Annual Sizzle Birthday LoveFest

*Who cares if my actual birthday isn’t until Sunday? Let’s start this party now! It’s The Annual Sizzle Birthday LoveFest time. For those of you who are new, my friend Bird started a tradition of having everyone at my party go around the room and tell me what they love about me on my birthday. In recent years many folks have chimed in and hosted the LoveFest. This year, I’ve enlisted the boyfriend. You can participate by leaving a comment if the spirit moves you.*

Hello fellow denizens of the Sizzleverse (yes, Sizzleverse. My other choice was Sizzlesphere, but that sounds too limiting for my tastes). Mr. Darcy here helping out with a guest blog for Ms. Sizzle’s birthday.  Let me first say that it’s an honor that she even considered me to write one of these, and let me apologize in advance for inflicting my literary ineptitude upon all of you. Kaply has mandated that this entry not be too sappy, and I will try my best. No promises.

As many of you probably already know, I am relatively new to Ms. Sizzle’s world and I thought I might share how I ended up here. My first encounter with her was on a local singles site on the interwebz – I checked out her profile and thought, “That girl is waaaay too cute and hip for a guy like me.” Not long after, you can imagine my surprise when I received a sweet, flirtatious message from her in my inbox. This was my first taste of the strong, independent woman that I would come to love.

From the moment I first met her and she stood up to hug me “hello”, I knew she was a pocket-sized firecracker. She has a way of making anyone feel at ease and like her partner-in-crime. And that’s how I felt at the end of that night. I have learned to love everything about Sizzle. (Me: Even the snoring? Come on now!) That sly little giggle of hers that can turn into a throaty laugh is a sound I live to hear. That sparkle in her lovely eyes when she has a plan is exciting with the promise of infinite possibilities awaiting you.  She is a whirlwind of adventure, caring and responsibility all rolled into one. Is that all even possible? With Sizzle it is.  The only thing I like more than one of her jaunts is when she quietly rests her head on my chest while we chat away the mysteries of the universe.

Sizzle is also a challenge. She challenges herself to care deeper, think with more compassion and live her dreams to the fullest. She’ll challenge you too. And you will want to keep up with her every step of the way. She brings out the best in everyone she interacts with. Being part of her life makes you a better person – maybe not by plan but just by participating you will find your life a richer experience because of her. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with so many friends who care so deeply for their well-being. Trust me, I know a lot of cats.

We were born the same year, and though she came into the world a little before me I am thankful for meeting this sexy cougar with a penchant for slightly younger men. (Me: Meow!) She’s the best thing about Seattle, even if the rest of the city doesn’t know it yet.  They will eventually. I am sure of it. One person at a time. She is the best thing in my life, and I’ve got a lot of really good things going for me.

It’s hard listing all the things I love about Sizzle. Her fabulous hair. Her style and flair. Her ability to say what everyone else won’t.  Her delectable cooking. That she tries really hard to use her turn signals all the time. (Me: Snort! Here we go again with the turn signal business!) There’s just too much to list.  I knew this was going to be impossible when she asked me to write on her blog. So now I’m asking you to help me. Help me articulate everything there is to love about this funny, sexy, smart and confident woman who makes my heart flutter like a schoolboy.

I love you, shmexy girl. I love everything about you and everything you do to make the world a better place for me and everyone you know. Happy Birthday. xoxoxo


52 thoughts on “Annual Sizzle Birthday LoveFest

  1. happy birthday sizzle!

    there’s a long list of things that i have come to love about you. one of the ones that seems most appropriate, is that your blog is one that i never mark as read. and in my wild nutty life these days, that’s saying something!

    bottom line- your words never fail to move me. you have a special, unique way of sharing your thoughts on here, that makes me always feel like i can relate.

    i’ve never met you in person (i really hope to one day), but i know that you’re kind hearted, compassionate, sincere, sassy, and authentic. to me, that’s all the cats meow.

    may you have the best birthday ever, because you deserve it!

  2. One of the best things about FINALLY meeting Sizzle last year is that the in real life Sizzle is exactly like the person who writes her blog. Does that make sense? Look, I’ve met plenty of bloggers to know that sometimes a person can be fun, cute, quirky, whatever on their blog and then it feels like you’ve met a completely different person. Not with Sizzle. Not only that, she gives the BEST hugs ever. Is genuinely interested in being inclusive, not exclusive. And has this radiating energy that is contagious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIZZ!

  3. I love the expression that bursts out of your blog posts and I am so very excited to get to meet you next week – I’m certain you will be one of the brighter highlights of my trip. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  4. What can one say about Sizzle? There isn’t enough room here to write it all down. Big heart, beautiful smile, great writer, smart, awesomely sassy and just an all around fab lady! Happy Birthday Sizzle!

