We Took Our Love International

I dragged Mr. Darcy, who is not a morning person, out of bed at the ripe hour of 6:30am to get ready while I ran around stressed out because travel makes me anxious.  I was trying to get dressed and finish packing- to remember snacks and passports and chargers and a flat iron and seven different types of earrings because OF COURSE I will need that many options even though we’re only gone for three days and what do you mean two pairs of boots are impractical to pack? We made it to the train on time and Mr. Darcy promptly fell asleep.

I hope Mr. Darcy does not break up with me for posting this as I was planning on spending the rest of my life with him. P.S. Have you noticed how long my boyfriend's eye lashes are?

Do you blame the guy?

There was a woman on our train who felt the need to talk to everyone, regardless of their interest level in doing so. It got so bad that I told Mr. Darcy that if she so much as looked our way we were going to promptly start making out as to discourage her from approaching us. I think he was secretly hoping she’d try.

We took a lot of taxis which is a great way to view the city if your feet hurt or you are tired or you are lost and finally flag one down with such sweet relief- finally someone will know where we are going because I sure as hell don’t!- or your hotel is clear across town along the English Bay.

The Sylvia is a historic hotel that's perfect for those who don't want to be in the hub of the city but close enough to cab there. Plus, it's along the water which makes it picturesque.

The Sylvia is lovely. We recommend it. It sits along the English Bay and along the border of Stanley Park. We meant to do more exploring of the Park but weather and energy did not permit it. There were naps to be had and beers to be drunk. We did, however, spend a good deal of time on Sunday sitting on a park bench in the glorious sunshine (finally! sun!) with our iced teas looking out on the water and watching the people run, stroll, roller blade by.

Quite a view. Plus, if you sat there long enough you'd probably hear snippets of every possible language. Vancouver is very international.

We visited Granville Island with Kerrianne, OneNJen, Hans and Angella. We ate crepes and walked around taking in the market and all the interesting shops. We stopped to snap shots from the dock. If we’d known it was going to be sunny later, we’d have picked up some snacks at the Market for a picnic.

Mr. Darcy packed a sweatshirt for his jacket/coat/outerwear on the trip. So of course it was raining a lot and that would just not be sufficient. We went in search of a hat and ended up walking Denman to Robson to God knows where until we flagged a taxi and then I promptly pulled the wrong address out of my head and we ended up clear across town nowhere near where we had intended. So after some deliberation, we walked some more and I became quite grouchy at the thought of walking 3,000 blocks to the store we were looking for and the fact that there were suddenly no  taxis. We ended up at a gas station where the attendant graciously called us a cab. Once to our destination, we found no hat and the store I was looking for was way over-priced for my pocketbook and so, we again flagged a taxi and all in all spent 2 hours and $40 getting lost then found then home again.

So we went back to the hotel and drank in the lounge. Because that’s how we roll. And all this was pre-TequilaCon which I will tell you about tomorrow.

I will leave you with these gratuitous couple shots. Because we’re cute.

He's a good sport letting me snap so many pictures.

My newest favorite photo of us.

It was a good time. But, in my book, anywhere with Mr. Darcy is.

*For more Vancouver shots, go here.


29 thoughts on “We Took Our Love International

  1. Awwwwwww!! You two are so adorable! (Yes I needed to say that yet again because it’s true!)

    Had that woman come up and tried to talk to me, I would have asked her if she had some itch cream for my bum and if I could take it from her. Why? Because then she’d stop talking to me. 😀

  2. One, you guys are too cute! Two, Vancouver IS so international! I call it the NYC of the West. I may coin that. 🙂 Three, it looks like a wonderful trip!

  3. You ARE cute. Adorable, really. And the trip looks wonderful. And I am fully on board with you two spending the rest of your lives together.

  4. Great photos and I am so glad you had a good time. I was whining to Foo that THIS would have been the year to go to TC because all the cool people were finally there!

  5. I’m so sorry I missed you! I had something come up on Saturday evening – a going away party for a friend that I couldn’t miss. Too bad they were on the same evening. Hope you had a great time!

  6. you guys are too adorable! and oh my, he DOES have lovely long lashes. i’m finding myself slightly inappropriately jealous of them.

  7. ZOMG you two are af’ndorable! Sorry we missed TequilaCon, we are sad. The Sylvia is the granddame of Vancouver and our fave place to stay when there.

  8. Cute, cute, cute. I have to make it to Vancouver one of these days. Maybe in the next 6 months if Mr. W ends up working there.

    I loved your statue pics on FB, too. 😉

  9. You two are just ridiculously cute! I’d say it sickens me, but it doesn’t. Katie and I can be the same way. And, besides, you happy makes me happy. So keep being cute!

  10. FUN pictures. I have only been to Vancouver once and it was in a mini-van with my family. SO EMBARRASSING.

    I need to go back without my family and without a mini-van

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