Who’s the Dip Now?

When my sister and I were in high school, we had a large group of friends who regularly invaded our house to hang out. (Some of those people are still in our lives. I’m looking at you -Jenny Two Times and Tomato.) We had (still have!) what everyone considered “a cool Mom” and she didn’t mind a hoard of loud teenagers taking over her living room and raiding her kitchen. It got to the point where my Mom would stock the fridge with stuff we all liked because it was such a regular occurrence. One thing in particular she would make is what is commonly referred to as Seven Layer Dip. But in our house we called it “Walking Taco.”

For years and years I’ve thought that we called it Walking Taco because you walk the chip across the plate of the seven layers of ingredients. Even typing that makes me pause and wonder how I came up with this definition because it doesn’t make much sense. Over the weekend, the dip came up as a topic of discussion and my sister said that it was called Walking Taco because you dip the chip in and WALK AWAY with what is essentially a “taco” on a chip.

Well, duh.

But I was not convinced. Screw logic! I wanted to be right. I called my Mom the next day to confirm the true meaning behind the term Walking Taco. She laughed when I told her the reasoning behind my definition and corroborated my sister’s definition. It was in fact because you WALK with it. Not because you walk the chip across it.

Who walks a chip?

Me, apparently.


22 thoughts on “Who’s the Dip Now?

  1. But can’t you walk with any old taco, since in theory, they are all compact and put together in a little package? I like your definition better!!

  2. In high school, they sold walking tacos at the football games. Basically, some Fritos in a small bag all crushed up, some sour cream, some taco meat, some vegetables (I’m hazy on just what – tomatoes/salsa/chives/???), and a spoon. You walked around the game and ate the concoction. I always thought that was where the name came from!

  3. Well, yes, their definition makes the most sense, but yours sounds like the most fun! And now I want to eat Seven Layer Dip for breakfast. So much more exciting than boring old oatmeal.

  4. Ha! Yes, this reminds me of my sister saying things like “isn’t a lap pool a pool where the water only comes up to your lap?” Okay, that’s worse. 🙂 Also, I want some dip now.

  5. Who the hell walks away from seven layer dip? Seriously. When I think of that stuff, I think of stuffing my face with way more than one chip. So, I’m with you Sizzle on why it’s called Walking Taco. =)

  6. For the record, she didn’t “love” all of the traffic in the beginning. In fact, she was quite annoyed. But she learned to adjust to it because the goat that was eating from her fridge wasn’t going anywhere and instead of being out of orange juice and turkey, she learned to buy more 🙂

  7. Oooh, we have a famous recipe in our family for Taco Dip, and now I’m craving some.

    Also, I think Walking Your Taco could (sound dirty, yes, and) be a great dance move.

  8. Your definition makes a lot more sense, I guess. Yeah, who walks away from seven layer dip or more importantly, who walks around with chips and salsa in her hands?

  9. lovely. my mother was the exact same way–kept food that my friends ate–aren’t “cool moms” awesome?!?

    and now I’m seriously craving tacos–or 7-layer dip (which henceforth I will only call Walking Taco).

    …Ben hates tacos; he’s not going to be happy.


  10. Love the dance move comment…

    And that is SO something I’d come up with. I tend to make up stories about things rather than look at the logical explanation. I get it and I love it.

  11. ha. when i heard “walking taco” i thought of your description, not walking away from the dip. because CRAZYPANTS walk away from 7 layer dip.

  12. This post pleases me in more ways than one. Now I’m totally stoked to turn 37 in a couple weeks. Can one still say stoked? I think I dated myself.

    I love the impromptu iPhone purchase. Does this mean double the Tweets and blog posts? Happy Three Seven!

  13. That is hysterical! And totally sounds like something I would think for tons of years and then be crushed to find out the truth about the definition. Whatever…I think walking a chip is the perfect explanation!

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