This photo is courtesy of my sister, photographer extraordinaire.*

I had a date with Finn on Sunday night. I took him out to dinner (him: chicken fingers and fries with lemonade, me: steak salad with water) and some shuffleboard. We don’t play shuffleboard by the rules as neither of us know them and, frankly, when playing any game with an almost four year old, the rules are to their making. Am I right? Or is this just with my head strong, super imaginative, bossy little nephew? He firmly instructed me on the how and what repeatedly during the game. “No! Tee Tee! I will touch them all! You can watch.” Let it be know the only person on the planet allowed to boss me around is him.

On the way to the restaurant we had the following conversation in the car:

“What’s your girlfriend’s name?” I asked him.


Confused I asked, “I thought your girlfriend’s name was Nadia?”

He looked out the window and in all seriousness said, “We broke up.”

“Oh?,” I said, raising an eyebrow and cocking my head. “Why?”

“We changed.” He retorted with a resigned shrug.

“That’s too bad. Are you and Lilly going to go on a date?” I inquired.

Exasperated but with a sly smile he said, “No. We’re too young to go on a date, Tee Tee!”

How was I suppose to know? 🙂

It’s a total hoot to have conversations with Finn because he’s got all these ideas and stories and expressions. We got home from dinner, played some ball, wrote on his chalk board wall and made believe we were different animals, like Meerkats hiding out in their little caves (made of pillows in this case). His parents arrived home and he declared that I was giving him a bath AND putting him to bed. Who knew? I gotta say though, putting a kid to bed is probably, hands down, one of the best experiences of life. Silly, sleepy and snuggly with a side of bedtime song. Heart-melting.

*My sister’s photo site, Adore Photography.


19 thoughts on “Heartbreaker

  1. Ms. Sizzle, Finn is the cutest kid ever. And, who knew that almost 4 year olds are old enough to have girlfriends, but not old enough to go on dates.

    I enjoy Finn’s wisdom. He and Nadia changed and they knew it was time to move on.

  2. Isn’t it great being an Auntie?
    I wish I could see my nephews (and nieces) have as much as you do. I’ve got one nephew I haven’t even met yet…and he’s about to have a little sister!!

  3. seriously. i’m not sure he could get any cuter.

    (which reminds me… can we have a mini Finn date next weekend?)


  4. You are welcome to come put my girls down to bed any time.

    And Finn’s observations/sayings/conversations are awesome.

  5. I love how every statement from a 4-year-old could be punctuated with ‘Duh.’ I mean, duh, Tee Tee, didn’t you know he was too young for a date? 🙂

  6. Quote from my niece in the middle of a game: “Silly Aunt Sandra, please follow the rules of the game I’m making up!”

  7. I adore almost four. I think it such a fun age. Although something tells me that with Finn’s personality, whatever age he is will always be the best age. Does he take awesomeness vitamins or something, because it sounds like he just keeps getting more and more entertaining. Your posts about his stories kill me!

  8. You know these stories and pictures totally warm me up inside, Sizz. That kid is the cutest thing around, and hearing about him makes me miss and love my nephews even more (if possible!) Glad you guys had fun.

    PS He’s not squeezing something alive, is he? I can’t tell 🙂

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