Sun Soaked

The sun is shining in Seattle which means we’re all rejoicing in our own sun-worshiping ways.

Some take to wearing very little clothing even though it’s only 73 degrees. A bit extreme if you ask me.Ā  Though I’ve come to realize that I do not own any sandals or flip flops except for the ones I got after getting a pedicure which really do not count. Some others (like myself) take a few minutes extra at lunch to soak up the rays. And then there are the people who get carried away tossing back a few brews in the afternoon sun. Like the two yesterday who stood outside my apartment building talking very loudly and very closely into each other’s faces. The female of the pair spoke to me as I carried a stack of window screens up the stairs to the front door:

“SCREENS! That’s smart. Those are new and CLEAN.”

She would emphasize certain words and her voice would rise a couple octaves. I ignored her. She spoke to her cohort:

“She’s SMART. Screens are DIRTY. Those NEW screens are hypoallergenic.”

I was surprised she could say hypoallergenic. Granted, she did slur it a bit.

Later they stood in the middle of the street and she repeatedly got in his face saying, “I need a CIGARETTE!” After a few rounds of that, they shuffled off randomly saying inexplicable things to strangers. The show was over and I was forced to resume cleaning my apartment.

All my tidying was in anticipation of my Jenny Two Times coming for a weekend visit. Hooray! We’ve got some loose plans. Probably some wine drinking, some sun enjoying, some thrifting, some live music listening and some brunching. Ok, fine. I have an itinerary. I HAVE A SICKNESS.

I told Mr. Darcy that I wasn’t going to schedule any big plans for June and he quipped something like, “Planned spontaneity. That’s awesome.”

Happy weekending everybody!

P.S. My mole results came back. All clear! Nothing to worry about.


18 thoughts on “Sun Soaked

  1. I love planned spontaneity! Love, love. I’m a weird mix of ridiculously organized and seriously spontaneous and I can’t really explain how it works, but it works for me. (Lovers, friends, and so forth it works for sometimes, with the emphasis on some.)

  2. I saw you tweet about the daytime drunkards outside of your apartment yesterday and I was giggling to myself, and then I got my own set outside my apartment, though I suppose it was closer to 5pm. But, still: I think 5pm is a bit impressive (and perhaps worrisome) a time to be completely hammered. Also: quite entertaining.

    (Hi! to Jenny from me. I’m sure you guys will have a blast!)

  3. Isn’t this sun awesome? I love how everyone here in Portland is just happier! Do you really clean your window screens when people come to visit??? That’s hysterical!

  4. I admit it. I’m one of the ones who takes to wearing very little when it gets warm outside. And by warm, I mean anything above 60. But I probably define “very little” differently: just littler than usual. Last week someone did say to me, “You think it’s summer, don’t you?” and I had to stop and think a minute to figure out what they meant. Guess I needed to cover up a little. Hey – I worship the sun god. What can I say?

    Have a great time with Miss Jenny! Give her a big hug for me.

  5. Now you’re making me want to have a drink while sitting in the sun. Makes me excited for warmer weather around the corner. My neighbors and I pull out chairs in the front yard, let the dogs run wild (our yard is fenced in) and drink adult beverages. It’s my perfect definition of community! =)

  6. This makes me want a beer. And there is sun outside here today. Well for the time being. I feel a plan brewing in my head post-work…

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Good news on the mole!

    I am always amazed at how much the sun brings out the crazy in Seattleites. It’s like the sun flips a giant, invisible switch and BAM! Pure insanity. Love it. Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  8. It was so nice today that I made Vahid go with me to run some errands. The whole time he kept yelling at me not to lift stuff, just point and he will grab it. (We went grocery shopping.) Then he made a fuss that I have to spend the rest of the day in bed because I hurt my back.

    I still got out and enjoyed the sunny weather, which is where i guess I’m going with this.

  9. LOL those people outside your building sound like the people who hang around where I live. You can always find a couple of them standing on the corner cos they can’t quite make it back to their own place just yet šŸ˜‰ Why do they always think they have something to tell us that we’d want to hear???

    Yay for the sunshine by the way. We got some today too! Not too much, I was still in my jeans, but if we’re very lucky it might just get warm enough for an actual SKIRT next week hehehe. Enjoy the rays; they’re good for you šŸ˜‰

  10. I was just talking to a friend who is pregnant and she remarked that she has found herself in several situations where she has thought, “Wow, you’re REALLY not funny when I’m not drunk.” That kind of cracked me up…

    Glad your lab results came back clear. And ignore that doctor…I still get plenty of pimples too…I think it just means we’re youthful. šŸ™‚

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