37 in 37

Tomorrow is the Annual Sizzle Birthday Lovefest hosted by none other than, my love, Mr. Darcy. Don’t miss it! But today is for my next year’s wish list. You know I couldn’t resist, right? These are all the things I hope to do, experience, be in the coming year. . .

  1. Visit Canada (here we come TequilaCon!) COMPLETED 4/10
  2. Participate in a Flash Mob SOMEDAY!
  3. Start taking guitar lessons NO LONGER INTERESTED
  4. Lose 30lbs NOT MY FOCUS
  5. See my dear friends, Dumpling & Jersey Girl, get married COMPLETED 8/10
  6. Fly a kite at Gas Works Park WHEN IT STOPS RAINING I WILL
  7. Meet Mr. Darcy’s family COMPLETED 11/10
  8. Visit New Jersey for the first time (see #5 & #7) COMPLETED 8/10
  9. Go kayaking IT RAINS TOO MUCH
  10. Commit to an on-going yoga practice DOING IT!
  11. Read a book a month NOT QUITE
  12. Go on a trip with just my mom and sister NOT YET
  13. Write down three things I am grateful for every day OOPS
  14. Lose the guilt over giving myself “me time” 90% THERE
  15. Pay off any outstanding debt SO CLOSE
  16. Sign up for a First Time Home Buyers workshop POSTPONED
  17. Get the moles on my back checked COMPLETED 5/10
  18. Make a meal from Julia Child’s cookbook NOPE
  19. Become a season ticket subscriber to the theater WENT TO A LOT MORE THEATER
  20. Take a road trip COMPLETED 12/10
  21. Have a monthly date with Finn MOSTLY
  22. Take a dance class DOES NIA COUNT?
  23. Send more real mail to people I love Could have done better
  24. Give time to my creativity Instead dreamed up a side business
  25. Take naps 1 or 2 were taken
  26. Eat Here and Here ATE AT HOW TO COOK A WOLF 3/11
  27. Go on picnics I DID!
  28. Start a wine tasting club (I am looking to you Supple) NO LONGER INTERESTED
  29. Get new glasses (FINALLY) COMPLETED 8/10
  30. Have monthly date with my family DID BETTER BUT NOT GREAT
  31. Go to California with Mr. Darcy COMPLETED 5/10
  32. Go white water rafting COMPLETED 6/10
  33. Do a video blog post COMPLETED 4/18/11
  34. Get a complete physical COMING UP IN 5/11
  35. See the tulips COMPLETED 4/11
  36. Shack up with Mr. Darcy COMPLETED 8/10
  37. Get my tattoo VERY SOON!

42 thoughts on “37 in 37

  1. I need to make one of these lists. I am in a bit of a rut and just need some motivation to get out there and do new things. I like #6 and #28, I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite, drank wine on the other hand… : )

  2. What kind of tattoo and where?
    And I highly recommend #16. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to take one before we bought our house but two of my brothers did and boy did they learn a lot!

  3. NINE! days.

    Also, re: #36, !!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for you to get your tattoo, too. Did I tell you I found a shop I love here in Portland to do mine? I just have to schedule it!

  4. I know there’s only 37 on there but me thinks you forgot: visit DC and Marie. I know, I’m so self-involved.

    I actually got my moles checked this week. Peace of mind is a good thing so go get them looked at!

  5. 37. TATTOO!!!
    You know, my dearest friend, Leslie is a tattoo artist. She does all my recent work, Erin’s work and like 10 of my friends work. Hint hint.

    36. :>)

    29. ‘Bout time

    12. Good for the soul

    14. Might be the best one

    Love you, sistafriend


  6. I was a part of the Glee Flash mob it was so much fun! we are doing it again at the end of June, I think dance practice starts in May!

  7. I like number 36! Except ever since your April Fool’s joke I will never believe you when you talk about shacking up, ever again.

  8. I love it!

    And, by the way, OMG, you could check a lot of those off if you came to Colorado… ๐Ÿ™‚ Road trip? Check! Trip with mom and sis? Check! WHITE WATER RAFTING? OMG, CHECK! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Squee! I love this list, one of my faves being your commitment to visiting my motherland!

    May this be a year full of only the best in health, luck, and booze. You deserve nothing less.


  10. Vahid and I are going kayaking sometime this summer (I believe those are still our tentative plans at least) you and Mr. Darcy should totally come! Kayaking is the bees knees.

    I am excited for new glasses. Next to shoes and undies, glasses are like my favorite thing to shop for.

    See you in 9 days! (I JUST got my passport today. Whew.)

  11. Is #36 a slip-it-in announcement?
    I heartily agree with #26 (I’ve been to the 1st and am dying to try the wolf.

  12. Shackin’ up! Sneaky way to announce the possibility. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy 37th birthday, Sizz. I hope you get everything you hope for and MORE!

  13. I’ve had season tickets to two theaters for well over 15 years and it’s one of my favorite things to do. Good choice! How close are you to Seattle? A lot of Broadway shows do previews in Seattle before they open in NYC.

    I just bought a Kindle last night and am hoping that helps me read at least a book a month, too! I still love real books, but have really slacked off for a long time now.

    Real mail– a really good idea! I send birthday cards by mail, thank you notes, and “thinking of you” notes. I love getting them, so I’m guessing other people do, too!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  14. These all sound wonderful! Especially the CA one. I will drive to SF if you go there for the CA trip. Was planning on TC In Canada… got my passport renewed and everything…then Higgy had his stroke…missed my chance to meet you. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I keep telling Hilly and Dan that we need to make it to Seattle…I’ve never been.

  15. Where’s the “get to know my blog-bro better” one? *sniffle*

    JK. Here’s hoping you make it through the list… and share all the details with us!

  16. oops, that comment was for the other post on 37 Positives… oh well, this list is a good one too. A lot of fun will come from ticking those off ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Okay I got #28 covered. Let’s start figuring out dates and times we can meet and where!!!
    Glad I could help with your list!

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