YOU!! You totally deserve it. Can you take the whole weekend away??

    As for the apartment, is there another similar apartment that you can show in the meantime?

  6. Yay oh yay! I cannot believe the Smell Lady is leaving!

    You are going to have a great time in Portland 🙂

    I love that you and Mr. Darcy’s sister immediately clicked! 🙂

  7. Just in case I don’t say it enough:

    I love you. Like everyday, thankful that you are my friend, my sister, my -holy-shit-what-the-hell-am-i-gonna-do person I can call and know I will hear what I need to hear.

    And my I-cannot-wait-to-see-you everytime it happens, but I know I can be completely who I am no matter what is going on in life.

    And that I am one of the people who *gets* to see you…I am in that pocket. That place which is the dearest to me and you and all the love people in our worlds.

    I am so proud of you and who you have become and are becoming. I love watching your re-birth.


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