37 Positives

In honor of my upcoming 37th birthday and in an effort to pull myself out of my woe-is-me negative slump, I’ve made a list of 37 things that are positive about me and my life.

  1. I am an adoring Tee Tee to Finn. He is a light in my life.
  2. I show up for people. You need me? I am there.
  3. I work a job that positively impacts people while using my skills at an exemplary non-profit.
  4. I am empathetic and caring.
  5. I live close enough to my family that I get to see them whenever I can.
  6. I am a good cook.
  7. I have great co-workers who are also my friends.
  8. I don’t give up easily. Perseverance pays off. Or so they say.
  9. I recently received a raise and there is the possibility for more in six months.
  10. I set goals and then exceed them.
  11. I have blog friends who have become real life friends. (I would link you all but there are too many.)
  12. I am book and street smart.
  13. I have a close circle of best friends who, regardless of distance and my inability to pick up the phone more often, are part of my family.
  14. I bring people together. It’s part personality and part planner and a smidge of bossiness.
  15. I have a boyfriend who loves and accepts every part of me. Even the parts I don’t like.
  16. When I believe in you, I do it with everything I’ve got.
  17. I live in a cool apartment in a great neighborhood in an awesome city.
  18. I can command a room when necessary.
  19. I’ve got mad fashion and decorating sense. I’ve got, like, 22 pieces of flair. At least.
  20. I am able to pay down my debt, have a savings account, live without credit cards and work towards being a home owner. This from a chick who filed for bankruptcy 8 years ago.
  21. I have a second job that not only has given me a lot of blog fodder but has taught me about humanity, compassion, and diplomacy. And that mini blinds are the work of the devil.
  22. I have a good sense of humor which often is my saving grace.
  23. I own a reliable, roomy car that takes me anywhere I want to go. (Knock on wood!)
  24. I am a really good hugger. When I hug you, I REALLY hug you.
  25. I am healthy despite a few issues like poor eyesight, being overweight and knees that sound like breaking glass when I walk stairs. (Double knock on wood!)
  26. I am creative and well read. I can even recite poems from memory. Go me!
  27. I strive to be my best self. Going to therapy to unlearn unhealthy habits, let go, and truly love myself is a huge part of that.
  28. I can organize anything.
  29. I graduated from college and actually used my degree.
  30. I am a defender, a protector, and a champion of the underdog.
  31. I have two adorable cats who make my house a home with their purring, cuddling and playfulness even when they eat things they should not. Tsk, tsk.
  32. I will always tell the truth. Even when it’s difficult.
  33. I am a great kisser. (This is from Mr. Darcy.)
  34. I made a positive lifestyle change when I quit white flour and refined sugar.
  35. I am generous and giving.
  36. It is easy for me to make people feel at ease, welcomed and included.
  37. I do what I say I am going to do.

*I actually do feel better having forced myself to write this.


44 thoughts on “37 Positives

  1. Now you can look at your list whenever you feel down on yourself. And, I really like your list. I think you did a great job and I didn’t know about the flour and sugar. How have you benefited from not eating those?

  2. I would also add that given your past, and some ridiculous challenges, it’s pretty damn amazing that you are as loving and open as you actually are. There are many, many people who would have turned into closed up, bitter beings if they had walked in your shoes! I love you Sizz, for 37,000 reasons πŸ™‚ It’s going to be an excellent year for you!

  3. This is a truly awesome list, Sizzle. The real question is whether you’ve figured out a way to incorporate all 22 pieces of flair into the same outfit? And if so, why haven’t you shared a photo yet???

  4. #2 and #37 are very good qualities to have in a friend. And I am proud to call myself your friend.

    happy almost birthday Siz! I heart you.

  5. Wow. while I agree with all the wonderful things you wrote, in positives about You– I wonder if I would be able to come up with so many about Me? Good job! and keep moving ahead.

  6. 32. I will always tell the truth. Even when it’s difficult.

    Partly because you are a BAD liaR! HA :>)


  7. Although I’m sure I have said this before. You are one awesome, rockin’ dude. My 29th year is coming up…and I’ve been a bit of a grump about it. You’ve inspired me to make a similar list.

  8. Positive reinforcement always helps, ESPECIALLY when it comes from ourselves!

    You are fantastic, and your ability to see the best in the world should be #38!

  9. Ohmygod…I love this list. How much nicer is it to focus on all the great things about ourselves instead of the things that drive us crazy? What a great way to start a new year in your life!

  10. I just started reading your blog a month or so ago and seriously LURVE it! This list is awesome (just like you). As a 29 yo with tons of school debt I feel your #20 – way to do it chica!!!

    I am so doing this list!

    besos from the bay,
    lil’ brown girl

  11. Great list!! Love it!

    And also in case it helps… I find the anticipation of a birthday you’re not happy about is worse than the actual reality of it. I turned 30 in February and I dreaded it for weeks beforehand. I refused to make plans to celebrate it with friends because I didn’t want to celebrate, I wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening. I spent a couple of days before my birthday in a cranky, depressed, crying state.

    And then the next day I was 30. Crossing that milestone had happened and huh… I felt the same as I did at 29. So, I haven’t done all I thought I would with my life yet. I’M NOT DONE LIVING YET. Somehow once the birthday had happened, I was able to move past it and I felt fine. Oh, and I went out to celebrate with friends belatedly, a couple weeks later. It was fun.

  12. Great list! Have a wonderful birthday. Do something wonderful and indulgent. You earned it. πŸ™‚

  13. Awesome list Sizzle. I think everyone should do something like this to make us all see the positives when the negatives take over.

  14. To me, the most impressive thing on your list is #18.



    I can command a room when necessary.

    Sounds easy doesn’t it?

    Sizz you and I know, it isn’t. We also know that when you do have to command the room and when you do it well, the rewards can be great.

    You go girl.


  15. What a great list. I think 27 says it all. YOU CARE. Some people go through life not giving a shit about others (or themselves) but you are out there trying to be your best you πŸ™‚

  16. What a fantastic list!! Happy, happy birthday!!

    You’ve inspired me…I have my 33rd coming up a week from Sunday, and was feeling a bit down. Now I know just what to do to pull myself out of that funk! Muchas gracias!

  17. I could feel the positive vibes growing as I read this list. I’m not surprised it felt good to write. And you truly are all these things! (And more.) As I read each one I thought – that is so true! THAT is so true! That is, TOO! Nice job, girlie.

  18. I love this post! I would actually add that you are beautiful and have hands down the best laugh of anyone I’ve ever known. πŸ™‚

  19. I think it’s significant that there are 37 comments before mine on here. Sorry for throwing off the coolness of that by making it 38. πŸ™‚ I envy your 22 pieces of flair. That cracked me up. I think this list could probably go on and on and I’m glad you made it because it’s easy to forget this kinda stuff…especially when dealing with birthdays.

    Hope it’s a great one, my Aries sister!

  20. I love this so much. I love you!
    I’ve been working on my list to post on FB on my b-day. It’s hard! I’m up to 29…I think you will def. see some resemblences. πŸ™‚

  21. You are lovely and wonderful and I’m so glad to read your words, whether they are grateful or not. But I like when you share your gratitude. You are magical and this next year will be magical as well. ❀

  22. I am pretty sure you are all that and so much more… πŸ™‚

    Funny how birthday’s hit us eh? 38 hit me hard… Not sure how I feel about 40 yet.

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