Snapshot Flashback (1st in a Series)

From left to right: My Dad, my sis (Dokey), me, my Grandpa, my Grandma (my Mom’s parents).

I love how my grandparents are wearing matching hoodies. My dad has his hand behind his back, hiding his cigarette from the shot. My love of the sea is inherited. Or maybe it was taught. I remember spending a lot of time at the ocean growing up. Is it any wonder I ended up in a seaside town when I finally moved away from home?

I use this photo as a bookmark in my daily read. I look at it and remember them. All three gone but always in my heart. And what remains are memories and a lot of love. I miss them.


17 thoughts on “Snapshot Flashback (1st in a Series)

  1. Vintage family photos, and the memories they evoke, are my favorite. I’m so thankful I there were so many avid picture-takers in my family when I was young, and even before I was born.

  2. There are similar pictures of me and my family, by Lake Michigan. One in fact of me? It is what I find indelibly etched on my mind, as sort of Who I Am. It is of me, maybe 3 yrs old, wading ankle deep in the freezing water, crouched down and looking for shiny stones. I think of that when I think of who I am and where I came from… and maybe in a funny way, pictures like these are metaphors. Maybe your photo is able that to you– who you are, and where you came from.:-)

    Thank you, for sharing this. I can’t wait to see more.(hugs)

  3. I love flashback photos. When my mom passed away almost 4 years ago, I ended up with quite a few that I had forgotten about.

    Looking forward to seeing more here.

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