  5. Happy Birthday, lady!
    One of my favorite things about you is your ability to express yourself and the patience you have with yourself (and life, I suppose) to give yourself the time you need to work through something. I always find myself pulled toward people that are genuine and yet unapologetically themselves and you do both of those things very well. I love that!
    Also, I love that you want to come to Colorado! 😉

    Have a wonderful birthday/weekend/week!

  6. OMG so many nice things to say about you! You are sweet, smart, hilarious, and SO genuine. I just get the sense from you that you always want to do the good thing, the right thing. And you are so supportive!

    Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, Sizzle! You are a true joy to read, and though we’ve only met once, I definitely felt welcomed by you. I’m so happy that you have a new journey ahead of you. You lead by example, and people like you are my favorite kind of people. Have a terrific day on Sunday–HAPPY DAY OF YOUR BIRTH!

  8. Happy Birthday, Sizzle! Though I only know you via your blog, I love your courage, compassion, and humor. You are a wonderful cat mama and a fabulous auntie. I hope you have an amazing weekend, surrounded by love!

  9. Awesome! The best thing I can say that hasn’t been said is that I wish I knew you in real life.

    And you DO have fabulous hair!

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. I agree that you are everything you are here (which is awesome) and more. You are full of love, life and laughter.

    Happy birthday, friend!


  11. Happy early birthday girl!

    I love that you are bold enough to walk up to a total stranger at BlogHer and say “I don’t know you but I’ve seen that dress before and I want it. Where’s it from?” You are a woman who knows what she wants and it’s afraid to ask for it and I. LOVE. THAT.

  12. I’m dying from the darcyjerseyeloquence–hard to top–

    Happy Birthday Sweet Sweet Sizzle Dream:

    You are pure beauty–what life and love should be when varnished and stripped down to its most essential parts and promise. I’m lucky to know you and have met you, and hope that this year you continue to be wrapped up and comforted by the same light you radiate into this world.

    So many blessings, hugs, wishes of frosting and joy,


    P.S. will not be home until late on your birthday…SO THE FACEBOOK HARASSMENT WILL BE AROUND DINNER TIME–YOU ARE WELCOME 🙂

  13. Mr. Darcy, you seem incredibly fabulous. 🙂

    I adore Sizz for her compassion, empathy, caring, humor and long-distance friendship. It seems like it’d be strange to relate so much to someone I’ve only met in person once, but I feel like she just ‘gets it’. Partially because our childhoods were not dissimilar…and partially because she just takes the time to try.

    Also, she’s obviously hot.

  14. I’m pretty sure there is no topping the love from Mr. Darcy.
    I have not had the privilege to meet you in person (maybe someday) but I love reading your posts. Your introspective posts about figuring out what you want and who you want make me look deeper into myself. I’m not brave enough to put it out there the way you do…yet another thing to admire about you!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  15. jesus. you had to make me cry.

    *shakes head* at sistafriend boyfriend :>)

    love love love
    is a beautiful


  16. Mr. Darcy, you just made my heart melt. That was adorable.

    Sizzle, I obviously don’t know you in real life, but you seem like a really awesome lady. I first found your blog through a post of yours that was on Five Star Friday. Do you remember? It was this one: After reading that, I was like, ‘Everyone in the world needs to read THIS POST.’

    Happy birthday, and keep living the awesome life!

  17. Well, now that I know sizzle uses her turn signals all the time, I love her even more!

    I love this post. I wish my husband would write about me like this! 😛

    Sizzle rocks because she is honest, open, and looking to have fun. I can tell she knows when to be serious, but when to play. I wish I had more people like sizzle in my life!

  18. Well said Mr. Darcy. One of the things I most love about Sizzle is her gumption. She has a love for life and for the people in her life and she gets out there and embraces it with everything she has. And she doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit. I strive to be more like her.

  19. Sizz is a loyal, devoted friend and someone you want in your corner for always.

    She’s hilarious and genuine, kind and silly, and she makes the best mixed CDs.

    She’s also my favorite person to be trapped in a horse-drawn carriage with, even when I’m convinced I’m going to suffocate because a) I can’t stop laughing and b) NO AIR. <–That right there is a GLEE reference, to one of my favorite songs from last season. Sizzle loves GLEE as much as I do, which makes me really really happy.

    Happy! (almost) Day of Cake, babe.


  20. I love your smile, your honesty and your resilience. I like to believe that if we were in the same city we would hang out together 😉
    Happy Birthday Girl! May this be the best one yet!

