Tattoos and Mustaches and Bloggers, Oh My!

My original impetus for crossing the border was to attend the annual blogger meet up, TequilaCon. The last time I had  been to one was back in 2007 when it was held in Portland at the Kennedy School. It was, in a word, debaucherous, and a hell of a lot of fun.  It is where I first met the likes of Dave2 of Blogography, Neilochka from Citizen of the Month, Vahid of IronFist, among many, many awesome others and where, yes, I first licked Long Story Longer. It was where many budding on line friendships came to life.

What? Don’t most of your friendships start on line and involve drinking and licking?


So this year when I heard it was being held in Vancouver, I knew I had to go. And with Mr. Darcy and I basically being inseparable (What can I say? He’s a good kisser. And funny.), I invited him along. Knowing already that he could hold his own among a group of rowdy bloggers, he bravely said yes. And off we went.

He also models free schwag like a pro.

Mr. Darcy sportin' the TC 2010 commemorative cap.

After we’d spent the greater part of the day in search of a hat, one was handed to us at TC. Is that what you’d call irony? It came in handy the following day when it insisted on raining again.

The event was held at Steamworks Brewing Company which has nice vistas and good brew.

Reminds me a lot of Seattle's port.

Little known fact: Drinking tequila is not required at TequilaCon. But wearing a fake tattoo is.

IronFist is spongeworthy. I MEAN, he is the Sponge Master. (Ahem!)

Mr. Darcy rockin' the neck tat. Kids, do not try this at home. Real neck tattoos are not recommended.

Oh Sarah Joy poses with bad ass One N Jen & her Ed Hardy tattoo.

The tats were all from Ed Hardy which made me sing, “Thought it was a perfect party but now it’s just a lot of Ed Hardy…” Thank you Garfunkel & Oates. Though, thankfully, this party did NOT go to the douche.

California REPRESENT!

Thanks to Hillary there were mustaches galore which gave us ample opportunity for even more photo opps.

Dustin, resurrected from blogger ashes, sports a 'stache.

Oh Sarah Joy is so demure in her mustache.

If you can’t tell by the photo-documentation, it was a grand gathering of really cool bloggers. My thanks go out to the TequilaCon planning committee who work their butts off, fueled only by their love a blogger meet up and copious amounts of booze, to pull off such a tremendous feat. Thanks guys! And if I didn’t mention it, you make hockey jerseys look very stylish.

You should come next year. Yes! YOU!

For more photos, check out our Flickr pool.

19 thoughts on “Tattoos and Mustaches and Bloggers, Oh My!

  1. Always wonderful to see you! So happy you could both make the trip… hopefully Mr. Darcy hasn’t been scarred for life. 🙂

  2. I hope I don’t disappoint your readers and any future TequilaCon attendees, but not everyone is tongue-worthy, and in fact I think you were the only person for whom I broke out the tongue the entire time I was in Canada.

    (Well, except for Sarah, but I can’t really talk about that here.)

  3. Why is it that it seems I have to travel at least 5 hours to see you when you live only 2 hours away? 🙂 It was lovely! Hopefully we’ll meet again before the next one.

  4. With Hillary’s ‘stache stash and mine combined, I’m pretty sure we had more fake mustaches in our crew than real (mustaches, and) people.

    I’m a fan of that mustache to people ratio.

    I’m also a fan of hanging out with you, all international-like. I want to go back to Vancouver and play in the sun! You know, when the sun is shining. Someday.

    (Oh, and I totally had that G&O song in my head every time I caught a glimpse of one of my tattoos. Tattoos that I just (BARELY) got off this morning. By the beard of Zeus, those things were STICKY.)

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