Change of Pace

If thinking about working out was on par with actually working out, I’d be well on my way to a new body.

Alas, it is not.

But I have been diligently following Phase 1 of South Beach. I’ve said this before but I will reiterate it: Preparation is the key during these first two weeks. Because hunger? Will suddenly attack you and you will find yourself in a frenzy to find food RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Or maybe that’s just me. Things are not pretty when my blood sugar is crashing. That’s why I carry a bag of almonds in my purse.

I am very aware of what I am eating, how it tastes and when I am full. I have a hard time discerning fullness when I eat a lot of carbs, and an impossible time when I eat sugar which is a big reason why I avoid it. I’ve been missing quinoa and fruit of all things. THAT is how crazy I am, folks. Wild & crazy. That’s me.

I’ve been planning out new recipes to try but with my insane schedule, it’s been hard to find the enthusiasm let alone the time to execute them all. I did, however, have Mr. Darcy and Kaply over for dinner this weekend and managed to make Salmon with Creamy Lemon Caper Sauce which was deemed yummy by them both. I improvised and made stuffed portobello mushrooms with goat cheese and a dab of pesto. Another big hit. Next time though I’m going to try this stuffed portobello recipe.

But back to exercise and the lack there of. I signed myself up for a yoga class again (hooray me!) which starts Monday. I’ve also been eyeing a salsa/ballroom aerobics class. It’s not for lack of interest that I have hesitated in registering. I’m just weighing if adding one more thing to my schedule is actually a smart or a dumb move. And despite many conflicts with my schedule, I am still trying to get to water aerobics whenever I can. I’ve managed to lose 2 pounds this past week with just a change in diet but I know that without exercise, I won’t see the results I want. Plus, working out is just good for the body. It has to happen!

This has got me thinking about my schedule. I often wish I could work 35 or 32 hours a week instead of 40 with a schedule that affords me the opportunity to come in at 10 and work until 6 when need be. That way I’d have an entire day that is not a weekend day to devote to building stuff AND I could work out in the morning or take a yoga class. I suppose I could train myself to get up and over to the 7am class but even just typing that makes me tired. And yet here I am at 7:30am having been up for an hour just putzing around doing building management stuff, making tea and feeding the cats and reading a couple blogs. So it comes down to- how do I really want to use my time? Because right now, I feel like I am being wasteful and what I am choosing to give energy to is not replenishing me. It’s time for a change of pace. It’s time to be like Nike and JUST DO IT.


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  1. That thing you said toward the end is SO KEY for me. Exercise is not about losing weight. It’s about being healthy! It’s good for your body, your muscles and your heart and your stamina. Even if I never lost a pound it would STILL be worth it. That is what I must always remember.

  2. When I’m feeling cramped for time, the last thing I like doing is playing with my sleep schedule. I dunno, it’s like the one thing guaranteed to zap me of my energy. In another life, when I wasn’t waking up so early for work, I tried to workout in the morning. And my body just never adjusted. I will forever be an after-work exerciser. And I’ve come to peace with that. I’ve also come to peace with choosing exercise over social stuff during the week. If I can fit both in, great. Otherwise, I generally lean towards the me time and leave the weekends to catch up with friends. Hope you find a balance that works for you!

  3. “If thinking about working out was on par with actually working out, I’d be well on my way to a new body.”

    You should patent that… I’d totally buy one. 😉

  4. BINGO – Exercise is not about losing weight. It’s about being healthy! I have started exercising 5 days a week. My goal is to run a 10K by the end of June. The sad part, I used to like running but I have found out I hate it SO after I get to the 6 mile mark, I’m going back to long 6 miles walks — I like them better and it’s better on my stinking ankle.

    Thanks for the insight and inspiration.

  5. I have to work out. I am lucky that I am a morning person and morning classe are offered at my gym. I find my ability to talk myself out of working out increases as the day goes on. In the morning, I’m too tired to argue, so I just go. If you find an activity you love, go for it – you’ll make time for it.