  21. Happy happy happy birthday! I love your honesty, your talent for getting right to the heart of the matter. I love that I can text you on a whim and not feel weird about it.

    There’s a lot more, but I have to go work an event. Oh, and I LOVE THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS!


  22. Fabulous post by Mr. Darcy…by george Sizzle, you have clearly found your PERSON! Happy, happy birthday and here’s to a fantastic year!

  23. Comming out of lurkerville to tell you what I love about you! Your hair, smile, glasses . . . . your sense of humor . . . your unpretentiousness, your honesty, your sweetness . … your taste in men 🙂
    You are absolutely awesome – Happy HAPPY!!!!

  24. Ok.. Sizzle — this Darcy guy, the only reason you get to keep him is because I already have a really good one. But that post right there…. wow. Great Post. I like.

    I love that you own who you are bad, the good and the fabulous. You are willing to admit your wrongs. I love that you are crazy about your nephew (very cute btw). And I love that you work at a non-profit and give it your all all the time but still make friends and family such a priority

    Have a wonderful birthday my dear.

  25. Isn’t it great that we met when you licked me?!? Who has a better meeting story than that?

    I love so much about Sizzle, but one thing I really appreciate is that I can be my real self with her – and she responds with her real self. Life’s so short; why bullshit? I’m so grateful for the lack of pretense, and I think that’s, unfortunately, rare.

    I love you, Sizzle! I hope you have a great birthday weekend and day and I’m really grateful for the times we get to hang. xo

  26. I love that Sizzle’s bright, shiny personality comes through in each of her posts.

    And I love that she’s found herself a guy who appreciates her sizzle.

  27. Happy Birthday Sizzle!
    I like her generous spirit, which shines out of her nice wide smile, and out of the words she puts together in loving expression here. Thank you for being such a wonderful, feeling, person to know. I wish yoiu only the best. 🙂

  28. Like any good Man, Darcy succeeds in an exemplary mixture of awesome and compassionate words worthy of our Sizzle.

    /high5s to you, Sir!

  29. Once again, you share the same birthday as my wonderful mother. She is turning 70 and I’m throwing her a ginormous surprise birthday bash later tonight. 80 people are coming. And we have free music by a very talented neighbor of hers. Somewhere during the festivities, I will ask the very talented neighbor to say your name aloud and I shall dedicate a song to you…. on YOUR special day. Enjoy.

  30. I’m a sort of a lurker here- rarely do I leave comments, but I just wanted to say that Sizzle, you are a phenomenal woman. I look forward to reading your posts every day, whether they are humorous rants about your tenants or introspective thoughts about your life. I hope your birthday weekend is tremendous and full of flair. Live it up, sister!

  31. Happy Birthday!

    I think you represented what I like best about you in your “37 Positives” post. I love that you are always willing to go to a concert with me! And how, when I am with you, all I do is laugh. You make me feel like I am being my best self.

    Well done, Mr. Darcy.

  32. I think the best thing that can be said in regards to this Birthday Girl, is that she actually feels we ALL can find 37 things we like about ourselves.:-) God bless her for that kindness, and optimism!

    Happy Happy, Sizzle!

  33. Ms Sizzle has a rare compassion that’s immediately evident to anyone who meets her — and she’s got one of those dazzling, winning smiles that puts Hollywood starlets to shame.

    Happy birthday Sizz!

  34. Happy Happy Birthday! You are one awesome person, lady, and I am very glad that I finally was able to meet you! (Also: See you next weekend!)

  35. Happy Birthday, Sizzle! I hope you’re having an excellent day!

    I love that you keep evolving, consciously and with purpose, to create the life you want. And that you’re willing to share some of that journey with us.

  36. Sizzle is extremely thoughtful and really is there for a person when they need her. I love that she is such a great friend. Everything about her is pretty amazing. I think the thing I love the most is how when she smiles she IS the smile. (Does that make sense? Like her entire self is happy and makes other people feel happy by just being around them).

  37. Boo on me being late on my blog reading, forcing me to wish you Bonne Fete a little late. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Belated Birthday to you!!! I wish you the utmost in spoilage; butterflies x infinity between you and Mr. Darcy; and well, you know, *all* that’s happy in the year ahead 🙂

  38. Oh Mr Darcy, you have proven that you are Sizzle Swoon-worthy. Well done.

    Sizzle, I’m a little late to this love fest, but I just wanted to tell you that I love the way that you take on life. That you are unapologetic about who you are and where you want your life to go. That you figure out what you want it life and go out and make it happen. And I love how you adore your nephew, how you unconditionally love your friends and how you will send relatively random strangers cds of music that you know they will love…

    You’re awesome.

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