It’s official.

My cats are fat. The vet said so.

Specifically, Dash. He’s 18.5 lbs! I knew he was large & in charge but being 6 lbs overweight is not good for a kitty. Dot, as the vet said, is pleasant at 12.5 lbs but she could stand to drop 1 or 2 lbs. Apparently, Dash’s carb addiction has gotten the better of him. I feel for him. Grains are delicious.

And so, it’s come to this- we’re ALL on a diet. Or I should say, a lifestyle change.

It’s going to be interesting trying to change their eating habits. Dot really only eats dry food and she is a grazer. I’ll give her wet food and she’ll turn her nose up to it. If it’s not fresh from a just-opened-can, she wants nothing to do with it. If it’s not certain flavors, forget it, she wants none of it. She is very particular and by that I mean a total snob. Though she’s not met a sweater, dress hem or sock she didn’t like so go figure.

Dash on the other hand will interrupt eating his own plate of food to knock Dot out of the way to eat some of hers only to go back to his plate and finish up. OINK! And despite me leaving less and less dry food out, he seems to always be stopping by the bowl for a snack. From here on out- no eating between meals and no usurping his sister’s food.

The vet seemed to think that you can change a cat’s eating pattern in four days. I’m. . . not convinced but I’ll give it a whirl. This should be fun- a finicky cat and a piglet cat- yeah, easy peasy.


Meanwhile, I have been silently stewing about the next phase in my weight loss plan. I’ve got three weddings to attend this summer and if that’s not motivation to drop more weight, I don’t know what is. I am reassessing my goals and fitness plan. There will be a post devoted solely to that (sans mention of my cats, promise) soon. I’m having trouble on the motivation front still but ideas are brewing and I think I’m almost ready to kick start phase two. The self-flagellation part is getting really old.

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  1. I’ve decided to go a little more hardcore for just a little while to take off this 25 pounds that has been nagging the crap out of me. Sometimes shaking it up is all we can do! šŸ™‚

  2. We just went through having to retrain all 5 of our cats to eat at the same time because one of them was underweight and diabetic. And yes, it doesn’t take long to train them to a new eating pattern.

    We have been using Wellnes dry food and they all go nuts for it. A little more expensive but better for all the cats over all.

    Our biggest cat is 27lbs. Your kitty is tiny in comparison! hee..hee..

    Good luck with the ‘lifestyle change’ for all of you. I know you can do it and kick ass at it too!

  3. In my past life working as a vet. tech, I was always amazed at how fast cats can be retrained (dogs, too, but yeah everyone knows that). When it comes down to it, they will want to eat and will eat when you tell them it’s time. Best to all of you!

  4. I feed one cat who is perfect weight and not that interested in food on top of the table, and the other cat who would eat everything on the floor. Doesn’t stop him from jumping up on the table to eat what she doesn’t eat, but it makes a bit of difference. It’s weird how food motivated he is, and she isn’t at all.

  5. My parents’ dog is on a diet and the vet told them to mix green beans in with their food. It’s working very well, apparently. I wonder if it would work for cats?

  6. Please let me know how the kitty diet works. My boy is 21 pounds. Little girl cat is only 8. He does the same knock-her-out-of-the-way thing with the food bowl. And although I don’t think I feed them very much and I’ve tried to decrease the amount I put out, he’s still a baby whale.

  7. Welcome to my life. I could go into so much boring detail, but I’ll just choose one: Now that we feed the cats in separate rooms, the fattest one has taken to hiding under the bed while we feed the skinniest one in the bedroom, then darting out as soon as he wanders off and scarfing down as many leftovers as she can before we catch her. So now I don’t just have a chubby cat, I have a cat with certifiable eating-disorder compulsions.

  8. My dog was hella overweight so I put him on a restricted diet. Turned out he had a thyroid condition that made his metabolism slower than molasses. Now he’s fighting fit, but has to take pills for the rest of his life.

  9. oh man, i’ve gone one BIG BOY cat as well. except i have no idea how i’d EVER put him on a diet – he eats anything. and everything. i gave him dog food the other day as a joke and then had to yank it away after he spent a good 2 minutes seeing if he could inhale the entire can at once.

    the other problem is he can open cabinets, so i’ll come home and find, say, a BAG OF MARSHMALLOWS ripped open and gnawed-on marshmallows batted throughout the house.

    it’s special.

  10. I also have an 18 1/2 lb kitty and after 5 months and spending hundreds of dollars on special vet-approved diet food he’s lost exactly one pound. And he’s now so obsessed with food that he begs like a dog the entire time I’m eating which he never did before. So your vet’s right–you can absolutely change your cats’ eating habits in 4 days if the change you want is to make them into starving, food-obsessed psycho kitties.

  11. My girl cat is 9 lbs, but she is super small and just really dense in mass. Dandy, my boy cat, LOOKS big, but he’s mostly all long furry white hairball. I feel for ya–my cats would wreak havoc if I changed their diets… I hope you all succeed!

  12. We switched Higgy to a low fat diet since he’s not as active, seems like it worked great, but he is a little pyscho around food times. He stares us down, paws at us…stalks the pantry door šŸ™‚ Hmmm, I sort of feel like that on day 3 of my own back on track week. Good luck with the family diet šŸ™‚

  13. Ha. The vet said the same thing about Data last week. He is about 12 and the vet wants him at 11. And Data is like Dot – very picky about food, but loves plants and fleece! Good luck. I would love to hear about your progress with this. We do not leave food out for Data, and he whines all the time for food now. I cannot imagine giving him less! I think about how awful I would feel if someone was doing that to me!

    And I am excited to hear about the next step for you as well šŸ™‚

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