Easter in my family means Lamb Cake.

I followed this with a nice Chianti.

A different kind of ear nibbling.

Do not be too alarmed. The cake is not made of lamb, only shaped like it. It’s made with pound cake (this year we used spelt flour) and is frosted with coconut.


18 thoughts on “Tradition

  1. so cute–want that cake!!! and to hug the ladies holding it–happy belated resurrection, lady!

  2. It reminds me of that goat cake I got for Torsten. I now think pretty much all cakes shaped like animals are hilarious.

  3. OMG! We make the SAME cake every year. It was my grandmothers cake mold. We call it the lamb of GOD cake. This year the cake fell apart because it was too moist. That is TOO funny you made the same cake. Do you make it every year?

  4. …there is another family that mine used to spend our holidays with, basically they are close enough that i do consider them part of my extended family …the mother of the family makes this same cake, only we call it Muffin cake …Muffin was a dog that they had a long time ago …makes everyone laugh that we are eating the family pet …oh the memories!

  5. We always have a bunny cake and I FORGOT! I realized it late in the day but luckily no one noticed, which is strange because we ALWAYS have one.

    The lamb cake is adorable, but not as adorable as the people nibbling on the ears!

  6. When I was a kid, my favorite animals were lambs, so naturally on my birthday (same as yours) we would have 2 lamb cakes. One in chocolate and one vanilla (because I was allergic to chocolate)

  7. Must know how the cake turned out. I am embarking on a low sugar, gluten free month and know I am going to need some good recipes to curb my sweet tooth or else I’ll fail miserably.

  8. HA! Last comment was me but I was somehow logged into C’s preschool email. They don’t care how the cake turned out, but I sure do ; )

  9. Boo! to coconut. Yaay! to animal-shaped cakes. (How exactly does one make a cake shaped like a lamb? I started thinking about it and then my head started hurting. Clearly I need to stick to pies.)

  10. We too make the same lamb cake every year. And then pose with the head cut off. It must be madatory or something!

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