It’s Happened

Mr. Darcy and I have reached that phase in our relationship.

Yeah, that one.


While leaving a restaurant-

Me (cautiously inquisitive): Did you just fart?

Him (averting his eyes): No.

Me (skeptically eying him): Hmmm.

Him: Okay, I did.

Me (victorious): I KNEW IT!


While lying in bed-

Me: I just farted.

Him: That is adorable.

(He says that now. . .)


Via text while in Powell’s-

Him: Ha ha. I just farted.

Him (sent directly after the first text): No, I didn’t.

Me: Where are you? Because I want to avoid that section. FARTER.


Nothing will ever be the same again.


35 thoughts on “It’s Happened

  1. GAH! You’re right… nothing WILL be the same again. Every time I meet up with you two, I will be expecting maximum fartage now!

  2. We are prudes and will never be at that stage. We just pretend that we didn’t hear anything and if it is unavoidable to ignore, then we give the other one “the look.”

  3. Put me in the prude department. I do not share and want the same in return. I do find it funny to hear how many people have no problem with it at all. I just had this issue with a guy I was dating and tried to get past it and couldn’t.

  4. You’re right. Nothing will ever be the same. Thom and I lasted a year before the farting started. That must have been a painful first year for him. He’s a farting machine. He calls it blowing kisses. Ugh.

  5. Nice. Farts are really funny. Especially in the bathtub. Our house echos whenever anyone farts in the tub.

    I don’t understand people who pretend that it doesn’t happen. It is too damn funny to let it go.

  6. As I used to try to explain to students, we all fart at some time. In certain settings I think it can go without comment unless it’s particularly loud or foul-smelling like the SF Bay on certain days. Then again I was raised by folks who are quite proud of their farts. I’ll start getting worried when you start having contests.

  7. Ha! Just the other day I asked my husband if he remembered back when we first started dating and he wouldn’t fart in front of me. So he asked if I remembered back when we first started dating and I closed the bathroom door when I peed. Touché.

  8. Funny how farts can make a relationship feel more intimate. Who knew right? But it is totally so. Glad you reached that stage 😉

  9. I sneezefarted at the bar over the weekend. Fortunately, it was really loud in there, and no one said anything. I never smelled it, so I just sat and hoped that if anyone heard it, they wouldn’t say anything. None of them did, so I don’t know if they heard it or not! And I was too embarrassed to ask Leo if he’d heard it at all. I’m such a loser. ::shakes head at self::

    It hurt, though. It was quite a ripper. Eesh…

  10. It’s been almost 11 months and Vahid still laughs and says it’s cute when I fart.

    I still laugh when we does, but then we are really weird.

  11. Ha! Steven and I just reached this point a few months ago, and he is sometimes still uneasy. He is so proper compared to me 😉

  12. It’s official – Mr. Darcy is indeed a keeper. Once you start talking fart you never look back ;). Congrats on reaching this new level ;).

  13. Hahaha that’s such a great place to be! TMI: when me and my hubby fart together we call it the smell of true love HAHAHAHAHAHA 😉

  14. There is a mild inaccuracy in Sarah’s comment, namely: I never fart. This is because I am a perfect human being, comprised entirely out of sunbeams.

    She is a different story entirely, but I love her anyway.

  15. I am so sad I’m just now seeing this post!!! Curses busy work schedule! This is fantastic and hilarious. Congratulations on reaching “that level.”

  16. Have you picked your nose in front of each other yet? Or farted while sitting on the toilet with the door open?

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