Bet On It

When Mr. Darcy and I were shopping the other day, he tried on this zip up sweatshirt along with a polo shirt and some dark jeans. He looked at me and wondered, “Do I look like a dad?”

“Sugar, you could be a dad. We’re of that age. But at least you look like a totally hip, cute dad.”

Askance, originally uploaded by Ms. Sizzle.

How much do you want to bet that our kid will have a left cheek dimple? Then we’d all be matching! And NO I am not pregnant. But I would happily have kids with this man. I think we’ll try living together first. Then maybe we’ll get hitched and buy a house.
I’m just here, giving you all minor heart attacks. That’s part of my job and my charm.

32 thoughts on “Bet On It

  1. He is defintely your Mr. Darcy. You just mentioned moving in, getting married and having kids and it is not April Fool’s Day.
    I bet your kids would have the left dimple and the cutest Finn like cheeks.

  2. Holy crap! Babies…

    As a shallow aside: you look like you should be a couple. Sometimes you look at people and WTF is she doing with him! Not so, you look exactly right.

    (Now he turns out to be a serial killer or something, and I’ll feel very very cheap having said that.)

  3. May I point out that your babies would also have stellar eyebrows? Mine are faint and frustrating so I always notice eyebrows!

  4. Y’all are cuter than a week of Sundays! Or at least that’s what my grandmother would have said. I think you guys are mega cute. AND mega coy, Ms. Sizzle.

  5. No joke – Foo and I were talking about you last week and we were saying that you two would have cute babies! Um, please don’t ask me how that came up though because with our streams of conversation, who the heck knows! 😉

  6. i spent my entire childhood experiencing RAGING jealousy for all the kids that had dimples. so you’ll be doing a very good thing by procreating and allowing another child to live the charmed dimple life 🙂

  7. I have to fight urges to comment on these haptastic (that is happy + fantastic; yay! for making up words) posts with extreme amounts of exclamation points.


  8. I love, LOVE this picture of you two! And I’m so very glad that he makes you happy because you deserve all sorts of wonderful happiness!

  9. Round 2 of photos with Mr. Darcy? I’d say he’s become a fixture in your cast of characters! Plus, the two of you are so darn cute together … I can only imagine how adorable your kids will be. One day. =)

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