Let’s Get Serious

Today marks two weeks that I’ve been diligently following South Beach Phase 1- no fruit, no carbs, no alcohol- and what do I have to show for it? A mere 2.5lbs lost and an inch around my hips.

This is wholly disappointing to me.

Last time I did Phase 1 I lost close to 11 lbs in two weeks. Granted, my entire focus was on my health back then. I was a machine! Besides work, all I did was cook healthy food and work out. This time around I’ve found myself in the midst of a frenetic schedule with very little motivation around working out. Just a lot of guilt which, if you’ve never experienced it, feels like weights around the ankles and wrists. Debilitating and yet, not very helpful in taking off the pounds. Go figure.

So here I am, frustrated and disappointed. I suppose I thought this could be a quick fix to get me back to where I was in December weight-wise and that, in turn, would spur me on to getting back on track with fitness. Quick fixes never really sustain anyhow. I should have known better.

There’s a pull to give up entirely. To just say: “Fuck it. This is what I look like.” But I do not like what I look like. I am not comfortable. And I don’t like setting a goal and not reaching it. I do not settle for second best, especially when it comes to me.

Almost a year ago (give or take five days), I laid it out for all to read. I announced my starting weight to the interwebs. I set goals and achieved them. I was ready to take action. And now here I am feeling stalled and uninspired. I’m looking for a new spark to light my fire. A new invigoration in my waning gusto. Another chance at success.

On May 26th, 2009 I weighed 224lbs.

On May 12th, 2010 I weigh 193.5lbs.

I’ve lost 30lbs in a year.

I’m “supposed” to weigh something like 125lbs but I’d be comfortable weighing 150. That means I have 43.5lbs to go. Time to raise the bar, set new goals and quit with the excuses.

I am in charge of me.


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  1. Girl, 30 pounds is nothing to scoff at. I’m so proud of you! And I know you were expecting more from all that effort with South Beach 1, but give it a few days. You might see a change by the weekend!!!

  2. Losing 30 pounds in a year is something to be celebrated. Don’t get bogged down in minor setbacks. Stay focused on the long-term goal and the long-term results. So what if it takes you another 2 years to get to your personal ideal weight … it’s nothing compared to the lifetime it’s taken you to get to where you are now! =)

  3. I read a quote yesterday that said something like “I may not be where I’m meant to be, but I’m not where I was yesterday, either.” This makes me think of you. Celebrate how far you’ve come. I’m so proud of you!
    Also, what you’re doing now, balancing an altered lifestyle with a crazy busy time in life, is going to teach you a lot more long-term than the perfect scenario of dieting and working out. But you already knew that. 🙂

  4. Sizz,

    Quick weight loss is a bad thing. Slow weight loss is what you want.

    Plus, as you know yourself this can not be a “diet”. You have made positive changes in your life. Keep up those changes. Make it your everyday habit to do the things that are good for you and your body.

    I know it’s tough to stay the course. I know we all want the quick and sexy solution. The thing is, quick and sexy may sell but it leads you down a path that is a dead end (or worse).

    You are a bright and beautiful woman. Please don’t fall for any of that talk of having to become a new person. Just stick to your plan and gradually get down to your target weight. Like we said, it is a change of your entire life, not a diet.


  5. For what’s worth, I think you look great. And 30 pounds in a year is amazing! Just keep at it, and you’ll get to your goal weight, I just know it. 🙂

  6. I agree with what everyone has already said, 100%. I also think that our bodies tend to reset and maybe yours is just used to South Beach now. I cut out sugar and lost 3 pounds right away. Then I stalled for a week and changed my tactic. I started eating a little sugar again and chugging as much water as I can. I dropped another 2 pounds and am have stalled again.

    My advice would be to keep eating healthy, but switch things up. Maybe try and eat all protein one day or all veggies. It’ll keep things interesting at least.

  7. what can i do to support you?

    you and me… we’re on a mission. let’s make it happen.


  8. …in the span of a year losing 30 lbs and keeping it off is a great achievement …it shows that you are doing it right and not on a yo-yo cycle …i am proud and happy for you!

  9. I’m going to repeat a lot of what was said above, but, LADY, thirty pounds in a year is an accomplishment and you should be PROUD. (Or, as my dearly departed grandfather would say, joyful.) Celebrate your success! During times of extreme stress the body has a hard time losing weight, but you will get there! You’re doing a phenomenal job!

  10. 30 pounds in a year is quite an achievement.

    I’m *supposed* to weigh 195lbs. The last time I dropped below 210 (way, way back before the Internet was invented) my head looked really big and I didn’t look terribly healthy. I like to be around 240 or so. The point being, those charts that tell us what we’re supposed to weigh aren’t worth crap. IMO.

  11. I so tried posting earlier but it wouldn’t let me.
    You do what you gotta do to feel good about yourself, but don’t over burden yourself to the point where you become unhappy. Remember you are a wonderful, gorgeous (YES gorgeous), smart woman.

  12. I’m with you, totally. If you find something that gets you out of the rut, please share.

    I am also in agreement with the others that you should definitely celebrate the fantastic loss you have had already. Not many people can do that (and keep it off). You’ve been doing great! Don’t forget that.

  13. First off, congrats on the big weight loss over the last year. That is awesome. And now you’ve got to make a decision – have the last two weeks been just horrible for you? Could you continue to live like this for the rest of 2010 knowing that the weight WOULD come off, just not as quickly as you would like? I think it’s reasonable to find some balance between “balls to the wall” and total slackertown. If you find something you CAN live with and still attain the goal you want, then you are still winning! Only the timeframe is changed.

