Lists Are My Co-Pilot

Let’s summarize with a thumbs up/thumbs down list.

Thumbs down:

  • This week is kicking my ass. Too much work and plans and late nights and not nearly enough sleep. YAWN!
  • I have another open apartment which means any free time I do have will be spent trying to rent it.
  • My jaw is sore from clenching it. Thanks, stress!
  • Due to crazy schedule, I’ve been eating out all week. I don’t really love it.
  • Chin zit. I’ll leave it at that.
  • There is still no free time in my life for spontaneity which makes me pouty.

Thumbs up:

  • I’ve been coming up with some good work-related ideas (so maybe fatigue is good for me?!).
  • The cats are pretty much over their colds and have become complacent when I have to administer the medicine via a dropper down their throat. Now if I could just train them to eat from their own plate and maybe, say, not wake me up before 6am we’d totally be golden.
  • Despite my schedule, I  managed to fit in a water aerobics class.
  • Mr. Darcy and I are taking Finn to the zoo to see the Meerkats. You know how Finn & I love the Meerkats!
  • The parentals meeting went very well last night. They got along famously and both sides agreed that there are some uncanny correlations between our family stories. I am pretty sure both moms are picking out their wedding outfits. (No, we are not engaged! Hush now.)
  • Finally broke down and got a Costco card. It’s the first joint venture of Mr.Darcy and I. I see lots of toilet paper and bulk quinoa in our future.
  • Feeling excited to show Mr. Darcy a slice of California next weekend and see a handful of dear old friends. Sunshine, please cooperate!
  • Have I mentioned lately that I am madly in love with my boyfriend? Because I am.
  • It’s finally Friday and despite having to work tomorrow for a couple hours, I’m grateful this work week is almost done.

18 thoughts on “Lists Are My Co-Pilot

  1. I love that the thumbs up list is by far the longer. And that the parental meeting went so well. And that you and Mr. Darcy are so cute.

  2. i love this idea. I might have to borrow it. I think that your thumbs up exceed your thumbs down…for sure. And I see Costco in MY future tonight…excited.

  3. Another good thing to buy at Costco: agave nectar. And we pay for our membership in the $$ we save on coffee – if you’re a coffee drinker. I felt like we’d hit the jackpot when we found the quinoa there!

    My mom gets along with and likes my mother in law much better than I do. What the hell?

    Have a great time in CA! Envious!

  4. I haven’t slept well this week either. I’m like a Zombie today. Coffee isn’t even helping. Well, maybe I just haven’t drank enough of it yet. Hey, afternoon coffee for the win.

  5. Hurrah! (For the second list, I mean.) I had forgotten that California is next! week. SO exciting. Also, I hereby declare you win for getting in a water aerobics class on a week that is attempting to eat your soul.

    Vic-torious! <—You are reading that in your head to the tune of No-torious! right? OK, then.

  6. Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were trying out potential blog nicknames for Mr. Darcy, and now you’re planning your wedding. Or, well, your moms are. But mothers sometimes know best. 🙂 And I’m sure Costco offers excellent discounts on reception supplies.

  7. I love this post!

    I also am suffering from a chin zit. Enough said. I hope you do longer post about the parents meeting each other. I feel like parents on parents is always really awkward. (Um, that sounded unintentionally dirty but I’m going to leave it because now I just find it funny. Sorry.)

  8. I like this post. Glad to hear things are going so well with Mr Darcy.

    I could not live without Costco. Bought 1960’s Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 1 & 2 there yesterday. Best part? On the outside is a warning that they’re for adult collectors and not suitable for children – LOL!!!

  9. Ok, fine, but I think the engagement is coming soon. Am I allowed to think that out loud? I’m so glad you all had a nice time. And I hope CA is somehow restful in the middle of all that fun.

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