Hello 37

I had a super awesome birthday. It’s okay to say “super awesome” at the ripe age of 37, right? Am I dating myself? Like how when Kaply and I were in MAC on Saturday and they were playing all this great music like The Smiths and we were singing along, remembering our youth, and the girl who was ringing us up wasn’t even 30 yet so she was giving us a look like “I’m humoring you” even though she was very nice and did a kickass job on my make over.

That keeps happening more and more. Ah, aging! You bitch.

Besides a make over, Kaply & I dined on some sushi and I accidentally bought myself an iPhone. I wasn’t planning on it but I walked into the store and was OVERCOME with the need for it. I also got a super cute owl hard case for it because I like my accessories to be cute. I am in love with my phone. Don’t worry, Mr. Darcy is already well aware. If people thought I was on my phone a lot before with the piece of crap I had then, woah! better watch out. It does allow me to take fun photos. Like this one-

Awww, love.

Or this one-

Have I mentioned lately how hawt my boyfriend is? He is.

My boyfriend spoiled me with a HUGE bouquet of gorgeous flowers and a lovely necklace plus he took me out to dinner after we went to the theater yesterday AND he’s coming with me to Vancouver next weekend and putting us up in a swank hotel near Stanley Park. I AM THE LUCKIEST. My friends took me out to Moroccan food which was yummy- you eat with your hands and share food. I loved it! And there was belly dancing which was very tantalizing. Ahem. After dinner we all sat around my apartment drinking wine, sharing stories and laughing while gorging ourselves on chocolate fondue. (Thanks Dokey!) It was a perfect evening in my opinion. THEN if that wasn’t enough, my family made me brunch the next morning and bought me gifts and sang me happy birthday. PLUS it was perfectly sunny in Seattle all day. I know some of you put in a good word with Mother Nature about that- thank you.

Everything was just. . . peacefully lovely and wonderful. Not to mention the outpouring of birthday wishes and love via text, calls, Facebook (what did we do before it!?), and Twitter. I felt very special and can’t thank you enough for helping me welcome in my next year of glory.

Because trust me when I tell you, it’s going to be epic.

I'm gonna rock thirty-seven.


33 thoughts on “Hello 37

  1. That sounds like an amazing birthday weekend. Way kick your year off right! Yesterday was my brother’s birthday also, and I have to say you guys totally lucked out in the birthday weather department this year. Way better than the two inches of snow we got on the same day a couple of years ago. Although snow in April is pretty memorable in Seattle too!

  2. I’m so happy your birthday was magical. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Way to kick of a sure to be awesome year. Thanks for taking us along on the ride 🙂

  3. …i have to agree with Kaply, outstanding photo! …you are special in so many ways …we love you Sizz! …again, happy birthday, and i am so happy for you

  4. what is that shirt you are wearing? dress? link me.

    and yes, your eyes look fab!

    and happy birthday lady, again.

    we are grateful that you were born.


  5. Happy birthday again- sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. It makes me smile to see your love and happiness with Mr Darcy 🙂 xo

  6. What a fantastic day. I’m so glad you had a nice time – what’s better than being surrounded by people who love you? And eating chocolate fondue? Aging is a bitch and a half, and I guess at some point around each birthday I just start to resign myself to enjoying the people and other good things in my life because the numbers just keep getting higher whether I complain about it or not. It’s hard, but I think the best thing for us to do is just work it. And girl, you’re working it.

    These pictures are gorgeous!

  7. The pink bunny and I are wondering if you will have spare time for us when in SF or if it will be naked time all of the time? 😉

  8. That birthday is definitely worthy of a super-awesome. And yeah, I was totally able to resist the iPhone and all functional phones until someone gave me a used one, and then it was instant love affair. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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