    Sorry to get wordy here, but I’ve lost 110 plus pounds and have pretty much maintained it for years – not because I’m a workout machine, but because I finally found something I could “live” with. And IMHO, if you are looking to drop pounds, exercise isn’t THAT important – you can’t out-train a bad diet. I am a regular exerciser because it’s a necessary part of maintenance (and I’m old), but find a way to live that will serve you over the long haul.

    Good luck!

  14. Don’t give up. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, I struggle every day. Yes, it sucks when my never-gain-a-pound-husband can eat whatever he wants. I think Jillian Michaels has shared a mental check of thinking, How is this choice helping me reach my goal? If it’s not, don’t do/eat it. I’ve been using that a bit lately, and it’s helped.

  15. I’m cheering for you! 30 lbs is absolutely fabulously excellent. I know set backs are no fun whatsoever. My advice: keep on plugging away and look for the small victories within the larger goals. Small victories have pretty much saved my sanity…

  16. 30! pounds is so awesome, babe. I believe with 100% certainty that you will hit your goals, and probably even exceed them, because you are awesome, and determined. Awesomely determined! You just need some forward momentum to get you going again!

  17. Congratulations on the 30 pounds! Don’t give up! I have been working out regularly once a day sometimes two times a day for the last month and a half and have lost 2″ off of my waist but nothing to speak of anywhere else and no weght loss to speak of. 1/2 pound here and there, back and forth…It is frustrating but I keep going. If nothing else but moral support, I still weigh 215.5 pounds. You know what though? I am fit and I am one of the healthiest overweight people you have probably seen. 🙂

  18. You know, looking at it year by year is sometimes the best way to go. Dude, you have lost 30 pounds this last year! If you could do that again, you’d be set!

    I was going to jump on the quick fix SB wagon myself but have noticed that I’m doing really well by just watching what I am eating and moving around more. I have lost 10 pounds since moving back to California and really haven’t even tried.

    You will get there, even if it is slowly. Go you for not ever giving up!

  19. Dude. You lost weight. That’s the important thing — it’s going in the right direction, and that’s what matters. Not to mention 30 pounds in a year! I’d kill for that kind of weight loss. You’re awesome for that.

    Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP. It takes time and commitment and comes with frustration and disappointment.

  20. I have confidence in you. 30 lbs sounds like great progress to me even if it doesn’t feel like enough or fast enough for you.

    What can I do to help?

  21. Your 30 lb. accomplishment is being celebrated by me….woohoo! As you know, I tend to also be hard on myself when it comes to weight loss, I’m slowly learning that worrying about it…how far I have left to go, how slow/fast it is taking…yah, the stress alone makes the scale stop moving. You’ve got this second round Sizz… Fo’ sure!

  22. I think the 30 lb weightloss is why South Beach Phase 1 did not produce miraculous results this time. The “easy” weight is gone. But imagine if you lost 1 pound a week you would hit your goal weight in less than a year. That’s what I tell myself when I’m feeling utterly lost about the size of my body. 1 pound a week is completely reasonable. However I am not reasonable so reasonable solutions and I do not always jive. Maybe I should work on that first. Oh where is that damn donut anyway. 😉

  23. You’ve made such great progress. And remember, the less you weigh to start with, the slower the weight comes off, but it’s still a nice big percentage of your overall body weight. Keep it up!

  24. I am so excited you lost so much in a year and kept it off! I usually lose 80 pounds a year but am always the same weight 😉

    Good luck! We are here cheering for you!

  25. I have gained the 2.5 pounds you lost in the last 2 weeks, so just be happy that you didn’t gain like me. 🙂

    Congrats on the weight you have lost in the last year!

  26. Here too. I need to take charge of me as well. Especially the me that loves all the unhealthy food and the not exercising me. You’re always inspiring.

    And 30 pounds is an accomplishment.

  27. 30 lbs is nothing to sneeze at, toots. Do you have an ipod touch or iphone? There’s an app called LoseIt! that’s great. I’ve lost 6 pounds the past two weeks just by using the tracker.

  28. Thirty pounds is awesome! I’m so proud of you for sticking to SB. I tried it about two years ago and I couldn’t make it past the first day. There was crying involved followed by ice cream out of a carton.

  29. Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    Do NOT give up.

    You gained the weight the same way. You gained a pound or two a week which is why you never thought it was such a big issue until it all added up to a number you didn’t want to acknowledge. The same will be true as you lose it. Only once this number adds up, you will not only want to acknowledge, you will want to share it with the world!

  30. I always feel really grateful when you write about your weight, because it puts words to my struggle and it helps. And I’m AMAZED when you put your weight out there because I never could!

    I feel like I really know the discouragement and guilt. I just want to encourage you about losing and maintaining a big chunk of weight loss over a long time. That’s really significant. Having a “1” in front of your number is pretty cool, too. And all of the health benefits from losing 30 pounds are important – your heart is so, so happy. Anyway, I think you look so pretty, Sizz, and I say just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working for you, even though I know it’s very tough to have different results from SB this time around.

    Also, can we please just eliminate the phrase “supposed to” from our vocabularies?!

  31. Damn right you’re in charge.

    I know you’re a bit disappointed in the initial loss, but you gotta figure that it’s taking into consideration that you’ve been doing other diet-like stuff in the meantime. The last time you did South Beach, as I recall, you were doing nothing prior. There was no first-timer diet shock this go-round.

    But, damn girl, 30 pounds is awesome!

  32. Losing weight is just really hard because it requires so much determination to exercise and a lot of self control on what goes into our bodies and we are surrounded by temptation all the time.

    I’ve been plateauing at 190 pounds for the past month or two now because I’m not exercising as much and I’m letting myself drink and eat whatever I want at least half of the time. My aim is to lose another 13 pounds but it’s not easy to motivate when I’m already feeling good from losing 18 pounds this year.

    You should be very pround of your weight loss, especially considering how busy you are all the time. Well done!

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