Remembering the Start

I guess I never really told you about how Mr. Darcy and I met, did I?

You all read about my foray back into the world of on line dating. I even wrote about what I was looking for. I was clear back in November that I was seeking My Person. Not some random roll in the hay. Not someone to grab a drink with and shoot the shit with. I have a lot of friends, close relationships, and an active social life. I didn’t need time fillers. I wanted to find something special, spectacular, meaningful. I was losing patience and my hope was faltering. . .

And then the Universe brought me Mr. Darcy.

I wrote to him based on cute photos and his use of the word “shenanigans” in his profile. I know, I know- not really the best reasons but I was at the point where I was forcing myself to make moves because I felt stagnant. I suppose this story would be more romantical if I had said it was love at first glance or his profile described my ideal man. But come on. We’re talking about an on line dating site. Let’s not go overboard in our expectations.

We exchanged emails at a steady pace and then we had the phone call wherein we talked for a couple hours then the texting started (a big deal since he had, up to that point, not been big into texting). All this was occurring between holidays so we were not able to meet until the day after Christmas.

We met in my neighborhood at a local cafe. When I arrived, a couple minutes late, I didn’t see him in the restaurant so I grabbed a table and texted him. Turns out there was an entire back room that I was unaware of and he’d been holding a table there for awhile. He was worried about being late because he tends to get lost since he’s not from this side of the water (he’s an east sider- locals will know what I mean). He walked up to my table after receiving my text and we hugged hello and decided to return to his more private table in back.

And then we proceeded to talk and laugh and eat and drink for (at least) four hours. I remember seeing what time it was and being totally shocked. Time had flown.

We weren’t exactly done hanging out so we went across the street to a bar. As we walked out of the restaurant I was fussing with the belt of my famous blue raincoat. He stood there patiently and when I was done he gave me his arm to take as we walked. I could not remember the last time someone offered me their arm.

The night wore into morning and despite not wanting the date to end, we decided we both needed to get to bed. (Not together! Sheesh. It’s only the first date, gutterbrains. Heh.) He offered me a ride home which I accepted. When we got to his car he opened the door for me. People still do this? It was only about eight blocks until my building and I wanted the drive to last longer. He parked, turned off the car and walked me to my door.

Oh boy.

I’d been thinking about kissing him since about an hour into our date. I was hoping he had the same thought. We walked the marbled steps to the front entrance and stood there exchanging pleasantries- it was fun, we should do it again, thank you, etc. We hugged. (He’s a good hugger.) We pulled apart and he leaned in and kissed me. (He’s a good kisser too.) I don’t know why I was a bit shocked- I wanted him to do that but he’d been so gentlemanly all evening I figured he’d wait until a future date to plant one on me. So we kissed. And we kissed some more. And decorum told me I should probably not make out on the front stoop of the apartment building I manage so with some hesitation (would he think me too bold, brazen, a hussy?) I invited him up.

But it was perfectly innocent. Just kissing. Just really good kissing. We tore ourselves away as it neared 2am with promises of a second date.

And that? Was the beginning.

Of the rest of my life.


55 thoughts on “Remembering the Start

  1. Darling, you deserve nothing less than this. And I’m so so glad you’ve found it. You are a good lesson in holding out for the right person and this post has given this girl some hope.


  2. That sounds awesome. I hate the leaving at the front door. There all that, is he going to kiss me? If he doesn’t kiss me does that mean he doesn’t like me? What will I do?

  3. Love this story, Sizz. Really. You’re exuding your happiness as you tell it.

    Opening car doors? Sweets has always done that for me. I remember one time we went to the dog park with his parents, but had driven separately for some reason. As we were getting ready to leave, his parents were already in the car. He came to open the car door for me and his dad leaned out the car window, slightly surprised, sarcastically annoyed and asked, “who the hell taught you to do that?” Sweetws’ mom promptly rolled her eyes, because Sweets dad never opens the door for her. It was hilarious!