  6. when I committed to work out with my Trainer and paid for it…is when it all finally kicked in. That was my motivation (partly guilt if I didn’t go and partly that I spent money I would not be using if I did not go…and we all know how thrifty I am)

    so…reading a blog or yoga?

    what is going to get you where you want to be?


  7. I have been making myself get up at 5:00 to work out before I have to come to work. There is a 5:45am class at the gym on Tues and Thurs and sometimes I do those, sometimes I stay at home in pajamas with funky hair, on the mini tramp. I do something everyday sometimes twice. No significant weight loss but 2 inches off the waist. Anyway, I feel better. Healthier, stronger and more fit. Still not thin…

  8. You’ll be incredibly tired at first, but if you can make yourself work out in the morning, I do think it is the way to go, and here’s why:

    “You always have time for the first thing you do every day.”

    Duh. A woman actually said this to me in the locker room at the gym last week and it was like a lightbulb EXPLODED over my head. Well no shit! If I just get it DONE then nothing else gets in the way. No excuses, no errands no cooking, no work, no laundry, no hpone calls, no TV shows…

    I had myself all talked out of it (Oh, I hate getting ready at the gym, etc), and then I just said, “Jessica, grow the fuck up and go work out.”

    And this week and last, I’ve been exercising before work. And it has been divine.

  9. I consider mornings to be the most powerful time of the day. The time of the day that can easily make or break my day, and I’ve noticed that when I get up early (no matter how tired I think I might be), and tackle my workout first thing, and then have time to myself, to sit and be, or do whatever it is I want to do, I feel so much better, stronger, and happier throughout the rest of my day.

    I’ve been rocking my diet for the past week, too, but not making the time for myself I should in the mornings, and I’m seeing my body, and my mental health, pay the price.

    Here’s to both of us kicking (our own) ass(es), and taking names.

  10. Oh Siz (can I call you Siz?) I totally hear you! I am in desperate need of a diet and exercise change, so you are definitely ahead of me. I am in the midst of a huge move (California to Massachusetts) and I keep saying when I get there it’ll mark the time to redo everything…but I acknowledge that that may just be an excuse and it would be soooo much better for me to simply start doing everything right now! Anyway, sorry about the mememe comment, but this is a place where I relate!

  11. I hear you! When I was working 50ish hours a week, I definitely felt like there was no friggin ME time, and no time to work out. I’d get into a morning running routine pretty easily, but then one late night of work and I’d want to sleep in the next day and, bam, the routine could so easily slip away. So, I’d have to prioritize running and other workouts over other things, like time with a friend or two during the week. I’m not saying we should always do this, but I pretty much realized unless I got my ME time, my running time, I’d end up pretty much useless to my friends and family anyway. So I scheduled it like anything else, and stuck to it. There’s no way I could have trained for a marathon without doing that, not that everyone is training for a marathon.

    Here’s the weird thing, though. Now I don’t work 50 hours a week, I work closer to 35. I work at home. And I STILL find myself running out of time, and therefore STILL having to make the workouts a priority. So in my case, it’s mostly about the mental block I have and what I do to counter act and manage that. Which I guess is my point. I think. Sorry to ramble!

  12. Ugh. I’m having a motivation issue myself. I *think* I don’t have time to work out, and yet I sit around for over an hour every morning tooling around on the internets. Like you said, I just need to be like Nike.

  13. I think all of us would be more productive on the job if we were allowed to work out in the morning and come in late. I’ve briefly contemplated the lunchtime workout…but the idea of either showering and having to re-coif midday or go back to work sweaty just don’t work for me.

    Good for you for signing up for yoga class. One of my NY’s resolutions was to go to yoga every two weeks, minimum, and that has totally fallen by the wayside. I blame Facebook.

  14. It’s one of the issues I am presently grappling with is the 40 (really usually 45ish) hour work weeks and trying to balance every thing else. I wish I had an easy solution.

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