  4. *squeeee* I’m loving this. More, more, more!

    and this…

    “I suppose this story would be more romantical if I had said it was love at first glance or his profile described my ideal man. But come on. We’re talking about an on line dating site. Let’s not go overboard in our expectations.”

    So funny! When I said I emailed Mark because his profile was the only one I was ‘interested’ in, I mean it was the ONLY one. It wasn’t love at first sight with him at all, he was interesting πŸ˜‰

    Online dating is such a leap of faith!

  5. Great story – love it! I’m just now starting to think about dating again after my divorce, and this gives me hope.

  6. I had always thought that those online dating site were hokum. But hearing your story, I think I may need to suggest it to my divorced friend.
    I’m very glad to hear that things are going so well.

  7. Great story, Sizz! When you talked about him the other night, there was this assured tone in your voice and a light in your eyes. This one really seems like a keeper. I’m so happy for you!

  8. There’s a Paramore song called “All I Wanted” that reminds me so much of your post…

    “I could follow you to the beginning
    And just relive the start
    And maybe then we’ll remember to slow down
    To all of our favorite parts”

    I love this post and am so glad that you have found what you are looking for…finally!

  9. Ah…. so sweet! I met my BF on match too and things are going great!!! We just went on a trip to Mexico together!!

  10. “Of the rest of my life” is the best line.

    Your happy brings Us happy! (us being the collective. your readers!)

  11. oh, so I know I’ve only been lurking on The World of Sizzle for just a few months, but its so lovely to see that you’ve found someone that puts your heart at peace with such a warm and soulful smile. Everyone deserves to find their Other.

  12. A lovely story except:

    “And then the Universe brought me Mr. Darcy.”

    I beg to differ. YOU put in the time and effort searching and being open as did Mr. Darcy. Take the credit you deserve for the relationship you have now.

  13. !!!!

    Love love love this. And the two of you. And seeing you so happy. I can’t wait to come see you guys again so I can spend more time with you and Mr. Darcy.

  14. Awww so cute πŸ™‚

    Do you know, I’ve been dating and am now married to my hubby for nearly four years and he STILL opens the car door for me every time. His family are all in awe that he still does that for me. But he’s a gentleman like that πŸ™‚ He didn’t even try to kiss me on the first date cos he didn’t want me to think he was just some sleazy guy out for all he could get. Aww. We soon made up for it though haha πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I am very very happy for you both πŸ˜€

  15. Listen to Claire. She said it just right.

    Also, hummm. You know Sizz, this sounds very much like you have the idea Mr. Darcy could be the fellow you spend the rest of your life with. If so, good for him (catching you I mean) and good for you (for keeping your heart open for the right fellow).


  16. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve given me so much hope the past few months. πŸ™‚
    I saved the program from the show where I met Professor Plum…juuuust in case I want to reflect fondly on it later. Tee hee.
    Also, we spent 2 hours smooching on Saturday night and it was so sweet and completely innocent and HOLY CATS he is a phenomenal kisser! (I think there is truth, though, to the fact there aren’t necessarily “good” and “bad” kissers, but rather, it’s just another indicator of compatability)

  17. [swooooon!]

    I’m so happy for you – and Mr. Darcy. I know there’s a spectacular man out there for me, and your post gives me such encouragement. More proof that it can and *does* happen! Woohoo!

  18. πŸ™‚ You know, you have a start quite similar to mine. Except replace on line dating profile with drunken blogger meet up and your place for a hotel room.

    Oh, mine sounds a little bit more sluttish, doesn’t it? Oh well, it worked and I’m happy.

  19. You are so cute!!! Finally some sweet beautiful justice for an amazing incomparable woman!1 BTW, please write more in this life and in other forms–novels, short stories, plays–really gifted lady!!


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  21. I don’t know how this post slipped by me but I LOVE this story. The last 2 lines are my favorite. I’m so thrilled for you and glad the universe brought you Mr. Darcy. It’s beyond wonderful.

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